Cosori Air Fryer

Cosori Air Fryer – I have a new Gadget in the Kitchen to play with

I decided I needed an Air Fryer in my life – Stand by for loads of recipe posts

I have bought gadgets for the kitchen, just like anyone else. I have also resisted buying gadgets for the kitchen due to the ones I bought ending up stored away. I’ve had coffee machines, sausage makers, mincing gadgets, pasta machines and all sorts of “kitchen aides”.

The new kid on the block is a machine called an Air Fryer. It would seem that I’m the only person I know that isn’t using one. My sister has one, and my sister-in-law has one and they both swear that an Air Fryer is both quick, easy and cost-effective.

Looking at Air Fryer Machines

We decided that we would investigate these new-fangled food machines. Thanks to Youtube, there were endless videos of all types and makes of this frying machine. I must admit; on the face of it, I was impressed. They all had bells and whistles on them (figuratively speaking) and they all cooked food quickly and with little mess. They also used a lot less electricity, definitely a bonus in this day and age.

After much humming and ahhing, we decided on a Cosori 5.5 litre air fryer.

Cooking with an Air Frying machine

After taking delivery of our new toy, we set about reading the documentation that came with it. One is a great recipe book and the other user guide and cooking instructions. You know; do not put plastic objects in the fryer, type of thing. For this machine to work, you need to plug it into the electric supply, and so on.

On the first day, we had a little play with it and found it was quite easy to use. There are little pictures of fish, chickens, chops and so on, so you know which setting to use for your chips etc.

Finally, we decided to have a go at cooking something. Frozen fish in breadcrumbs was the food of choice. Cook from frozen, for 8 minutes (5 minutes to warm the machine up). Rub a little oil on the fish, place it into the basket of the machine then just press the snowflake icon. That was it!

Halfway through the cooking process, the machine (I must give it a name) gave a series of alarms, to let me know I should turn the fish over.

Job done! Fish cooked and ready to eat.

Stand by for a load of cooking posts

I must admit, it takes some of the excitement out of the cooking process ( Yes; I get excited about cooking) and the preset timings mean you don’t really have to think much about how long you should cook things. It is also quite clean to use as it uses very little cooking oil.

I think I will be adventurous and start cooking the Spanish dishes that I like. I wonder what Rabbo de Torro will come out like. I will post any of the dishes that might be interesting to readers of this blog. I will also post any disasters and how to avoid repeating them. Watch this space.

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