Nerja Beaches- Beach holidays on the Costa del Sol

Where are the beaches in Nerja on the Spanish Costa del Sol?

I found a fantastic website that lists the beaches in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. The site is called Nerja Turismo. This website is full of fantastic information on what to see and do in and around Nerja. It also lists all the beaches. Take a couple of minutes to see where you can go on your Nerja holiday.

Nerja beaches - Nerja beach holidays Costa del Sol

  • Burriana beach. This is the most popular beach in town, and also one of the biggest. There are disabled parking and a car park. Here you can rent anything from sunbeds to jet skies. The restaurants and bars here are fantastic, I recommend going to the beach bars for some traditional paella.
  • Carabeillo beach. To get here you will need to walk down some stairs that you can find on Carabeo street. It’s a relatively quiet beach. It’s very pleasant to walk on because it’s mostly sand with some gravel. There are also showers for your personal use.
  • Playa de Carabeo. Playa con acceso desde la calle Carabeo a través de una escalinata empinada. Esta es una playa un tanto aislada, aunque de mucha afluencia. Dispone de los servicios de ducha, limpieza, servicio de socorro y quiosco.
  • Chorrillo beach. This beach is hard to get to because you must cross through Calahonda beach to get here. That said, it’s worth the effort because it’s a very quiet beach so it’s ideal for relaxing. Before you could access this beach from Carabeillo but now the route is closed.
  • Calahonda beach. It’s the beach you can see to the left of the Balcón de Europa. To access it you will have to go through the door known as “Boquete de Calahonda” situated at Puerta del Mar. It’s a small and sandy beach with showers, sunbeds and lifeguards. Some days you can still see the fishermen preparing their nets.
  • Caletilla beach. It’s the beach you can see to the right of the Balcón de Europa. It’s a small beach with a hotel behind it. There are sunbeds for rent. To access this beach you will have to go to Calahonda beach and walk around the small promenade.
  • Salón beach. This beach is next to Caletilla beach and you can access it by going down the ramp next to the Toboso building, opposite the El Salvador church. It’s a charming beach because some fishermen still live in the houses next to the sea. Here you won’t find any restaurants or bars but you can still rent sunbeds.
  • Torrecilla beach. Behind this beach is the Riu Monica hotel. This beach is very popular with Spanish tourists. To access this beach, you will have to either take the promenade from Plaza Los Cangrejos or take the small steps you can find next to the hotel. At this beach, you can find two good quality beach restaurants and you can rent sunbeds.
  • Chucho beach. Behind this beach in the Perla Marina hotel. It’s situated between Torerecilla beach and Playazo beach. It’s one of the best beaches to go with your family because it’s not very busy and access is easy. They have lifeguards, sunbeds for rent, toilets and showers at this beach. It’s mostly sand and gravel but the only problem is that there are lots of small rocks inside the sea which can make swimming in the sea a little uncomfortable.
  • Playazo beach. The biggest beach in Nerja, it’s 1800meters long. It’s the only beach where you can legally make a small barbecue. It’s very spacious and there are three car parks.

There is plenty of information on the Nerja Turismo site. Pick your favourite Nerja beaches and have a great vacation.

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