Diego Maradona Dies at 60 – A Flawed Footballing Genius

Diego Maradona died on the 25th of November 2020

Diego Armando Maradona was an Argentine professional football player and manager. Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, he was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award.

To England fans, he was a cheat. In the 1986 World Cup, Maradona handled the ball into the goal to help Argentina beat England 2 – 1. To be fair, he also scored what was described as ‘the goal of the century’ a few minutes later.

The 1986 FIFA World Cup Final was the final and deciding game of the 1986 FIFA World Cup, held in Mexico. The match was held at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City on 29 June 1986 and had an attendance of 114,600. It was contested by Argentina and West Germany. Argentina won the match 3–2 in normal time.

Diego Maradona in Malaga

Maradona was the Muhamed Ali of football; everyone knew who he was and what he did. Everywhere he went, he was received as a sporting legend. This continued even after he had retired from playing.

In 1982, for example, Maradona visited Malaga to host a tennis competition (yes, tennis) which was generating little interest, just the mention of Diego Maradona being the host sold the tickets out in less than an hour.

His visit to the Malaga CF stadium with his new team Barçelona broke gate receipt records. Maradona was loved, admired and, to some, despised.

Diego the flawed genius

He played for Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Napoli, Sevilla, and Newell’s Old Boys during his club career, and is most famous for his time at Napoli and Barcelona, where he won numerous accolades.


Diego Armando Maradona dead

Maradona’s two seasons at Barcelona were successful, winning a Copa del Rey, a Supercopa de Espana and Copa de la Liga. However, his career at Barcelona will perhaps be remembered more for his off-field problems than his achievements on the pitch.

In both seasons, Maradona missed numerous games. The first was mainly due to hepatitis, though many think it was actually a venereal disease, and the second was due to a serious injury sustained from a challenge by Andoni Goikoetxea.

It was in Barcelona that Maradona got involved with drugs, a problem that would remain with him for the rest of his life. His partying lifestyle would also cause issues, and it is widely believed that Cesar Luis Menotti moved training sessions to the afternoon so that players would report on time and will have recovered from partying the night before. More of this story Marca.com


After his time at Barçelona, Diego was shipped off to Napoli. A big gamble for Napoli. A big challenge for Maradona, after all, Napoli were not a successful club by any stretch of the imagination. There were few, if any, great players in the squad.

Maradona was at Napoli between 1984-91 and helped them win the league title in 1987 and 1990, and the Uefa Cup in 1989.

A 2019 documentary film chronicled his wild Naples years when he became addicted to cocaine and partying. He had a son whom he only recognised after an Italian court ordered him to pay maintenance and he was pursued by the local tax authorities over unpaid arrears for years after his departure.

A blog is too short to document the rise and fall of a great sporting legend such as Maradona. Luckily, there is a fantastic HBO documentary that I would strongly recommend in which it gives you the real Diego Maradona, warts and all. (see the above trailer)

It changed my opinion of the player and the man, I’m sure you will find it a fascinating documentary.

Adios Diego.


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Coronavirus on the Costa del Sol – Covid-19 News

How to get an update on  the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Spain and on the Costa del Sol

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Costa del Sol

Coronavirus (Covid-19) A cute looking little bug, don’t you think?

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused utter chaos all over the world. Since March 2020, life has gone from its normal humdrum routine to one lockdown after another.

How we thought it odd when people walked about in facemasks to protect themselves from the Springtime pollen and dust. Now it is ‘odd’ (and illegal) when someone ISN’T wearing a facemask.

Travel was banned, then allowed, then banned again, then allowed in certain places and not in others. Sports stadiums are closed, gyms, bars, pubs, restaurants and so forth are allowed to open, then banned from opening, then allowed during certain hours of the day.

Here in Andalucia (at time of writing) we are not allowed out of our areas unless we need to be. Most places of work are either closed or limited to certain hours. Facemasks are worn, by law and we are washing our hands or using disinfectants endlessly.

The trouble is; people are confused as to what is and isn’t allowed.

Here is a great link to a free newspaper for the Andalucia region. The Olive Press is a great read and has been excellent at getting the facts out to people. It also explains, in layman terms, what the hell is going on! Check it out.


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.


The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.
You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

For all you will ever need to know about this horrible bug, please visit the World Health Organisation website. They have Q&A pages, videos and lots more to keep you informed,

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Why is Friday 13th considered to be an unlucky date?

Are you scared to go out on Friday the 13th?

Friday 13th the Knights Templar

Friday 13th, what is all the fuss about? There are many people who are superstitious and regard this date with dread. I actually know people who will not leave the house, others have rituals that need to be performed to ward off the bad luck. Others, most, I would say, regard any accident or ill fortune on this date to be the Friday 13th curse.

It is all nonsense, of course; or is it nonsense?

The History of the Friday 13th Curse

Just like dropping salt, walking under a ladder or standing on cracks in the pavements, the 13th day of the month, should it fall on a Friday, is as deadly to your health and welfare as any of the others. If you are that way inclined.

It is also not confined to any one culture, this cursed day is a worldwide belief. The Spanish are just as likely to be fearful as the British or Chines.

So, why is it unlucky? There are several different theories behind the curse. My favourite is the curse of the Knights Templar. These were warrior knights who were actually monks of the Templar order. They were feared protectors of pilgrims visiting the holy land and brave and fierce warriors in the Crusades.

The Knights Templar were also a very rich and powerful order. This caused envy and treachery within the powers that be, such as Pope Clemente V and King Philip IV of France. Here is a fantastic article from the History.com website that you might like.

What caused the Friday curse?

On Friday, October 13, 1307, officers of King Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar, a powerful religious and military order formed in the 12th century for the defence of the Holy Land.

Imprisoned on charges of various illegal behaviours (but really because the king wanted access to their financial resources), many Templars were later executed. Some cite the link with the Templars as the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition, but like many legends involving the Templars and their history, the truth remains murky. See more.

However; part of the Friday the 13th hex comes from a curse that was put on Pope Clemente V and King Philip IV by the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jaques de Molay, just before he was burnt at the stake as a heretic.

Guess what? Within months, both King and Pope died under mysterious circumstances. Coincidence? a real curse? Some people point to this as proof positive.

Other Unlucky Friday conspiracies

There is the ‘last supper’ theory for the bad luck and the number ’13’ and this concerns the seating arrangements of Jesus and the last supper. After all, Jesus and 12 apostles with him as they chowed down for the final time.

As with history and theology, its as accurate as people want it to be. Was there a last supper? Were there 13 diners? and, as for the date, if we are to believe the historians, the meal would have been on a Wednesday 13th day of the month, according to the Jewish calendar and he would have been crucified on Thursday, the 12th of the month.

But, hey! What the heck?

If you want to read more on this fascinating subject, try this website, National Geographic.

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Spanish style chicken with Chorizo and potatoes

A brilliant Spanish style recipe for winter

Spanish Style Chicken with Chorizo Recipe

I love watching cookery programmes at any time. You name it, I’ve watched it. From Fanny Craddock to Pappa Jack, from professionals like chef John to the most ham-fisted amateurs on Youtube.

I also love to cook and spend endless hours in the kitchen. So, I thought I might combine my love of food, with my love of Spain and point out some fantastic websites, videos and articles. Hopefully, you will get as much pleasure out of them as I do.

Well, this is a Nerja villas and apartments blog, so, it’s not surprising that we will be following Spanish recipes. Here is a great winter-warmer, combining chicken with chorizo and potatoes.

What is ‘Chorizo’

Spanish Cooking - Spanish style chicken with Chorizo and potatoes

Chorizo has a truly amazing taste. One bite and you will be hooked. Thanks to Gourmet Otero

Chorizo or chouriço is a type of pork sausage. In Europe, chorizo is a fermented, cured, smoked sausage, which may be sliced and eaten without cooking, or added as an ingredient to add flavour to other dishes. Elsewhere, some sausages sold as chorizo may not be fermented and cured, and require cooking before eating. Wikipedia

Spanish chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with garlic, pimentón – smoked paprika – and salt. It is generally classed as either Picante (spicy) or dulce (sweet), depending upon the type of pimentón used.

Watch the video of Chorizo and Chicken

I have scoured Youtube for the best examples of this chicken and chorizo dish. The Channel is Recipe 30 and this video will help you make a really authentic Spanish winter dish.

If you are impressed with this video, please, do the guy a favour and either ‘like’ the video and leave a nice comment, or, you can even subscribe to his amazing food videos by clicking on the red ‘subscribe’ button.

Can I get this dish in Nerja?

I’m sure you will find it on at least some Nerja restaurant menus. If Not, you can always ask and I’m certain they will be only too happy to make it for you.

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Living with Coronavirus Pandemic in the Spanish Sunshine

Since March 2020 we have lived with this unwanted guest

Coronavirus - Covid-19

Click the photo to get the latest news on Coronavirusin Spain

What actually is ‘Coronavirus’?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.


The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.
You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

There is a lot more from the WHO website (No! Not Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry, the World Health Organisation)

March 2020 – Lockdown!

I arrived back in Spain from the UK just in time to be ‘locked down‘ or, for a better word ‘confined to camp!’ We were instructed by the Spanish government to “go home and stay home!”

There was a raft of restrictions, but, rather than bore you with a list, its easier to say that we could go to the shops and the medical centre but pretty much nowhere else. Also, you had to be wearing a mask and one person only from each household.

So, that is pretty much what we did.

The local town hall paid everyone a visit and handed out a surgical mask, one per person. It wasn’t a lot but at least it showed intent.

Shopping with Covid-19

Although I write the Nerja blog and spend a lot of time there, I actually live inland, in the countryside around the pretty village of Villanueva del Trabuco, north of Malaga city and close to Antequera, Archidona and Loja.

Shopping in the village, pre-covid-19 was pretty straight forward. We have several butchers, bakers, banks and so on.

Our main grocery shop is called ‘DIA’ (Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación, S.A. is a Spanish international hard-discount supermarket chain founded in 1979 which as of 2012 operates 6,914 stores internationally, making it Europe’s third-largest food sector franchiser. It has also owned Schlecker in Spain and Portugal since 2013. Wikipedia)

‘Dia’ (pronounced like English ‘Deer’) is also the Spanish word for ‘day’. This, according to the locals and ex-pats alike, is the real meaning of the acronym, because, sometimes, it takes a day to get in and out.

I digress. The rules for entering any of the shops and other premises were simple, ‘one in, one out!’. Disinfect your hands with the gel provided and wear plastic gloves.

This created queues outside of masked people, two metres apart, all asking ‘who’s last?’ To be fair, people in the village were pretty good and I never saw anyone getting too upset.

This ‘lockdown’ was supposed to last for 15 days.

Getting on with it

The first few days were easy. Sleep until late, eat, watch the TV, overdo the hours on social media, watch the TV and then bedtime. The weather in March, in the mountains where I live, was mild, not sunbathing weather but at least we could be outside.

This was a bonus, other people were not so lucky. The rules allowed people out for 1 hour to walk the dog and exercise. We had to be 2 metres apart, masked up and within 1KM of our homes. That was it! If you were unfortunate enough to live in an apartment during these weeks, you had the walls to look at.

Bars, restaurants and other public places were closed. Stay indoors until you are told otherwise.

Withdrawal symptoms

Venta El Cortijuelo by night.

Venta El Cortijuelo by night. Empty during the lockdown

It’s amazing the things that we miss when they are taken from us. In normal times, not going to the local restaurant for a couple of weeks was not a problem, in Trabuco, we have plenty of places to eat. However, now that we couldn’t go to the local restaurants (El Cortijuelo) we were becoming anxious and needed our ‘Menu del Dia’ (Menu of the day; a 3-course meal for €8.50)

Just when we were getting desperate, restaurants were allowed to provide takeaway meals but delivery only. That was it! The people who run our local eatery were rushed off their feet.

And there is more

After the two weeks has passed, as luck would have it, we were told we could stay at home a few weeks more. Some restrictions were lifted, such as allowing two people from the same household in a car together, masked up, one driving and one in the rear passenger seat. We still could leave the village or gather in groups outside of the home and the menu del dia had still to be bussed in.

Gradually, things got better. The virus had peaked and the death rate and infections came down, slowly at first and then at some pace.

We were now allowed outside, allowed to go into shops, bars and restaurants, albeit masked up and two metres apart. It was looking like some kind of normal.

Tourism resumed in some places via ‘travel corridors’ which meant people could travel from countries with low Covid-19 staus to areas in Spain with low infection rates. The result was more infections.

Where we are at with Coronavirus / Covid-19

Like everywhere else in Europe, the Spanish government are coming out with new measures to try and combat the virus, which, unfortunately, has come back in a second wave. Instructions are often open to interpretation and vary from one autonomous community to another.

We are confined to our villages unless for work or health reasons (Hospital appointments etc) and we are expecting even more draconian measures in the coming weeks. Hey-ho!


Looking back on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) 2020

Coronavirus 2020

No jets to mess up the clear Andalucia skies. One benefit of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic

As I mentioned, I live in the countryside. From May onwards, the weather was beautiful (and continues to do so as I write November 6th 2020) and the skies were blue and clear of those damn jets and their horrible vapour trails.

Most days were spent outside in the little above-ground pool we bought or just pottering about. There was little DIY to do as it had already been done, thanks to Señor Covid. BBQ’s, long siestas and nighttimes spent under the porch watching shooting stars in the clear night skies helped to pass the time in a most pleasant way.

I have to admit to overdoing the eating, drinking and social media. I have put on several pounds and I have Netflixed myself out.

I’m not sure how much more of this Coronavirus I can take.

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The Iberian Lynx is on the way back from the brink

10 times as many Lynx than in 2002

Iberian Lynx

Photographs of the Iberian Lynx by By José María Alvarez 

Iberian Lynx

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is a wild cat species endemic to the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List.

In the 20th century, the lynx population had declined because of overhunting and poaching, fragmentation of suitable habitats; the population of its main prey species, the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), experienced a severe decline caused by myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease. Wikipedia

It’s always nice to hear good news and, as far as the Iberian Lynx is concerned, this really is ‘good news’.

In an article in the Sur in English, a free newspaper for the Andalucia areas of southern Spain, we are told they are bouncing back, from near extinction.

The Iberian lynx is slowly coming out of the ICU in which it has been for nearly two decades. The efforts of ecologists and the public authorities to rescue this species, which was in danger of extinction, are continuing to bear fruit: the lynx population has increased ten-fold since 2002, and 894 now roam freely on the Iberian peninsula.

More great news

After the first phase, which increased the number of individual lynxes, the conservation programmes are now focusing on connecting the different colonies to create a self-sufficient population. This will also improve the genetic variability of the species and help to make it stronger.

This has been a spectacular leap since ecologists raised the alarm about what appeared to be the inevitable disappearance of lynxes at the end of the 1990s. Since then, and thanks to the European Union’s Life programmes in which administrations and conservation groups participate, it has been a race with numerous challenges. The first was to stop the decline of the species; then to begin breeding in captivity and reintroducing the cats into the most suitable environments; and finally to settle the lynx population in its historical territories.

You can read the full article, from the main Sur in English website here. 

Featured Image thanks to Brian Jackman

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Very Hot Sauces – Which is the Best Hot Chilli Sauce

Hot and Spicy Sauces are very popular all around the world

Hot Sauces - Al Sur del Infierno

“The South of Hell” a pleasant sauce. Watch it, it’s hot!

When I am not writing blogs or on social media, I can be found eating very hot sauces or messing with chilli plants. We all need a hobby or two. Mine just happens to involve burning my mouth and losing the feeling in my tongue.

The global hot sauce market size was valued at USD 2.29 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 3.77 billion by the end of 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.5% in the forecast period.

So, as you can see, hot sauces are real hot stuff (no pun intended) and getting more popular each year. There are tv programmes, videos, blogs, articles and more, all on the subject of hot sauces.

What is the hottest of the Hot Sauces?

The world’s hottest sauce is called Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 and comes in at 9 million Scoville Hotness Units (SHUs). Or, put it another way; you would need to consume 3,600 bottles of Tabasco Sauce to 1 bottle of Mad Dog.357!

There is a fantastic website for Hot Sauce Geeks and, if you are interested, a quick visit to this site will get you hooked.

The effect of hot sauces on the human body

Hot sauce raises your body temperature, in a process called thermogenesis. As a result, you sweat, turn red as your capillaries dilate, and your nose runs as your mucous membranes try to flush out whatever is behind this. Remember, all of this is in response to totally imaginary heat. See more.

There you have it. If you are silly enough to overdo the sauce, you will experience severe pain. However, there are people such as I who absolutely love the heat and taste of these hot sauces.

To this end, if I come across a new sauce on the shelves of the supermarket, I will try it.

Al Sur del Infierno

My latest acquirement is called ‘Al Sur del Infierno’ or ‘The South of Hell!”

Al Sur del Infierno, super spicy sauce is made by hand in the Sierra Nevada (Granada). From a secret recipe with origins in California (this sauce is the bomb!) It is still very tasty, made with lots of fresh Red Savina type habanero, dry powdered habanero, and a touch of capsaicin extract from India, lots of garlic, onion, carrot, and fresh lemon juice. See more.

This marvellous sauce can be bought from Carrefour Shopping centres along with the Costa del Sol and many other places in Spain. The product is made in the Granada area, north of Nerja.



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Nerja Villas and Apartments – Featured Property

Holiday Rental in Nerja – Townhouse Bouganvilla

Nerja Beach Holidays have many villas and apartments in Nerja. All of the properties are kept in tip-top condition. Each property managed by Nerja Beach Holidays gets the same 100% dedicated service.

What we like to do though, is to give each property its own slot on a featured property promotion. For instance; a blog posting like this for Townhouse Bouganvilla, will also feature on several Social Media sites, as well as individual adverts and promotions on other successful blogs and classified advertisement sites.

Promoting Featured Property

Bringing one property to the fore is not unfair on the other villas and apartments. Not when the owners know that they will be given the same dedicated treatment for their own property. This is just one of the benefits of using the Nerja Beach Holidays property management services.

We have our own top-class Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist to do all of the promotions. This way, you are guaranteed that your property is featured on a top-ranking website.

In these days of the Internet and social media, being seen on the top pages is critical as there is much competition. Everyone has the capability to search from anywhere in the world and find Nerja Villas and Apartments. You really need to be leading the way, not chasing the pack.

If you own a property in Nerja or close by and would be interested in Nerja Beach Holidays Property Management Services. Please check out this link.

Townhouse Bouganvilla

Holiday Rental in Nerja Townhouse Bouganvilla 7 Featured Property

Holiday Rental in Nerja – Townhouse Bouganvilla 7

This 3 bedroom townhouse is located on the Almijara urbanisation in Nerja, with two lovely communal pools and well-kept gardens. The beaches and centre of Nerja are a few minutes drive. The property sleeps 6, there is also a crib making it an ideal property for families.

The property is well furnished and decorated throughout. The lower floor has a living/dining room with air conditioning, leather sofas, dining table and chairs. There is a TV with British channels, DVD and music system plus free WiFi.

There is a separate fully fitted kitchen equipped with all the appliances required for a self-catering holiday. Leading from the kitchen there is a south-facing walled patio with table and chairs. The ground floor also has a toilet.

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms, two large double bedrooms with ceiling fans and fitted wardrobes, one of the double bedrooms have a TV, the third bedroom is a single bedroom with bunk beds and a crib. The bathroom is fitted with a bath, overhead shower, sink and toilet.

The sauna is open from October to April on Tuesdays and Fridays between 16h and 17h for ladies and 17h and 18h for men. Read more.

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Walking holidays to Spain – Walking in Malaga area of Andalucia

Andalucia has some of the most fantastic places to go walking

Walking in Andalucia is a pleasure, no matter whatever the weather. The weather, by the way, is usually very good. Staying in Nerja in a self-catering apartment or villa gives you opportunities to visit other parts of Malaga and Granada areas.

Nerja has some fantastic walking routes. There are, however, some fantastic places to visit. Not just for the walking but also for the sight-seeing, birdwatching and other outdoor activities.

Walking routes inland Andalucia

According to one of my favourite Blogs, Fuerte Hoteles, the 5 best hiking/walking routes in Malaga are the following:

Guadalmina Channel.
Ribera del Guadiaro (Estación de Benaoján-Estación de Jimera)
El Candado-Rincón de la Victoria.
Torre del Mar-La Caleta de Vélez.
Stroll by the Guadaiza River.

Check out this great blog for all the information on these routes.

Other Locations

One of my favourite walking locations in the Malaga area of Andalucia has to be close to the village of Villanueva del Trabuco.

Villanueva del Trabuco, in the far eastern side of the Antequera area, nestles at the foot of the Gorda and San Jorge Mountains, which provide very beautiful surrounding scenery to the village and the fields around it.

There is a lovely river sidewalk which leads up the Sierra de San Jorge (San Jorge Mountain). In contrast to the steep rise, the foothills form a soft landscape of olive groves and wheat fields, dotted with houses and farmhouses.

The rivers and water springs present in the area, add to the lush landscape, enriched with different species of poplars and ash trees, which provide welcome shade for a long lazy summer day in the country. Andalucia.com

At the moment (01/09/20) the fields have been cropped and there are goats and horses grazing. Everywhere is golden, except the nearby Sierras, which still have pine forest and other trees offering some greenery and shade.

There are restaurants dotted about and very little fenced-off land. Eagles are a common sight, as are Hawkes and other beautiful birds. The cooler months will bring the Azure Magpies and Hoopoe birds.

There are easy routes and, for the more adventurous, some very steep routes. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will enjoy your walking.

Places to visit nearby

If you also want to do some sight-seeing, Antequera and Archidona are close to the village of Villanueva del Trabuco. Antequera is an amazing place. There are castles, convents, churches, mosques, Roman ruins to see.

Antequera is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain. It’s known for its ancient burial mounds, including the Dolmen de Menga, Dolmen de Viera and Tholos de El Romeral. The Alcazaba of Antequera is a centuries-old Moorish fortress.

The vast nature preserve of Torcal de Antequera has dramatic limestone tower rock formations. Overlooking the town, Peña de Los Enamorados is a distinctive, face-shaped mountain.

Antequera is a ‘must-see’.

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Self-Catering Holiday Rental in Nerja Apartment Tetuan 6

Apartment Tetuan 6 – Self-Catering

self-catering Nerja Villas and apartments for rent

This delightful two bedroomed apartment is situated on Oasis de Capistrano, Nerja, a private complex set in beautifully maintained gardens with palm trees, manicured lawns, flowering shrubs and plants giving a variety of colours all year round.

Entry is via a short flight of stairs into a small well kept private garden and south-facing terrace with table, chairs and sunbeds.

The apartment provides comfortable accommodation for four people with an open plan living/dining area and kitchen.

The living room has two sofas, a TV with international channels, a DVD player, a dining table, chairs and a music system. WiFi is free to use and there is air conditioning/heating.

The spacious fully modernised and the fitted kitchen has all the amenities for those wishing for a self-catering holiday including a washing machine.

Both the double and twin bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and ceiling fans and the double bedroom also has air conditioning/heating. The bathroom has a bath with overhead shower, washbasin and toilet.

Oasis de Capistrano

Oasis de Capistrano has two communal swimming pools, a large children’s pool and an onsite bar/restaurant. Burriana Beach is 15 minutes walk, Nerja centre is around 20 minutes walk. There is a regular local bus service within two minutes from the apartment.

For larger parties, we can offer Tetuan 44 (a one-bedroom apartment that sleeps 4) which is just metres away from Tetuan 6. Prices start from 535€ per week for both properties.

Self-Catering Facilities

Check-in: from 14h / Check-out: by 10h

Late departure/early arrival is subject to availability

Linen & Towels provided

Free change over of linen for stays of 14 days & over

No smoking inside

Two communal pools, Terrace, Barbecue, Terrace furniture, Street parking

Free WiFi, Air conditioning/heating, Washing machine, TV, Safe, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Iron, Ironing board

Fridge, Freezer, Ceramic hob, Oven, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster, Dishes and Silverware

Bathtub with overhead shower, Washbasin, Toilet, Hairdryer

1 double bed, 2 single beds

Additional Hire per stay:
Highchair (30€)
Extra bed (75€)
Extra cot (30€)
Beach towel (10€)

Extra Services:
Welcome pack of groceries (15€)
Wine pack (2 bottles) (6€)
Malaga Airport taxi transfer (69€ for 4 people)

For more photographs and information, please follow this link Tetuan 6

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Where is the best place to get a curry on the Costa del Sol?

There are many curry houses on the Costa del Sol and inland areas

Where can I get a Curry on the Costa del Sol?

Chez Spice – a fantastic Curry House

Curry on the Costa del Sol? It’s not really the first thing you think of when choosing a holiday, is it? But, you would be surprised how many of us do crave a good curry.

Nerja has, in our view, one of the very best curry houses in the whole of Andalucia. The Goa town in Nerja is excellent. I have written about the Goa town in Nerja on this blog before. Check it out via the link.

If, however, you are one of those people who like to explore, we have a treat for you.

Curry on the Costa del Sol or Inland – Chez Spice

Curry Houses on the Costa del Sol

Views from the restaurant Chez Spice across Lake Viñuela.

Not far from Nerja, about a half-hour drive, close to Lake Viñuela, there is a fantastic curry house. Chez Spice, Hindu restaurant. You need a head for heights but, the views are amazing.

The people running it, to my surprise, were not actually Indian. Not only that, but they also are not even Asian! A Spaniard who comes from Madrid and his wife, who does the cooking, is from the Dominican Republic.

You would not know that from the menu and the fantastic Indian / Asian food.

The Menu

I’m not the world best authority on Indian / Asian cuisine, but, the menu was so varied, there were lots of items that I had never even heard of, never mind tasted. The usual favourites were there as well.

I had a Phall. Phall is a British Asian curry which originated in the British Bangladeshi-owned curry-houses of Birmingham and has also spread to the United States. It’s the hottest curry and not for the faint-hearted.  I grow Jamaica Scorpion chillies, so, its to be expected I would go for this.

The starter was a classic pickle tray, consisting of Lime Pickle, Mango Chutney and Raita. This was served with Papadums and Khandari Naan Bread. The rest of the party had Basmati Rice, Gosh Maratha, Lamb Madras Paarsee, Mumbai Chaat and Botti Tikka.

Served with Indian Cobra Beer, San Miguel and wine. The cold water helped as well. The whole lot came to less than 23€ per head.

The food was fantastic, the service was excellent. Chez Spice is well worth the journey, not to mention the great day out at Lake Viñuela and the amazing views. Check out the Chez Spice Facebook page.

Please ask us if you need help in choosing a local restaurant. Nerja has a very diverse selection of places to eat. Book your apartment or villa today and get ready for a great holiday in Nerja on the Costa del Sol.

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When Can I book a Holiday to Spain?- Holidays in Nerja

Spain is to open its frontiers to Visitors – But when?

When can I book a holiday to Spain - Nerja villas houses apartments winter 2020

Nerja has many beaches – You can soon be here

When can I book a holiday to Spain – Start Now!

Anyone who reads my blogs will know I love the Sur in English. The Sur is a free newspaper for Andalucia. If you have read the paper you will know it is a goldmine of information.

Originally, the date set for opening up was 1st July 2020, but, Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish PM, changed his mind and called for the 21st of June. This has come as a great relief to businesses up and down the Costa del Sol, including Nerja.

However; (there is always “however”, the president of the Costa del Sol Tourism Authority, Francisco Saldo, has asked for clarification. It was proposed that people on flights from the UK would need to quarantine (mostly due to the late imposition of lockdown and high infections and mortality rates in the UK). Also, the UK government has a Covid-19 policy in place that requires visitors from overseas to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival.

Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya has stressed that there has to be reciprocity in arrangements when travel between the two countries is allowed from Sunday

So, the rest of the EU countries will be fine to fly into Malaga and have a holiday on the Costa del Sol, Nerja included. The British tourists will have to wait until the political squabbling is resolved.

Check out the Sur in English for more on this matter.

Other Stories from the Costa del Sol – Andalucia to have the safest beaches in the country this summer, according to the Junta de Andalucia

Again, another great story from the Sur in English. Official met in Marbella to discuss plans to employ 3000 workers as beach monitors. These monitors will patrol the Andalucia coastline, including the Costa del Sol and Nerja.

The millions made available will go into ensuring the health and safety precautions, set out by the government, are respected. Specialist equipment, such as quad bikes, jet skis, surveillance towers and boats will all go to keeping things safe for all users.

Booking a holiday to Spain – Nerja

When can I book a holiday to Spain? Check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website. There are many great self-catering holiday apartments, villas and townhouses available. We hope to see you very soon.

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When will Nerja Caves and Museum reopen? Monday June 8th

Nerja caves and museum reopen with restrictions and temperature checks from Monday 8th of June

When will Nerja Caves and Museum open?

Scenes from yesteryear. Music inside the Nerja Caves

Nerja Caves and Museum. Good news at last! Just when you thought we would never be allowed out and back doing what we like doing best. It seems like an eternity since I last visited the Nerja caves and Museum. It has really only been a few months.

From Monday the 8th of June 2020, we are allowed back into the Nerja Caves and Museum complex. There will, however, be heat checks carried out on people visiting the site. The Corona deaths and infections may have almost disappeared but we cannot be complacent.

According to an article in my favourite freebie newspaper, the Sur in English, people will be allowed back into the Nerja Caves and Museum site but with a much-reduced capacity and several safety measures to ensure we keep our social distancing and other actions.

Nerja Caves and Museum – Sur in English

Here is part of the article from the Sur in English. Please visit their main website for the full posting.

The Nerja cave reopened to the public on Monday, with restrictions including a 70 per cent reduction in ticket sales and temperature controls for visitors.

Hand sanitizer and gloves have been placed around the site and a distance of five metres must be kept between groups of visitors.

The reopening coincides with the 60th anniversary of the first visits to the caves on 12 June 1960 and as such the Nerja Cave Foundation has marked the date by creating a walk which takes visitors through the grounds, above the caves. The botanic gardens, home to 1000-year-old pine trees, will also be open from 9 June from 9 am until 3 pm.

Nerja villas and apartments

If you haven’t booked your Nerja villa or apartments yet, please visit the main Nerja Beach Holidays website.

You will find some great self-catering holiday villas and apartments in Nerja. Villas, townhouses and apartments in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. Book Now!


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Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July 2020

Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July, says Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez

Self catering apartments in Nerja - Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July

Hoorah! Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July 2020

Fantastic news from the Sur in English, the Free newspaper for ex-pats in Andalucia. They ran an article on the latest developments concerning the Coronavirus and its effects on the lives and the economy of the Spanish people.

Tourists will be able to come to Spain again from July “in conditions of safety”, prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced at a press conference on Saturday.

“Tourism is a vital sector for the Spanish economy,” said Sánchez, encouraging professionals in the sector to “prepare for an activity to resume in coming days” and for when Spain reopens its frontiers to international tourism in July.

“There will be a tourist season this summer,” said the prime minister, adding that the domestic market would return first.

He called for people in Spain to plan their holidays and to make the most of the “wonders” this country has to offer tourists. Many will be able to do this “very soon, from the end of June, onwards,” he said.

From 22 June the government is to create “safe corridors” to link areas of Spain that have moved into Phase Three of the plan to ease lockdown restrictions as well as with some European cities.

In terms of tourists coming from other countries, Sánchez confirmed what government minister Teresa Ribera said on Thursday, that activity would be able to resume in July. This would happen “in conditions of safety” he said, adding that tourists could “start planning their holidays in Spain now”.

Read more from the Sur in English article from this link.

Book your Nerja apartments now

Now that we know a little bit more, we can all look forward to a self-catering holiday on the Costa del Sol. Nerja is a fantastic place at any time of the year and the best way to enjoy it is with your own Nerja apartment or Nerja villa.

Check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website for the very best in self-catering holiday apartments and villas in Nerja. Book Now!

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Nerja Beaches- Beach holidays on the Costa del Sol

Where are the beaches in Nerja on the Spanish Costa del Sol?

I found a fantastic website that lists the beaches in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. The site is called Nerja Turismo. This website is full of fantastic information on what to see and do in and around Nerja. It also lists all the beaches. Take a couple of minutes to see where you can go on your Nerja holiday.

Nerja beaches - Nerja beach holidays Costa del Sol

  • Burriana beach. This is the most popular beach in town, and also one of the biggest. There are disabled parking and a car park. Here you can rent anything from sunbeds to jet skies. The restaurants and bars here are fantastic, I recommend going to the beach bars for some traditional paella.
  • Carabeillo beach. To get here you will need to walk down some stairs that you can find on Carabeo street. It’s a relatively quiet beach. It’s very pleasant to walk on because it’s mostly sand with some gravel. There are also showers for your personal use.
  • Playa de Carabeo. Playa con acceso desde la calle Carabeo a través de una escalinata empinada. Esta es una playa un tanto aislada, aunque de mucha afluencia. Dispone de los servicios de ducha, limpieza, servicio de socorro y quiosco.
  • Chorrillo beach. This beach is hard to get to because you must cross through Calahonda beach to get here. That said, it’s worth the effort because it’s a very quiet beach so it’s ideal for relaxing. Before you could access this beach from Carabeillo but now the route is closed.
  • Calahonda beach. It’s the beach you can see to the left of the Balcón de Europa. To access it you will have to go through the door known as “Boquete de Calahonda” situated at Puerta del Mar. It’s a small and sandy beach with showers, sunbeds and lifeguards. Some days you can still see the fishermen preparing their nets.
  • Caletilla beach. It’s the beach you can see to the right of the Balcón de Europa. It’s a small beach with a hotel behind it. There are sunbeds for rent. To access this beach you will have to go to Calahonda beach and walk around the small promenade.
  • Salón beach. This beach is next to Caletilla beach and you can access it by going down the ramp next to the Toboso building, opposite the El Salvador church. It’s a charming beach because some fishermen still live in the houses next to the sea. Here you won’t find any restaurants or bars but you can still rent sunbeds.
  • Torrecilla beach. Behind this beach is the Riu Monica hotel. This beach is very popular with Spanish tourists. To access this beach, you will have to either take the promenade from Plaza Los Cangrejos or take the small steps you can find next to the hotel. At this beach, you can find two good quality beach restaurants and you can rent sunbeds.
  • Chucho beach. Behind this beach in the Perla Marina hotel. It’s situated between Torerecilla beach and Playazo beach. It’s one of the best beaches to go with your family because it’s not very busy and access is easy. They have lifeguards, sunbeds for rent, toilets and showers at this beach. It’s mostly sand and gravel but the only problem is that there are lots of small rocks inside the sea which can make swimming in the sea a little uncomfortable.
  • Playazo beach. The biggest beach in Nerja, it’s 1800meters long. It’s the only beach where you can legally make a small barbecue. It’s very spacious and there are three car parks.

There is plenty of information on the Nerja Turismo site. Pick your favourite Nerja beaches and have a great vacation.

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When can I fly to Spain? – When can I book my summer holiday to Spain?

The Coronavirus deaths and infections are coming down rapidly. How long will it be before I can fly to Spain for my Summer Holidays?

Summer vacations on the Costa del Sol. When can I fly to Spain

When can I fly to Spain? Not yet but hopefully, very soon.

How are things now in Spain? When can I fly to Spain?

The Coronavirus deaths and infections look like fizzling out. Thankfully, we are getting the death rate into lower double figures. Also, the Spanish government has implemented a staged withdrawal from the lockdown.

Some areas, such as Andalucia, Madrid and Barçelona are a stage behind other areas with smaller death and infection rates. Also, the Spanish prime minister has asked for another 15-day extension to the current emergency powers.

However; week by week, things are getting back to normal. For instance; people are now allowed out for exercise as well as food shopping. Restaurants, bars and cafes are opening, albeit with limited capacity and social distancing.

Also, there are very strict rules on such things as the handling of menus, condiments and other multi-use items. Even these rules are set to be relaxed within the next few weeks.

Bit by bit, Spain is getting back to what has been termed “a new normal”

What is “A New Normal”

New Normal is a term in business and economics that refers to financial conditions following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the aftermath of the 2008–2012 global recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Wikipedia

It also refers to how we will change the way we do things. For example; wearing face masks may become a normal thing for people in built-up areas, as it is in parts of Asia. Personal contact, such as shaking hands, or even the traditional Spanish greeting of kissing on both cheeks will become a thing of the past for some people. Not all, but some will be wary of any type of contact with others.

How we behave in places such as sports arenas, shopping malls, trains, buses and planes, remains to be seen.

For now, we are in stages 1 (Andalucia) of lockdown, so, we have a way to go yet. Spain has relaxed the rules on flights from Italy and some ports are also open.

For now, we must play it by ear. As soon as we are able, we will be back open to guests. Please keep a watch on the Nerja Beach Holidays website. You can choose whatever apartment, villa or house you would like, and, as soon as it is available, we can contact you.

We look forward to seeing you in Nerja very soon.

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Top 10 holiday destinations after Coronavirus Lockdown is lifted

Benidorm is the top destination of choice for post-lockdown Brits

Top 10 holiday destinations after Coronavirus lockdown

Top 10 holiday destinations after Coronavirus lockdown – Benidorm is Nº1

Where do you think will be the top 10 holiday destinations after Coronavirus lockdown? If we are to believe what we see on Twitter and Facebook, it’s Benidorm!

Reading through our twitter account, a tweet caught my attention. It was a list of the top ten holiday destinations that appeared on the Internet search engines. Now, it doesn’t mean people are booking their autumn or winter holidays already, but, they are searching for them.

Also finding themselves amongst the runners and riders are the long haul holidays. This makes a big change from 2019 holidays when the Algarve, Majorca and Tenerife were the locations most favoured by Brits.

Top 10 holiday destinations search according to Google

1. Benidorm

2. Maldives

3. Las Vegas

4. Tenerife

5. Orlando

6. New York

7. Cancun

8. Dominican Republic

9. Dubai

10. Majorca

As you can see, according to Google, Brits are looking to go to Benidorm and Tenerife in Spain, with Majorca (Mallorca) also another favoured destination, if only at number ten. Las Vegas, Orlando and New York City are all in the top six, with the Maldives at number two and Cancun and the Dominican Republic bringing the central America / Caribbean area ahead of Dubai.

I was surprised that France wasn’t in the top 10 holiday destinations.

Spanish resorts are considering charging as little as 50p a pint of beer, to get the Brits to visit. However; it is thought that Brits will be better to look at autumn and winter holidays this year.

Non-essential travel is still advised against due to the present Corona situation. The travel restrictions will vary from country to country.

Balearics Tourism minister Iago Negueruela said: “There are countries like the United Kingdom that have taken too long to adopt containment measures and that also puts us in a different situation with respect to them.”

Other advice given to travellers is to book holidays via package deals. This way your holiday is covered should anything go wrong. Doing it yourself is risky, so, make sure you get a no-quibble money-back cancellation assurance.

Also, a flight out of the UK will be protected under EU Air Passenger Rights 261. For extra consumer protection, pay with a credit card.

So, there you have it. Google thinks Benidorm is set to be the destination of choice from the top 10 holiday destinations after Coronavirus lockdown. Good luck!

Nerja is also a great place for a holiday at any time of the year. If and when you are able, try visiting Nerja on the Spanish Costa del Sol and see what you have been missing. We hope to see you soon.

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Horseshoe Whipsnake – Walking in Andalucia Spain

The Horseshoe Whipsnake and the Eagle. The weather has broken and I went for a walk around my local area. I spotted my first snake of the year as well as my first big bird.

Walking in Malaga Andalucia Spain

Walking uphill we saw a whipsnake and Golden Eagle

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown rules, movement is very limited. The weather is bright, warm and sunny and will continue to be so. It is past the fiesta of San Marco, this is usually the start of the shorts instead of trousers season.

Keeping 2 meters apart, my wife and I set off for a short walk around our area. We had gone no more than 50 meters and we cam across a whipsnake.

The Horseshoe Whipsnake

Horseshoe Whipsnake Malaga Spain

This Horseshoe Whipsnake was about 50 Cm long

The horseshoe whip snake (Hemorrhois hippocrepis) is an aglyphous colubrid that, even if it may bite if touched or grabbed, it’s not considered a venomous species. It presents a transversal mark on its head from one eye to the other, and another mark in the shape of a horseshoe on its neck, which gives this species its common name. It’s a species typical of rocky habitats. Thanks to Allyouneedisbiology.com

I have seen quite a few of these Whipsnakes during my time in Spain. They can move like lightning. This was my first encounter of this year. Maybe due to the fact we cannot get out and go very far.

The Golden Eagle

Spanish Golden Eagle

Thanks, @adriandavey your photo is better than mine.

Having left the snake to its own business, we carried on uphill. We were met with the wondrous sight of a bird of prey. It was a bit far away to get a decent photo or video, so we stopped walking and waited.

Eventually, the bird came with a few hundred feet of us and we saw it was a Golden Eagle.

In Spain lives the Aquila chrysaetos homeyeri subspecies. These impressive and large eagles need remote mountainous open areas far from human disturbance to stabilise their populations. Adults are sedentary and they build their nests either on trees of cliffs. See more information on Golden Eagles and other birds of prey resident in Spain from wildandalucia.com

Andalucia, Malaga and the Costa del Sol, including Nerja, are excellent places for viewing the wildlife of Spain whilst out walking. If you have binoculars, keep them handy, you never know when you will need them.

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Springtime Flowers in Andalucia – Springtime on the Costa del Sol Spain

Spring brings out the most beautiful of flowers and plants

We may be locked down due to Coronavirus but that doesn’t stop Spring and mother nature. Andalucia is in bloom. No matter where you go, you will see the most interesting and beautiful flowers in bloom.

You don’t need to be an ardent gardener to appreciate these gifts from mother nature. Nor do you need to know their Latin names or groups. You can simply wander through the fields and olive groves and admire the plants.

Mother Nature, the perfect gardener with springtime blooms

What has always amazed me is the way these plants seem to find each other. The old fashion adage of ‘red and green should not be seen together’ fails massively when you see the blood-red corn poppies hiding in their thousands amongst the green fields. They look spectacular. Some fields actually turn so red that they look as if they are on fire, from a distance.

Rapeseed is everywhere. Rapeseed is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae, cultivated mainly for its oil-rich seed, which naturally contains appreciable amounts of toxic erucic acid. This is bedmates with Lillies and Convolvulus.

There are plenty of websites where you can get all the information on these spring flowers. One such website is called Spain Info.

A short drive from Nerja and you are in the Andalucia countryside. There are some fantastic walks as well around Nerja. You will come across all the beautiful flora and fauna while you also enjoy the mountain and sea views. This time of year is a ramblers paradise.

That is why it is more the pity that we are unable to take advantage due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, we will be ‘released back into the wild’ in time to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of Europe.

The photographs I have taken today are close to the village of Villanueva del Trabuco. Trabuco is about 45 minutes north of Nerja and has the most beautiful mountains and idyllic walking routes of anywhere in Spain.

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Summer Holidays – Top 10 Summer holidays on the Costa del Sol Spain

Summer Sun Holidays on the Costa del Sol - Nerja Villas summer 2020

Capistrano Playa 200 – Side Balcony. Summer holidays at their best

It’s coming now to the end of April and we are well and truly into 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic aside, How has it been in Nerja? It’s been lovely. What’s more, it continues to be lovely. The weather along the Costa del Sol on Spain’s southern coast has been, for the most part, bright blue skies and plenty of warm sunshine. Perfect winter sun weather.

Nerja has long been one of the top winter sun attractions and for many different reasons. Located east of Malaga city and south of Granada, you have two excellent airports to choose from.

Flights, especially from the UK are cheap in the winter months and this makes a winter sun break all the more attractive.

With plenty of sandy beaches, all year round tourist attractions, access to all of the best cities, towns and villages in historical Andalucia and the many outdoor activities available, Nerja really is your best bet.

The top 10 Spanish Summer holidays Destinations are…

It depends which list you go by, for example, take Jet2’s list of the top Summer sun destinations along the Costa del Sol:

  • Benalmadena.
  • Torremolinos.
  • Fuengirola.
  • Nerja.
  • Marbella.
  • Puerto Banus.
  • Estepona.
  • Mijas

To that list, you could add many other locations. But, no matter what the list you go by, Nerja will always be in the top 10 favourite destinations on the Costa del Sol. Why take our word for it? Don’t; come and see for yourself.

Nerja Beach Holidays have a good list of rural houses, townhouses, apartments and villas in and around the town of Nerja which sits east of the city of Malaga on the Costa del Sol. There are all types of accommodations to suit all size parties, from single occupation to extended family groups or clubs.

Some of the properties are next to each other and so accommodation very large groups are no problem.

Check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website and see what is available for a fantastic summer sun holiday in Nerja. If you require any extra help, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you book your winter sun holiday in Nerja on the Costa del Sol.

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