El Salvador Church Nerja

El Salvador (The Saviour) in the Catholic faith is, of course, Jesus Christ. So, it’s The Church of Jesus Christ, Nerja.

El Salvador Church Nerja

On entering this great church, your eyes are first directed straight forward to a magnificent and ornate altar. This alters as an arch of gold-leafed and ornate carvings, under which there is a large figure of Christ on the cross.

El Salvador Church Nerja Altar

El Salvador Church Nerja has a beautiful altar

The church is large and has many statues of Jesus, the Holy Virgin Mary and saints. This is one of the many sights of Nerja that you really must-see.

The History of El Salvador Church

Nerja ChurchLike many structures in countries that have seen so much change and turmoil in their history, the church of El Salvador is no exception. The original church or structure was first erected around 1505. The church that now occupies the plot wasn’t built until 1697.

More work on the church saw it expand in a period around 1776 – 1792.

The structure of the church, or design, is as a three naved cross (From a bird’s eye view the church forms the shape of a crucifix) and has a beautiful, high wooden ceiling.

Outside is almost as ornate as the inside of the church, there are two massive, heavy wooden doors, tiled plaques and as the eye wanders upwards, there is a wonderful bell tower.

This is a focal point of the Nerja community; the church is part of everyday life. Quite often you can sit in the plaza and witness a wonderful wedding ceremony or other religious event taking place. The very fact that the church is located in such a busy plaza makes its presence all the more captivating.

Of a night, the church exterior, gleaming white, reflects all the colours and sounds of life that goes on around it. If you visit the Balcon de Europa, you simply can’t miss the beautiful church of El Salvador.

When you come and stay with us at Nerja Beach Holidays, you are a pleasant walk away from this wonderful building.

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