Blue Monday in Nerja Spain

What on earth is ‘Blue Monday?’

Blue Monday calculation

Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept was first publicised as part of a 2005 press release from holiday company Sky Travel, which claimed to have calculated the date using an equation. It takes into account weather conditions and thus only applies to the Northern Hemisphere.

Nerja best things to do Blue Monday

Mr J P Doyle enjoying Blue Monday.

Many things are taken into account, such as Weather (usually rotten in January) Debt (Christmas has maxed out the credit card) failing our new year’s resolutions, poor salary, time spent relaxing, working, packing and so on. The equation takes in all sorts of variables. The result is that Monday, 21st of January, is the most miserable day of the year.  Blue Monday is born.

It need not be that way!

No! In Nerja on the beautiful Costa del Sol, we have our own ‘Blue Monday’ or, to be more correct, ‘Blue Mondays’. Why? Well, as I write, the sky is clear and Blue, the sea is also blue and, if you come and stay with us at Nerja Paradise Rentals, you can have as many of these beautiful Blue Mondays as you like.

Staying in one of our townhouses, town centre apartments or beachfront villas, you will have a wonderful winter sun holiday on the very day that the rest of the people in the Northern Hemisphere are being miserable.

Right now, on this most miserable of days, people are walking around Nerja with a great big smile on their faces because the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the sea is too.

Come on! Check out the main website of Nerja Paradise Rentals and get yourself a winter holiday and enjoy yourself.

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