Nerja Self-Catering Holiday Apartments – Edificio Coronado 156

2 bedroom self-catering holiday apartment in Nerja

If you are looking for the perfect 2 bedroom holiday apartment in Nerja; here it is. Coronado 156 is in the perfect location for both beaches and Nerja town centre. Bright, clean and very comfortable, you really do need to book now and make sure you get a great apartment for your Costa del Sol holidays.

Carabeillo Beach

Carabeíllo Beach is located right next to the popular Burriana Beach in the east of Nerja. On foot, the beach is within a few minutes’ walk from the centre. Surrounded by green cliffs and outstanding rock formations, this section offers a dreamlike atmosphere. The idyllic Carabeíllo is a quiet and little less crowded alternative to Burriana Beach. Despite the quiet location, all service advantages of the large neighbour Burriana can be reached in a few minutes. Thanks to Kevin

This spacious 2 bedroom apartment is located on the 1st floor in the building Coronado in the Parador area within a short walk to Carabiello and Carabeo beach.

Carabeo Beach

The small but beautiful Carabeo Beach is located in the centre of Nerja and can be reached via a steep staircase from the street “Calle Hernando Carabeo”. The beach is well visited in summer and offers a beautiful view of the rocky coastal landscape. In addition to the colourful fishing boats, you will also find showers, toilets, and a lifeguard station. Gastronomy is not on-site, but due to its central location, cafes and restaurants are within walking distance. Thanks to Kevin (again)

As you walk into the apartment, you will find the living room with a large sofa, ample seating and the dining area.

There is free WiFi and a large screen Smart TV with international channels.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, and storage area and leads to the private balcony. The twin bedroom has two single beds, a storage area and also leads to a private balcony.

Key Features​

  • Sleeps 4

  • Air conditioning

  • Free WiFi

  • Parador Area

  • 4 minutes by walk to the beach

  • Close to local shops, bars and restaurants

  • VMT/MA/49538

Follow this link to the Nerja Beach Holidays website and see what a great place Edificio Coronado 156 really is. Nerja Self-Catering apartment.

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The Wonder Of The Seas Cruise Ship to Visit Malaga Spain

The Wonder of the Seas is the Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

The Wonder of the Seas visits Malaga Costa del Sol Spain

The Wonder of the Seas visits Malaga Costa del Sol Spain

This is another great feature from my favourite English language periodical, The Sur in English. This is a free newspaper for the area of Sothern Spain. If you want to know what is happening, check out the Sur in English every Friday.

This story is about the world’s largest cruise ship coming to visit the Costa del Sol. A big event at any time of the year and, a sign of normality returning post-Covid-19.

The Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Wonder of the Seas, sets sail in March 2022. The largest cruise ship built so far, the 1,188-foot-long, 210-foot-wide Oasis-class vessel weighs in at a whopping 236,857 gross tons and has a maximum cruising speed of 22 knots. The wonder of the Seas can accommodate up to 6,988 guests in 2,867 staterooms and as many as 2,300 crew members. While you may get lost on this ship, you’ll never be bored. Features include 18 decks and 24 elevators across eight unique neighbourhoods – including Central Park and the new Suite Neighborhood, an exclusive space for suite guests. Which are the 15 biggest ships?.. Read more.

How does she compare to the Titanic?

It’s a stock question. The Titanic has to be the most famous cruise ship to have ever sailed. And, I suppose, people will always use the Titanic as a benchmark, as far as cruising goes.

So; how does The Wonder of the Seas compare to The Titanic? Let’s check out this great website called 

The Wonder of the Seas v The Titanic

The Wonder of the Seas (top) v The Titanic (Bottom)

Just a visual comparison will tell you almost all you want to know. The Wonder of the Seas is actual 1 knot slower than the Titanic and has fewer lifeboats (Fewer lifeboats but lots more passengers and crew?)

In terms of safety, Titanic had only 20 lifeboats onboard, which is only enough to evacuate 1,178 people. The ship required double that amount to ensure space for all its passengers. Wonder of the Seas contains 18 lifeboats. While this seems inadequate, these lifeboats can accommodate 370 people per boat, making the total capacity 6,660.

I’m glad that has been explained.

If you are staying in Nerja anytime between the 29th of April and 30th of April 2022, why not get yourself down to Malaga port and see the world’s largest cruise ship on her first stop in Spain and, in Europe.

Be sure to check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website for details on available accommodation in Nerja.

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Slow Worms in Andalucia – A Walk on the Wild Side


slow worm Spain

The slow worm is a reptile native to western Eurasia. It is also called a deaf adder, a slowworm, a blindworm, or regionally, a long-cripple. These legless lizards are also sometimes called common slowworms. The “blind” in blindworm refers to the lizard’s small eyes, similar to a blindsnake. Wikipedia

Out for a walk and I found a Slow Worm

One of the great things about the springtime in the Malaga area of Andalucia is the sights and sounds of Spring. This morning (18/04/22) I took a walk, along with my neighbour’s two dogs and headed into the olive groves.

To get there, we had to cross a wheat field via a sandy track. It was on the track I saw the latest Slow Worm.

Can Slow Worms bite?

Slow worms are completely harmless; they do not bite or sting. These gentle, sentient creatures are great garden bug busters, with a diet rich in insects and invertebrates including slugs and snails.

We get a fair amount of snakes around my area, I live in the Malaga countryside surrounded by olive groves and wheat fields, so, it’s not unusual to bump into the odd Ladder Snake or Horseshoe Whipsnake.

The ladder snake is a medium-sized snake that reaches a maximum total length (including tail) of around 160 cm (63 in) but which averages 120 cm (47 in)

Horseshow Whipsnake (Hippocrepis: top of the page) may attain a total length (including tail) of 1.5 m (5 feet). Its body is slender, and its head is wider than its neck. These two can give you a nasty nip if you corner them. (Not advised)

The added bonus for our walk was spotting an Eagle swooping low, unfortunately, he was too far away for a decent picture.

Holidays in Nerja 2022

Although I live just over an hour away from Nerja, I still love to go there for holidays several times a year. I spend the time taking new photographs and looking for articles for this Blog.

Our friends at Nerja Beach Holidays are always glad to see us and other tourists, from near or far. Nerja is a great place for a holiday.

I’ve not seen any snakes or Slow Worms in Nerja but the beach is nice, so, its swings and roundabouts.

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Semana Santa or Holy Week in Spain is from Sunday, April 10th to Sunday, April 17th 2022

Semana Santa or Holy week in Spain 2022

This Years Semana Santa Parades will be from Sunday, April 1oth- Sunday, April 17th 2022

Holy Week in Spain is the annual tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods (Spanish: cofradía) and fraternities that perform penance processions on the streets of almost every Spanish city and town during the last week of Lent, the week immediately before Easter.

Semana Santa runs from Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) to Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua), but since students (and some workers) enjoy a two-week break at this time, the full week preceding Easter as well as the following week comprise the Semana Santa holiday. The date of Easter changes from year to year.

No Easter Eggs for Semana Santa?

While chocolate Easter eggs are becoming more and more popular, they are not traditionally a big part of Easter celebrations in Spain. But that’s not to say Spaniards don’t have special sweet treats for Holy Week; Pestiños are little pastries popular throughout Spain, but especially in Andalusia.

A favourite dessert during Holy Week in Andalucia is rice pudding, Arroz con Leche, and you can expect most local bakeries to be offering Torrijas. These are slices of bread dipped in egg then soaked in wine or milk, fried and sweetened with sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Palm Sunday; What is it all about?

Semana Santa or Holy Week 2022 - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1–9) when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday. It thus marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent.

Why did Jesus enter riding an Ass?

Jesus‘ entry on a donkey has a parallel in Zechariah 9:9 which states that: thy king cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass. Therefore, Jesus‘ entry to Jerusalem symbolized his entry as the Prince of Peace, not as a warmongering king

Nerja puts on its own Semana Santa parades and they are great events. With this in mind, you should be booking your villa, apartment or house in Nerja for Semana Santa to take full advantage.

Also, for some of the terminology of Semana Santa, I have added a link. Click the main photograph. This will take you to a Holy Week Glossary. Here you will find a wealth of information, both interesting and informative.

Book your Apartment or Villa now!

Check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website for full details. You can contact us if you require more information or help with your booking. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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Springtime in Andalucia Spain – Spring Holidays in Nerja


Springtime in Nerja Andalucia Spain

New season, New Logo. Nerja Beach Holidays have a new logo

Spring has arrived here in Nerja on the Spanish Costa del Sol. It really is a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures start to rise and the Daylight Saving Hours will be here by the end of the week.

All of Spain uses Daylight Saving Time (DST) during part of the year. The DST period starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October, together with most other European countries.


Anyway; I thought I might pass on my thoughts on the newly-arrived springtime here in the Malaga area of Andalucia.

It is my favourite time of the year. The almond trees have been in blossom for some weeks but are still in bloom. Already the wildlife has started to produce offspring and there are rabbits hopping about everywhere, there are also young Eagles flying about. These are distinguishable by the white patches beneath their wings.

Further inland from Nerja there is plenty to see and do. Using Nerja Beach Holidays villas and apartments as your base, you can explore the rest of Malaga province as well as places in Andalucia. There are lots of things to see and do.

I found a great website called The Culture Trip. This has an article listing “11 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time to Visit Andalucia” and I thought I might add the link, you can have a read through it at your leisure. 

We hope you will find plenty to keep you occupied, unless, of course, you just fancy a great beach holiday and relax in the sunshine. It’s up to you.

Please be sure to check the main Nerja Beach Holidays website for updates on the Villas, Apartments and townhouses available to you. If you need any help or have questions, you can contact us at any time.

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Spanish Living – Rallador de Ceramica – Spanish Grating Plate

What is a Rallador de Ceramica or Spanish Grating Plate?

Rallador de Ceramica bout in Plaza Mayor, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

Rallador de Ceramica bout in Plaza Mayor. They had a lot to choose from

I’ve been looking for a rallador de ceramica for some time now; actually, for a long time. As ridiculous as it may seem, even after two decades of living in the Malaga area of Andalucia, I never got to buy one. Honestly!

What is a Rallador de Ceramica?

The rallador is a fantastic device that Spaniards use to grate garlic, tomatoes, ginger, cucumber and just about anything else.

A traditional Andalucian breakfast is a Mollete con Tomate, or, a powdered bread bun, toasted and then spread with tomato, garlic or olive oil. There are some people, like me, for instance, that have all three.

The rallador is a ceramic plate or bowl that has a serrated centre on which you rub or grate garlic, tomatoes, ginger et al.

It is a simple but practical device that also looks good in the kitchen.

Searching for the ceramic grater

You really do have to take my word that I have tried for years to get hold of a ceramic grater. Even my trips into the Malaga mountains. I tried in such out-of-the-way places as Soportújar and Pampaneira. 

Other places nearer to home, such as Vinuela and Velez Malaga were also fruitless.

These two villages had plenty of artisan craft and pottery but not one had the grater? Nerja was another place that proved to be a non-starter. I was very surprised as Nerja is a great place for tourists and you would have thought this particular item would be a great seller. But, no!

I was not alone – there were other grater-less Brits

Rummaging around on the social media platforms, such as Facebook opened my eyes to the fact that I was not alone in my search. There were other people who were also searching for this wonderful bit of pottery but, to no avail. It was cold comfort. Everyone was asking the same questions and, we all got the same answer.

Success! I actually found some ralladors!

The great thing about living in and around the Malaga area of Andalucia is that there is plenty to see and do. We decided to leave our base in the campo (countryside) close to the Andalucia white village or “Pueblo Blanco” of Villanueva del Trabuco and headed to the coast.

We had decided on a day out at Plaza Mayor, a sizable open-air shopping spot with a wide selection of apparel stores, including global brands, restaurants, shops, bars and a cinema. We wanted to watch BELFAST, a new film recently released. Also, we wanted to have a nice meal beforehand.

The meal and the film, I will save for another post.

To cut a long story short: between the meal and the film, we had some time to kill. We decided to do a bit of shopping and so headed towards o0ne of the many malls at Plaza Mayor.

Sat in the middle of the walkway outside Mercadona store was a ceramics stall. My eyes popped when I saw, not just a few, but, hundreds of ralladors, all different shapes and sizes.

They ranged in price, from quite cheap to a major purchase. However; if you bought more than one item, you got a discount on both. Happily, I purchased a plate and a bowl. For 15€ (this was after 2€ discount) I had, at last, got what I had been searching for.

This may seem like a paltry purchase, after all, there were all manner of shops I had been in, at the Plaza Mayor, including one that sold Japanese Sushi knives at 500€ a pop (yes! I’m a bit of a foodie) but, after so many years, its practical and emotional value was priceless.

Speaking to the lady who sold me these items, she told me they have a shop in Malaga city, close to the Hard Rock Cafe.

So, if you are looking for a rallador or two, you know where to go.

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Buying a house in Malaga can be good for your health

With the great outdoors right on your doorstep, the urge to go walking is always there

Walking in Malaga Countryside

Walking in Malaga Countryside near Villanueva del Trabuco, north of Viñuela

Buying a house in the Malaga area of Andalucia, Spain, is something most people aspire to. Some people buy a house, apartment or villa to rent out as a holiday home, some buy the property for their own holiday needs. Others buy a Spanish property to retire in the sunshine.

No matter what reason you pick, one thing is certain; you will have chosen the right place.

Málaga is a province in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Mediterranean beach resorts like Nerja, Marbella and Torremolinos line its Costa del Sol (Sun Coast). In the seaside capital, also called Málaga, the hilltop Alcazaba is an 11th-century Moorish citadel.

The Málaga Cathedral has a baroque facade and an ornate Renaissance interior. The Museo Picasso showcases more than 200 works by the locally born artist, Pablo Picasso.

The Malaga countryside is both beautiful and dramatic, at the same time. Low valleys and high mountain ranges are covered in olive trees, almonds and other types of flora. The wildlife is as dramatic and varied as the landscape; Eagles and Hawkes are common, along with Foxes, Rabbits, Hares and even Hedgehogs and Tortoise.

Walking in the Malaga area

Walking in Malaga Countryside near Villanueva del Trabuco. Buying a house in Malaga

Olive groves are both beautiful and productive, also, a great place to walk around

There are not a lot of fences to be seen in the Malaga countryside. The wide-open spaces offer the most fantastic walks, hikes, mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

According to the Andalucia Hiking website:

Malaga is one of the top places to go hiking in Andalucia with mountains overlooking the never-ending coastline, jaw-dropping canyons, curious wildlife, and seriously unforgiving peaks. There are endless hiking trails all over the coastal mountain ranges that range from easy to difficult, breathtaking, and fun.

But the inland has numerous whitewashed villages that are all connected with endless hiking trails, so what are you waiting for? Strap on your backpack and hiking shoes, and explore these epic hikes in Malaga!

So, when you are choosing a property in the Malaga area, just remember, it’s not just bricks and mortar you are gaining, it’s a whole new outdoor experience as well. What better way is there to stay healthy and enjoy the great outdoors?

Check out the Country Life Properties and pick yourself a piece of the Spanish countryside. Buying a house in Malaga can be good for your health.

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Country Properties Sale Viñuela Malaga Costa del Sol Spain

Country Life Properties – Real Estate Agents for Malaga Country Properties – Velez Malaga- Viñuela and Axarquia areas

Country Life Properties – Our latest link partner

We are always happy to link our blog to websites of good repute and relevance to Andalucia and the Costa del Sol. Our latest link partners are reputable real estate (realtors) based near the beautiful Lake Viñuela. They are not too far from Velez-Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

We look forward to helping Country Life Properties to get their message out to people looking to buy, sell or rent Malaga properties and other real estate services offered by them.

Anyone looking to link to Nerja Beach Holidays via this blog can do so by sending us a link request.

About Country Life Properties

My name is Mario Blancke, sales manager of Country-Life-Properties. I left my home country-Belgium- 30 years ago to come and live here in Andalucía in the Axarquía region. No regrets!!!

Having a property in the south of Spain is the dream of everybody. However, this dream has been countered by the problems as a result of the irregular building of properties in the countryside.

I suffered all those problems and decided to take a step forward in defence of the buyer in good faith. I stepped into the local politics and was Councilor for Planning for the last 9 years. My input in the modification of Planning Laws at the regional and national level has been determining in recuperating the lost juridical security in Spanish Urban Planning. See more from the main website.

Features Country Property


Reference: VIÑUELA (VIN037)
Price: SALE 475,000€
VILLA ROSINO is a real godsend, located on the lake of La Viñuela with very good access, in the middle of the olive groves. The house consists of 3 wings, each with its own tower.

The main entrance (middle wing) consists of a very spacious hall that can be used as a dining area, to the right of it a very spacious sitting area with stove and then the fully modern equipped kitchen with special quality furniture. See more

Please pay a visit to this website and especially if you are interested in Malaga property for sale. Areas covered are Velez-Malaga, Viñuela and the genral Axarquia areas. Although, if there is a location you are particularly interested in, we will be happy to help you find a property there.

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Holidays in Nerja Costa del Sol Spain 2022 – Plaza de España

Happy New Year 2022 – Now is the time to book your Nerja Holiday – Don’t leave it too late!

Apartamentos Gran Plaza Nerja - Holidays in Nerja Costa del Sol Spain 2022

Apartamentos Gran Plaza Nerja

We are now safely into the New Year 2022 and it’s time to plan ahead. OK; so Covid is still playing tricks with some travel plans but, we can still plan ahead.

Nerja is a great place to be at any time of the year. I spent the New Year in the Plaza de España: Apartmentos Gran Plaza.

Plaza de España Nerja Costa del Sol Spain

Plaza de España Nerja Costa del Sol Spain – New Year 2022

The location is excellent; we were next to the entrance to the Plaza, at the car park entrance end. This is great as you have the car parking underground and the entrance is a great place to catch a taxi, if you are off out and about in Nerja.

Nerja villas and apartments 2022

Bars and restaurants in Plaza de España

The Apartment Gran Plaza

The front of the apartments are white and grey painted with traditional rejas (ornamental bars on the windows) and Juliet balconies. Modern built but still retaining traditional Spanish features.

The apartment itself is ultra-modern. In the kitchen area, there is a black granite kitchen top and white fixtures and fittings. A fridge /freezer, coffee machine and microwave along with the necessary pots, pans, dishes and cutlery complete the kitchen. There is a small dining table as well.

The bathroom, like the rest of the apartment, is very modern. There is a WC, wash-basin and shower with a glass screen. Also, a hair-dryer is provided. A large window allows for natural daylight.

The lounge area has a large sofa/bed a coffee table and an excellent TV with many great channels. Again, the coffee table and TV stand/drawers are white and modern. There is an Internet connection which was good.

The bedroom is a good size with a very comfortable double bed. Bedside lamps and open wardrobe stand complete the bedroom. The doors to the bedroom and the bathroom are the hidden sliding doors type.

The apartment was very clean, comfortable and well situated. There is the added bonus of a roof-top pool and seating area.

Plaza de España

Nerja lights New Year 2022 - Gran Plaza Apartamentos - Plaza de España

Nerja lights New Year 2022

Plaza de España is a large square or ‘plaza’ surrounded by shops, offices, hotels and apartments. The Plaza is situared just off the Balcòn de Europa and next to Tutti Frutti square. There is an entrance via the Town Hall arch and the other end via the underground parking entrance.

Due to the festive holidays, there were bouncy castles, Santa cabins and other festive paraphernalia dotted around Plaza de España. The bars/cafe’s and restaurants were busy and very lively.

Our stay included Indian and Chinese meals as well as a fantastic breakfast just outside the plaza. Taxis to the restaurants were quick and easy to catch and, in general, the break was hassle-free and happy.

If you don’t want to pay for parking, there is a free car park before the last bridge on the entrance to Nerja. This is a short walk away from Plaza de España.

You can book Apartmentos Gran Plaza and many other villas, apartments and townhouses from the Nerja Beach Holidays website.

Check out this and other great 1 bedroom Nerja apartments from the Nerja Beach Holidays website.

Book now to avoid disappointment.

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Winter Holidays 2022 in Nerja Costa del Sol Spain


The New Year 2022 is almost upon us. Some of us, the lucky ones, will be celebrating the new year in Nerja on our winter holidays. If you have never been to Nerja, make it a point to do so in 2022.

Nerja Holiday Villas and Apartments 2022

Nerja Beach Holidays are focused on providing bespoke self-catering Holiday rentals and property management services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction in Nerja, Spain (Costa del Sol).

We offer a selection of exceptional holiday apartments, villas and townhouses available to let in Nerja at the best possible prices, backed by a level of service and attention to detail. ​Our aim is to provide you with stress-free holiday rentals. Nerja Beach Holidays are open 365 days a year. We speak Spanish, English and French. We can help you choose the perfect accommodation that suits your needs.

Nerja Beach Holidays offers a virtual tour experience so that you can visit your future holiday accommodation yourself in 360 degrees. Winter Holidays 2022 with us are guaranteed to be happy ones.

Nerja on the Costa del Sol

Nerja is a resort town along southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. Its seafront promenade, Balcón de Europa, tops a promontory with views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains. Below it lies sandy beaches and cliffside coves. Cueva de Nerja, a nearby cavern with unusual stalactites and stalagmites, hosts popular summertime concerts. It’s also known for its palaeolithic paintings, viewable by guided tour. More

There is so much to see and do in and around Nerja, you will have a fantastic holiday. Book now and get yourself one of our wonderful apartments, townhouses or villas.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Please check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website. If you need any help or have any questions, we are always happy to help. Have a great New Year, wherever you are.

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Marbella on the Costa del Sol Spain

Marbella is a city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain

Marbella Costa del Sol Spain

The famous arch of Marbella Costa del Sol Spain

Where is Marbella?

Marbella is a city and resort area in southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusia region. The Sierra Blanca Mountains are the backdrop to 27 km of sandy Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels, and golf courses. West of Marbella town, the Golden Mile of prestigious nightclubs and coastal estates leads to Puerto Banús marina, filled with luxury yachts, and surrounded by upmarket boutiques and bars. Wikipedia

What is so special about ‘Marbs’?

The weather is a major factor. The Costa del Sol enjoys 320 days of sunlight throughout the year and an average temperature of 19°C.

This is due to its micro-weather, given that Marbella is surrounded by the warm Mediterranean and the Sierra Blanca mountains, which protects it from harsher meteorological conditions. Winters in Marbella are very mild and bright, while summers are warm and dry. January will get an average of 16.4ºC and December 19.5ºC

Sun Sea and Sand

Another great reason for living, working or having a vacation in Marbella are the three ‘S’s: Sun, Sea and Sand. Marbella has more than 27 Km of golden sandy beaches. These beautiful beaches stretch from San Pedro de Alcántara (west) to Calahonda (east).

Some of the very best of these beaches are;

  • Playa del Alicate.
  • Bounty Beach.
  • Playa Nagüeles.
  • Playa de Puerto Banus.
  • Cabopino Beach.
  • Playa de la Fontanilla.
  • Playa Hermosa.
  • Playa de Artola.

Check out this great blog and find out more about the Marbella and Costa del Sol coastline. 25 reasons…

Marbella Old Town

According to our friends at Google: The quaint Old Town is home to Renaissance-era whitewashed buildings, flower-draped balconies, and narrow, winding streets. Plaza de Los Naranjos draws visitors with its orange trees, 15th-century Ermita de Santiago church, and restaurants with terraces, serving traditional dishes like gazpacho and meatballs. Avenida del Mar is a long, narrow plaza dotted with palm trees and bronze sculptures by Salvador Dalí. 

Puerto Banùs

Puerto Banus Marina close to Marbella Costa del Sol Spain

Puerto José Banús, more commonly known simply as Puerto Banús, is a marina located in the area of Nueva Andalucía, to the southwest of Marbella, Spain on the Costa del Sol. It was built in May 1970 by José Banús, a local property developer, as a luxury marina and shopping complex. Purto Banùs is famous for its great nightlife. Along with Marbella and Torremolinosos, Puerto Banùs is a magnate for the part people.

Marbella has a fantastic Marinas

A playground for the rich and famous would not be complete without having a fantastic place to “park your boat”. If it’s celebrity spotting you like, or, you enjoy looking at expensive seacraft, then these marinas are for you. 

Marbella has to be amongst the liveliest coastal stretches anywhere in the world with its two major marinas, Puerto Banus and Puerto Marbella catering for everyone from the nautical novice to the super-rich and famous.

What else is there in Marbella?

There are beautiful parks and places to sit and people watch. The shopping is world famous and, of course, it is the in-place for the VIP.  Soccer stars, actors, politicians, oil magnates and every other type of well-heeled and super-famous person to be seen. It is the des-res, the in-place or Shangri-la of the southern coast of Spain.

There are many more reasons why Marbella and the surrounding areas are great places to live, work or take a holiday. Here is a link to a great blog that lists the 25 reasons to visit Marbella. Some I have already covered but, there are others that may be of great interest to you.

Are you thinking of buying property in the Marbella area?

Marbella properties

Marbella properties. Reference: L32B (Villas – Marbella)

The Property Advisory can help you purchase many of the fantastic properties in Marbella and along the Costa del Sol.

Our website has a host of the best properties available in these areas. Please, check out our main website to see what we have to offer.


The Property Advisory is the latest in our Nerja Beach Holidays link partners.

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Nerja Apartments for Rent – El Litoral 2B

Nerja – Featured Property – El Litoral 2B

Nerja Apartments for Rent  - El Litoral 2B

Relax in the sunshine on the balcony of El Litoral 2B

Nerja Apartments: El Litoral 2B Description

This modern 2 bedroom apartment is located in the very popular area of Burriana Beach and offers holidaymakers comfort and style with the beach, bars and restaurants being less than two minutes by walk.

The open plan lounge/kitchen diner is fitted with an oven, hob, fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, toaster and kettle – all the things you need for a self-catering holiday.  Seating for 4 is provided within this space for dining inside as well as 2 comfortable sofas.  Free WiFi, International television and air conditioning/heating are also provided.

The lounge doors lead onto the outside terrace with views down to the Burriana area and access to the restaurants, beach, cafés, shops.

The beautiful, modern fully refurbished bathroom offers a walk-in shower, toilet, hand-basin and anti-mist mirror.

The double bedroom is fitted with a ceiling fan, bedside cabinets, lamps and wardrobe space. The twin bedroom is fitted with 2 single beds, ceiling fan, bedside cabinet with lamp and wardrobe space. There is also a safe.

You will be able to use the community pool which is in a very quiet and secluded area in the complex.

Key Features

  • Sleeps 4

  • From 395€ per week

  • ​Air conditioning

  • Free WiFi & UK TV

  • Burriana Beach location

  • Community pool (Open April to October)

  • Strictly no smoking apartment

  • ​VFT/MA/03555

This is just one of our wonderful apartments, please check out all the details on the main Nerja Beach Holidays website. If you have any questions or require more details, we have a live chat available. You can also contact us via phone or email at any time.

Please book early if you want to rent this lovely apartment, it is in a very popular area of Nerja and an early booking would avoid disappointment.


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Las Alpujarras Soportujar and Pampaneira

A fantastic day out in Las Alpujarras – Visits to the pueblo of Soportujar and town of Pampaneira

I’ve been writing about Nerja and the surrounding areas for nigh on 20 years now. I never get tired of visiting the inland towns and villages of Andalucia. There are some truly magnificent little Pueblos Blancos or “white villages”.

I’m based in a town set in the Andalucia mountains of Sierra Gorda, northeast Malaga province. This is about 1 hour from Nerja itself. The town hall has regular trips to many of the inland towns and villages, these trips are mainly for the over 55’s.

This month trip, November 4th took us to the Alpujarras.

Las Alpujarras

Las Alpujarras mountains as seen from Soportuja

Part of Las Alpujarras as seen from Soportuja

The Alpujarra is a natural and historical region in Andalusia, Spain, on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada and the adjacent valley. The average elevation is 1,200 metres above sea level. It extends over two provinces, Granada and Almería; it is sometimes referred to in the plural as “Las Alpujarras”. (Wikipedia)

Getting there by coach was interesting. We pass places such as Loja and through Lanjaron; this place is famous for its bottled water. We stopped here so those with a weak bladder could pay a visit. Then, it was onward to our first port of call, the bewitching town of Soportujar.


Soportújar is a municipality located in the province of Granada, Spain. According to the 2015 census, the city has a population of 296 inhabitants (Wikipedia)

This was possibly one of the strangest towns I’ve visited, anywhere! Soportuja is only a small place, you could walk around it in half an hour or less. It is a tangle of little alleyways and narrow streets. Not many on the level, so, you need strong legs.

The this with Soportuja is that it is infested with witches. Yes! Witches.

There is a legend that the most famous of all witches, Baba Yaga.

In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed or ferocious-looking old woman. In Slavic culture, Baba Yaga lived in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs. Baba Yaga may help or hinder those that encounter her or seek her out. More.

How she got to Soportuja from her Slavic abode is a bit of a question, she most probably flew? Nonetheless; the house of Baba Yaga is indeed in Soportuja and does stand on two giant chicken legs, they have ferocious claws.

There is also a rather colourful house made from an assortment of M&M’s and other chocolate attractions. You can buy all sorts of witchy paraphernalia, from simple witches on a string to the complete rig-out. This pueblo is very witch orientated. There are a couple of caves you can visit and a giant witches head that makes for a great photoshoot for the visitors.

There are 3 bars/restaurants and a few shops but also some fantastic views that go all the way from the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.


Pampaneira is a village located in the province of Granada, Spain. According to the 2005 census, the village has a population of 355 inhabitants. It is one of three mountain villages of the Barranco de Poqueira in the Alpujarras region. (Wikipedia)

After leaving Soportuja, we headed even higher into Las Alpujarras, to the town of Pampaneira. The drive there is not for the feint-hearted! There are endless mountain curves to navigate and, believe me, it is a tad scary. Imagine ‘The Italian Job’ coach at the end of the film and you will have a good idea.

The town itself is a fair size. Again, you will need a good pair of legs to get about the streets but it is worth it. There are plenty of bars, shops and restaurants and the prices are good. You can stock up on freshly made chocolates of all shapes and sizes and as well as handmade rugs and other articles.

There is enough to see and do as this is definitely a tourist-orientated town.

After 3 or 4 hours in Pampaneira, it was back down the very scary mountain roads and passing Granada and Loja, we were back in our own village.

It was a great day out. Nerja has plenty of offers of visits to these types of towns and villages, so, when you come and stay with Nerja Beach Holidays, check out what’s available.

Have a great day out.

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Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead in Spain

What is Dia de Los Muertos? (Day of the Dead)

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dean (

Dia de Los Muertos in Spain is a great occasion.

Spain has some unique festivals and, it also has some shared ones. One of my favourites is Dia de Los Muertos or, in English, Day of the Dead. I’ve pinched a few pieces of interest and included some links for you to read more.

One of my all-time favourite websites is This site is an absolute goldmine of interesting information. So, it’s not unusual (sang Tom Jones) that I would pillage some facts and information relating to Day of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead (el Día de Los Muertos), is a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration.

A blend of Mesoamerican ritual, European religion and Spanish culture, the holiday is celebrated each year from October 31-November 2. While October 31 is Halloween, November 1 is “el Dia de Los Inocentes,” or the day of the children, and All Saints Day.

November 2 is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead. According to tradition, the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31 and the spirits of children can rejoin their families for 24 hours. The spirits of adults can do the same on November 2.

Is Day of the Dead in Spain any different?

The days of celebration in Spain are November 1, All Saints’ Day (día de Todos Los Santos ), it is celebrated that all the saints have ascended to heaven and on November 2, which is the day of the dead (día de Los Difuntos), all loved ones are reminded that have passed away.  Read more

These days are similar to Halloween in as much they are an occasion for a great family gathering. It is also a time of reflection and remembering those who have passed before us.

What is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?

The festival marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the ‘darker half’ of the year and occurred about halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It is often associated with death, as Celts believed that ghosts returned to the earth on this day. See more.

Nerja is no different. The children will happily celebrate Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos and Todo Santos. They don’t miss a trick. LOcal families and holidaymakers alike will be enjoying this great time of the year.

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Apartments for rent for Christmas and New Year 2022 in Nerja

Book Now! Apartments for rent for Christmas and New Year 2022 celebrations in Nerja

Book Now! Apartments for rent for Christmas and New Year celebrations in Nerja

Nerja villas, townhouses and holiday apartments from Nerja Beach Holidays

OK, so it’s only October and Christmas and New Year 2022 are over two months away, so, no rush? Wrong!

Nerja is a very popular place over the Christmas and New Year periods. People like to book apartments, houses and villas to enjoy Christmas and New Year 2022. Having somebody else to cook the Christmas dinner is a bonus. There are plenty of places available to eat out in Nerja.

The same can be said for New Year’s Eve. Nerja is a great place to see in the New Year and again, if you wanted to eat out, then there are many places to can visit.

Make sure you book your villa, townhouse or apartment with Nerja Beach Holidays. We have a great choice of properties available in and around Nerja town centre and at great prices. But, again, you need to book early because they will soon be snapped up.

Spanish New Year Traditions

There are many traditions attributed to New Year all over the world. In Scotland, for instance, the “First Footing” is a tradition celebrated on Hogmanay, a Scottish New Year’s celebration. It is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to the household for the new year. It is a ritual involving the first person to step into a household from the outside in a new year.

Spain has its own traditions, some of them are as follows:

  • 12 Lucky Grapes. It’s the seeds that get ya! …
  • Lottery Luck. An El Gordo lottery ticket from Alvy via Flickr CC. …
  • Lentil Soup for Lunch. Rich and totally satisfying. …
  • Cupid’s Red Underthings. Shopping for plenty of red at this time of year. …
  • Gold and a Glass of Cava. …
  • Starting the Year on the Right Foot. …
  • Cookies and a Coin.

If you are interested to learn more about this, please check out this great website.

For most of us, New Year’s Eve will be spent with our families and friends and, at the stroke of midnight, we will be swallowing grapes at every stroke of the midnight bell that rings in the New Year 2020.

We hope to see you in one of the many great self-catering villas, townhouses and apartments in Nerja on the beautiful Costa del Sol.


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Nerja Rental Apartment for sale Aljamar 10B

Nerja Rental Apartment for sale Aljamar 10B

Nerja Rental Apartment for sale Aljamar 10B

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday on the Costa del Sol is to rent your own apartment. It’s even better if you own that apartment. You can rent it out for a second income, use the apartment yourself for holidays or, a permeant residence. Aljamar 10B is a fantastic property.

Nerja Rentals Apartment for sale: Description

This stunning 3 bedroom apartment has been refurbished to a very high standard and offers guests a modern, comfortable and fully fitted holiday apartment.

The apartment is situated in a new residential area only 10 minutes walk from the popular Burriana Beach resort where guests will be spoilt for choice with a huge range of bars and restaurants, as well as a large sandy beach offering a variety of watersports and activities for families.

The apartment has 3 bedrooms, one is a King, one a double with en-suite bathroom and the third one is furnished with twin beds.

All bedrooms have ceiling fans. The main living area is open plan lounge, kitchen, diner with air-conditioning and fully fitted kitchen with all modern appliances including fridge/freezer, hob, oven & grill, breakfast bar, microwave, toaster, dishwasher and there is also a washing machine in the utility room.

There is a family bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, heated towel rail and anti-mist mirror.

Additional facilities offered in this apartment are radiators, sun loungers and an iPod docking station that you can use.

A sunny terrace leads from the double french doors of the lounge and is furnished with rattan seating of table and chairs. Views of the town, mountains and sea can be seen from here. The terrace has the luxury of getting sun all afternoon and evening, making it ideal for al-fresco dining.

This apartment comes with a garage that you can use. This private community offers a large outdoor communal pool and terrace located close to this apartment.

There is UK & international TV with free WiFi in this apartment.

This Nerja rental apartment is for sale. If you are interested, please contact us.

(+34) 644 793 168 

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Walking Holidays in Malaga Region of Andalucia Spain

Walking in the Malaga province of Andalucia, Spain

If you love walking, then, walking in the Malaga province in the autonomous region of Andalucia, Spain, is for you. Spring and early summer bring forth an array of beautiful flora and fauna. One of the most striking displays comes from the humble Corn Poppy.

What is a Corn Poppy?

Corn poppy, (Papaver rhoeas), also called field poppy or Flanders poppy, annual (rarely biennial) plant of the poppy family (Papaveraceae), native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The plant has been introduced into Australia, New Zealand, and North America and is one of the most commonly cultivated garden poppies. The corn poppy is also the source of a red dye used to colour some wines and medicines.

The corn poppy is an erect herb, typically no taller than 70 cm (28 inches).

The solitary flowers emerge from drooping hairy buds and are borne on stems some 25–90 cm (10–35 inches) long. The flowers measure some 7–10 cm across and have four petals and numerous dark stamens. The petals are usually a brilliant red, sometimes with a black basal spot. The edible seeds are borne in egg-shaped capsules.

In Europe, the corn poppy was formerly a widespread weed in cultivated fields, with seeds lying dormant for years and sprouting when the soil was turned (see soil seed bank). During and after World War I, fields that had been disturbed by battle bloomed with corn poppies, and the flower has become a symbol of that war. The flowers are an important symbol for Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom. Thanks to

Walking Holidays in Malaga

Nerja has many great walks to keep anyone happy. However; walking in the countryside further deeper into the Malaga area of Andalucia has its own benefits. The picture above shows the Corn Poppies in the fields around the Pueblo Blanco or “white village” of Villanueva del Trabuco.

This, along with many other areas further inland is a walking paradise. Acres of unfenced land, rolling hills, dramatic mountains, olive groves as far as the eye can see and, some fantastic birdwatching sites.

Book your villa or apartment through Nerja Beach Holidays and get your hiking boots on. You can have the very best walking holidays in Malaga to enjoy.


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Self-Catering Apartments for rent in Nerja Town Centre

A modern apartment for rent right in the heart of Nerja

Spain is open for business once more. Tourists from the UK are now allowed to take holidays in Spain. Nerja, on the Costa del Sol, is a firm favorite.

The best way to enjoy a Nerja holiday has to be with a self-catering rental apartment, villa, or townhouse. Nerja Beach Holidays can offer you some of the very best Apartments for rent in Nerja.

Here we have a new edition to the Nerja Beach Holidays portfolio of Nerja properties; Edificio Chaparil.

Self-Catering apartment for rent – Description

This modern 1 bedroom apartment is located on the 5th floor of a quiet building, with an elevator.

As you enter the apartment, you will find the living room with a TV and free WiFi, and a comfortable sofa. There is also a dining table for two people. You will be able to enjoy the sea view as you open the sliding doors to the balcony.

​The sofa bed can accommodate two children or one adult.

​There is a kitchen fully equipped with a dishwasher and washing machine. There is air conditioning in the bedroom and the living room.

​In the bedroom, there is a king-size bed and plenty of storage. The bedroom has an ensuite bathroom with a shower.

​The apartment is located in the city center of Nerja at 200 meters to Torrecilla beach.

  • Sleeps 3

  • Air conditioning

  • Free WiFi

  • Nerja city center location

  • 200 meters to the beach

  • VMT Number pending


Check-in: from 14h / Check-out: by 11h

Linen & Towels provided

Lift in the building

No smoking inside

Pets not allowed



WiFi, Air conditioning / Heating, Washing machine, TV, Iron, Ironing board

Fridge freezer, Ceramic hob, Oven, Microwave, Kettle, Coffee machine, Dishwasher, Dishes, and silverware,

Walk-in shower, toilet

1 king-size bed (2×2 meters)

Extra Services:
Malaga Airport taxi transfer (69€ for 4 people)

You can check this fantastic Nerja apartment out via the Nerja Beach Holidays website. I would advise you to book your Nerja Villa, Apartment or Townhouse NOW! The Brits are on their way and accommodation in Nerja and other locations along the Costa del sol will be a premium.

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Nerja on the Costa del Sol May 2021 in Nerja

May holidays on the Costa del Sol in sunny Nerja

in your Burriana Beach we do not forget you

The banner reads; On your Burriana Beach, we do not forget you – from the Town Council

Nerja on the Costa del Sol is a beautiful place for a May holiday break. Living as we do, 99km from Nerja, 682 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Gorda and San Jorge mountains, it’s nice to get to the coast, once in a while.

Nerja is our usual choice of a seaside location. There are many reasons for this; Indian, Chinese and other food outlets are available. Also, staying on the lovely Capistrano Playa site is a bonus.

Capistrano Playa is directly behind the lovely Burriana Beach. There is a private path from the apartments that leads down to the beach. This private path is packed with all sorts of plants, palms and water features. Some of the ponds contain exotic fish and turtles.

Nerja on the Costa del Sol is open for business

The Covid pandemic has caused all sorts of problems. Local, regional, and national lockdowns have conspired to keep beaches and tourists apart. The unfortunate consequences can be seen everywhere. Nerja is no exception.

Sadly, some of the bars, restaurants, and cafes we are used to visiting have closed. Some temporarily, others permanently. The Coach and horses in Nerja town center is one such place. The Chinese restaurant on Burriana Beach is another to have succumbed to the pandemic. There are more besides.

However; Nerja is slowly getting back on its feet. There are still plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels open.

Burriana Beach

Burriana Beach was deadly quiet. It is an experience I have never had in Nerja. Almost deserted beaches, Chiringuitos closed and the smells of the BBQ’s at La Barca and Ayo’s paella were missing.

The town center had plenty of life, not, as we would expect, the bustling amount of a Nerja in May during pre-pandemic times, but enough.

Nerja Itinerary

We already had a plan of what we were going to do on our Nerja break. We were celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. A takeaway Chinese meal was one of the treats we had planned and, we were not disappointed. Eating a Chinese meal while overlooking the Capistrano Playa complex and Burriana Beach was a delight.

We were going to have an Indian meal but, whilst having a vino and tapas in Bar Redondo (Round Bar), the camarero who we know well told us about a great restaurant called Pinnichios.

He wasn’t wrong; we had a beautiful meal. I opted for the house Piza and my wife went for the Osso Buco (Osso buco, in Italian, literally means hollow bone, which refers to the way of cutting and presentation of the pieces of meat that are used. It is a stew prepared with veal shank, always cut into slices that include the bone and its marrow.).

The dessert was a lovely Tiramisu. It goes without saying, a couple of bottles of Italian wine were consumed. The price was also a pleasant surprise.

If you get to Nerja soon, try Pinnochios restaurant at Calle Almirante Ferràndiz, 48

As luck would have it, we also managed a great Sunday Lunch on Burriana Beach at the Steakhouse. This is another place you really must try. The food was fantastic and at a great price.

We also stopped in two of the other restaurants that were still open on Burriana. A tapas and a nice beer or two were very welcome.

Relaxing in the apartment

The apartment was great, and, as I mentioned, the views were fantastic. I read one of the many books available, an autobiography by Martin Bengtsson titled “If you’re not in bed by ten, come home!” 

Trust me; this is a brilliant book. I read it over two days.

The extraordinary memoir of a gentleman-vagabond, adventurer who partied with Gracie Fields, Errol, Flynn and came out standing. Bengtsson’s voice, witty, debonair and emphatically non-conformist -, sings from the pages, whether he is describing his, career as a stuntman in Spaghetti Westerns or, revealing his secret life as a spy., Contains all the ingredients of a best- selling, novel – murder, intrigue, crime, sex, royalty, piracy and espionage – and yet it is all true.

Time to leave Nerja

After a lovely, quiet week above Burriana Beach, we left for home. It was a memorable week, not just for the food and beverages but being in Nerja when it was so quiet. Happily, as we were driving along Burriana Beach, there were plenty of vehicles and many more people.

Nerja will recover, the tourists will be back and the businesses will open. Check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website for some of the best holiday self-catering apartments, villas, and townhouses in Nerja.

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How to Make Spanish Omelette – The Best Tortilla in Spain

Where did Spanish Omelette, or, Tortilla de Patatas originate? Good question.

Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

The best Tortilla in Spain? of course, I made it.

Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

Nice and juicy on the inside and crispy on the base.

Well, according to a great website I found, they had this to say about one of Spain’s favourite dishes;

The potato omelette was invented in Extremadura in 1798. Until now, the legend of the invention (or rather recipe) was in Navarra in 1835 when General Tomás de Zumalacárregui during the siege of Bilbao in the First Carlist War . He was looking for cheap and nutritious food for his troops. Rather, the credit would go to the shrewd peasant who was commissioned by the military. This is what the expert Javier López Linage assures in his 2008 investigation. According to the documentary sources he has found, the conceptual origin of the famous potato omelette is in Villanueva de la Serena, towards the end of the 18th century. “It is curious, when I edited the book for the first time I had already seen that document, but until I have reviewed my papers I have not been able to understand the real scope of what was said there,” he says. Read more

Who am I to argue with that? Read the rest of this interesting article by following the link.

My homemade Tortilla or Spanish Omelette


The great thing about the Internet is that you can find almost any recipe you like. There is really no need to be going out buying books on the topic. Here I have added a Youtube video of a recipe similar to my own.

My own recipe calls for six eggs but you make it how you see fit. I also added fresh parsley to mine. Tortilla is a fantastic way to make a meal for the whole family or to use as a tapa. Hot or cold you will love this Spanish traditional dish.

My own way of consuming the Spanish omelette is with a dollop of Mayonaise and a splash of Encona super hot chilli sauce.

But I am a hopeless cook!

Can’t cook, won’t cook? No problems! Tortilla or Spanish omelette is to be found everywhere in Spain. You can buy this dish in the supermarkets, small or large, with onions or without onions and with all sorts of extra ingredients, such as peppers and herbs.

This dish is served as a tapa, the main course, or, sometimes in our local restaurant El Cortijuelo, as Patatas a lo Pobre (Potatoes of the poor). This is when they misjudge the tipping of the pan onto the plate and it ends up all broken. It still tastes fantastic.

When you visit Nerja this year, do try this fantastic dish. It goes well with any beverage.


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