Costa del Sol Winter Holidays 2019/2020 – Best Winter breaks deals to Spain

Best winter holiday deals Costa del Sol 2029/2020

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Using the search term ‘Best Costa del Sol Winter breaks deals’ the following company websites are the top ten best Costa del Sol Winter breaks deals on Google. As you can see, they are the usual suspects. The big travel companies tend to dominate the upper pages of the main search engines.

My advice is to start from 21 downwards as quite often you will pick up a great bargain from websites in the lower reaches of the SERPS. Because the main travel companies have massive sites, the smaller companies are pushed off the top. Dig deep and you will strike gold!

Using the search term ‘Best Costa del Sol Winter breaks deals’ the following company websites are the top ten best Costa del Sol winter breaks deals on Google. There are no surprises I’m afraid. However! (update 28/07/19) in at Nº11 is this very blog you are reading now. That’s not bad for 11 days, hopefully, with a few tweaks, we can topple a few of these top ten companies off the page.

Winter Sun holidays to Spain are very popular. Especially with people from countries such as the UK where the weather is pretty gloomy from October onwards. People who have the time and finances often jet off for a break in the sunshine. The Costa del Sol is often the location of choice.

Why holidays on the Costa del Sol

Best Winter Holiday deals to the Costa del Sol in Spain

An easy one that; the weather. Winter weather on the Costa del Sol finds the temperatures between December and February are about 14 °C. Winter is a wet season for the resort with December being the wettest month of the year with average rainfall at 100mm. The Costa del Sol receives between 5 and 7 hours of daily sunshine in the winter. quite often you will get dry winters and warmer weather. At least you are guaranteed some warm, dry weather and blue skies. Weather for Spain.

Golf is another factor. People come to the coast in their hundreds of thousands each year, a lot of them to play golf. Know as ‘the Costa del Golf’ due to its dozens of golf courses all along the coast, the Costa del Sol guarantees that the golfers will get enough time on the courses to keep them happy.

Price is another factor. Winter Sun breaks on the Costa del Sol can be very competitive. With the many hotels, hostels, private villas and apartments all offering winter breaks, you can find a real bargain. The advent of the Internet means that people can search, at their own leisure, for the best prices for their Spanish winter holiday breaks.

Flights are cheaper too. The budget airlines offer you the very best deals for flights into Malaga from all over the UK and Europe. Again, sites such as Skyscanner can get you a real hot deal winter flight into Malaga, although they are not the only company doing this.

Travel agents are also a great source of fantastic winter breaks to Nerja and other places along the Spanish coast. Quite often you will get an all-inclusive winter break for the entire family at a knock-down price.

Remember to search the Internet

Obviously business drops off during the winter months and so the hotels and other tourist accommodation businesses need to attract clients with juicy special offers. The travel agents can find these if you don’t want to search for yourself.

So, check out the Internet, travel agents, airlines and private villas and apartments for the best breaks deals in 2019/2020. A little effort may save you a lot of money.

Lastly (but not least) Check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website for some fantastic Nerja villas, apàrtments and townhouses at great rates.

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