How to get cheap Hotels on the Costa del Sol – Top 25 Tips

Cheap hotels and rooms on the Costa del Sol

The Money Saving Expert: Martin Lewis

Cheap Hotels and Rooms? Just how do I get them, you may ask? Martin Lewis of shows you how to get the very best deals and cheap hotels and other accommodation.

If you have never watched his TV programs or seen his website then you really should. Martin Lewis has a fantastic reputation for saving people money, often thousands, sometimes tens of thousands.

If you were ever going to take advice from somebody on money-saving matters, then Mr. Lewis is the chap.

I watched a program last night and part of the program was dedicated to tips on how to get the cheapest hotels and rooms. As usual, Martin has a trick or two up his sleeve. I’m not too sure the Hotels and other tourist accommodation suppliers would be happy about it though.

What Martin says, is this; If you have booked a hotel or room or whatever and it has a free cancellation clause, then check out the prices of hotels in the area you are going. If you find one that is cheaper than the hotel or rooms you have booked. Cancel and rebook at a cheaper rate.

The prices of hotels and accommodation are not static as they have to go with supply and demand. If the demand is high, the prices are high. However; if the demand is not as high as expected, hotels, rooms and other types of tourist accommodations will lower the prices.

Here are martins tips to get cheap deals, hotels and rooms. I’m sure the Costa del Sol is no different to anywhere else when it comes to business matters.

Cheap Hotels and Rooms: Top 25 Tips

  • Use a review site to check if the hotel’s OK
  • Bag the best price using comparison sites
  • Beware of hidden taxes and charges
  • Play detective – uncover ‘secret’ hotels
  • Save using the ‘rebook your hotel’ trick
  • Check if your hotel has a price promise
  • Use cashback sites for up to 13% back
  • Get email alerts to bag extra discounts
  • Scout around for special opening rates
  • Check loyalty schemes for mates’ rates
  • Airbnb can undercut hotels
  • Hostels – dirt-cheap, not dirty
  • Package hols can beat DIY booking
  • Book right to protect your holiday
  • Stay in a swanky spare room
  • Couchsurf with strangers for free
  • Pay the right way to get the best rates
  • Bag £100s off hotels with Tesco Clubcard
  • Try a house-swap holiday
  • Camp under the stars

There is much more on this subject on the website Martin Lewis top 25 tips  Take a few minutes to read up on what Martin Lewis has to say and you could save yourself hundreds of pounds. If you can get yourself a cheap hotel deal on the Costa del Sol, then please let us know how you got on.

Good luck and have a great time on the Costa del Sol.

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