What are the 4 Costas of Andalucia in Spain and Where are they?

Costas of Andalucia, spain

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How many ‘Costas’ are there in Andalucia? There are 4. These make up the 800 Km plus of the coastline of the region of Andalucia in Southern Spain.

  1. Costa de la Luz (Huelva and Cadiz)
  2. Costa del Sol (Malaga province)
  3. Costa Tropical (Granada province)
  4. Costa de Almeria (Almeria province)

The Spanish word ‘Costa’ simply means ‘Coast’. So, we have;

  1. Coast of the Light
  2. Coast of the Sun
  3. Tropical Coast
  4. Coast of Almeria

Costa de la Luz

The Costa de la Luz is a section of the Andalusian coast in Spain facing the Atlantic; it extends from Tarifa in the south, along the coasts of the Province of Cádiz and the Province of Huelva, to the mouth of the Guadiana River. Wikipedia

Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, comprising the coastal towns and communities along the coastline of the Province of Malaga. The Costa del Sol is located between two lesser-known coastal regions, the Costa de la Luz and the Costa Tropical Wikipedia

Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical is a comarca in southern Spain, corresponding to the Mediterranean coastline of the province of Granada, Andalusia. It is also but less frequently called the Costa de Granada or Costa Granadina. Wikipedia

Costa de Almeria

The Costa de Almería consists of the coastal municipalities of the province of Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. The coast extends 217 kilometres and includes 13 municipalities, from Pulpí on the border with the province of Murcia to Adra on the border with the province of Granada. Wikipedia

There are more Costas along the South-Southe/East coast of Spain. Some are more well known than others, such as;

  • Costa del Azahar
  • Costa Brava
  • Costa Blanca
  • Costa Calidad
  • Costa Dorada
  • Costa Valencia

To the North of Spain, you have more Costas

  • Costa de Galicia
  • Costa Verde
  • Costa Vasca
  • Costa de Morte

The Costa del Sol is by far the most famous of the Spanish coastal areas Tourist flock there in their millions each year. Some of the towns and cities along the Costa del Sol have become legendary names in Spanish tourism as far as the British and European tourists are concerned.

Everyone has heard of places such as Nerja, Malaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Marbella, Benalmadena, that’s just naming a few.

Winter holidays along the Costa del Sol

When it comes to winter vacations to Spain, the Costa del Sol runs out a big winner. Due to the number of days of sunshine and warm temperatures, hotels,  apartments, villas and other accommodation do very well.

Golfers make up a high percentage of tourists. With more than 50 golf courses, the ‘Costa del Golf’ is the Mecca of Golf enthusiasts. They can play golf 24/7.

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