Holidays to Spain Winter 2021 – I would start looking now

Fed up with Covid-19? a holiday to Spain in 2021

Holidays to Spain Winter 2021 - I would start looking now

Plan ahead, after all, what harm can it do?

Brexit is done and dusted, at least for now. After years of utterly boring political arguments, for, and against, the politicians have agreed on something that neither wanted. They have made a deal that satisfies the political elites; for the moment.

Nobody else really understands the minor details. Mind you, if you had to trawl through 1200 plus pages of gibberish, you would be bored to death by page 10.

Obviously, things will change. Coming to Spain for your winter holiday or summer break will be a lot different. So, I thought I may as well bite the bullet and write a piece that may be helpful to people outside the EU who are planning a trip to Europe.

Travel after Brexit: How will it affect my holidays to the EU?

Now, the best way to approach this subject is to check out the BBC website.  You may think what you like about the BBC but it does have a cracking information service.

So, I spent a few minutes reading their articles on the effects of travelling in the EU after Brexit and I came across this great article. The first question asked is whether I can travel to the EU after January 1st 2021. Surprise, surprise! Covid-19 rears it’s ugly head.

At the moment, no.

Because of Covid, travellers from most non-EU countries can’t visit except for essential reasons.

After 31 December, the UK will no longer be treated like a member of the EU, so becomes subject to these rules.

The only non-EU countries exempt from these restrictions are those with very low infection rates, such as New Zealand.

The EU could choose to exempt the UK, and individual EU countries could create a “travel corridor” with the UK, allowing restriction-free travel.

If the rules are changed, you’ll be able to travel to all EU countries – plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – as a tourist, without needing a visa. Read on.

We are, at the moment, at the mercy of the Coronavirus pandemic. Spain has laws on what is and isn’t allowed. The UK has, at time of writing, gone into a stricter regime and things are looking grim, to say the least. However: don’t let this get you down.

Make plans for a Holiday in Spain

There is nothing wrong with window shopping. If you are stuck at home or have restricted movements, take the time to check out what is available for a winter or summer break in Spain. There are bound to be companies who will take a last-minute booking, so, be ready for it.

Perhaps the new vaccine will allow people greater freedom, who knows? It is a case of ‘chin up’ and look forward to a brighter future. Why not?

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