Top 10 Tourist attractions Costa del Sol – El Acebuchal

Top 10 tourist attractions anywhere along the Costa del Sol would always have to include a visit to Malaga’s ‘Ghost Town’, Acebuchal. No ifs or buts, go and see the village.

One of the great things about reading the Sur in English, the free newspaper for Southern Andalucia, are the stories. There is always something of interest. OAcebuchal is one such story, I thought I might borrow for you. There is a link so you can read the article in full. Acebuchal, the Ghost Town.

Tucked away in a valley overlooked by the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountain range lies the diminutive hamlet of Acebuchal. Situated between Cómpeta and Frigiliana, this once forgotten place is enjoying a renaissance.

Originally founded in the 17th century, the village sits on a traditional muleteers’ route between Granada and Malaga. It has always acted as a stop-over for passing traders, a place to rest and get supplies.

At the time of Spain’s Civil War, it is said that the residents of Acebuchal hid and fed Republican Guerillas who were hiding from Franco’s Nationalists in the surrounding mountains.

In 1949 General Franco embarked on a final bid to rid the country of remaining Republicans. His forces ordered the remaining residents of Acebuchal out and they fled the hamlet, leaving their houses and many of their belongings behind.

The Guardia Civil – the then Francoist police force – used the hamlet as a base to hunt down remaining Guerillas. The police eventually left, Acebuchal was forgotten about and the buildings fell into ruins.

Coming back to life

However, in 1998, a couple from Frigiliana saw the tourist potential of the place and started to buy up the property.

Their son, Sebastián, who now runs Bar Restaurante El Acebuchal, along with his brother, Antonio, says that his mother, Virtudes Sánchez, whose father was born in Acebuchal, “bought her first property for just 1,000 euros”.

The restaurant, which is a converted school, opened in 2005. The menu is full of locally-sourced products and the homemade bread is sold as far afield as Malaga city.

It is open from 10 am until 4 pm every day, serving breakfast, coffee and lunch. It also doubles up as a museum, with old photos of Acebuchal and nearby villages along with poems written by Virtudes lining the walls. The menus explain the hamlet’s history in both English and Spanish

See the rest of this story from the pages of Sur in English. Jennie Rhodes

So, when you come and stay at Nerja Paradise Rentals, mark El Ecebuchal down, along with the Nerja Caves and Frigiliana to your itinerary.

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