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How to make Paella - top Paella recipe

Seafood Paella – a great meal at any time or day.

Paella is probably the most famous of any Spanish dishes. It is also probably the biggest Spanish fallacy as well. ‘Paella’ is actually the name given to the PAN, the dish is actually simply called ‘Arroz’ or ‘Rice’.

How to make Authentic Paella

Use the best Saffron you can find.

No matter; the whole world now calls it ‘Paella’ so we’ll go with that.

Chorizo Sausage for Paella Nerja

Chorizo has a great smokey flavour

There are many types of paella and they differ from area to area. Inland they are most likely to use rabbit and goat, on the coast, you will get seafood paella.

Nerja Spanish food

Make sure to wash the Mussels well.

Most people visit the town of Nerja, staying with Nerja Beach Holidays Villas would normally have them visiting Burianna Beach and a visit to arguably the best paella maker in the world; AYO’s.

Prawns for Spanish rice dish

Fresh cooked Prawns are great and quick to use

Ayo and his crew have been making paella on Burriana Beach for decades and they have been the subject of many travel programs and articles on the Internet. People flock to get a plateful of this paella and, usually, they agree that it is an exceptional paella.

Green beans are great in Spanish Arroz

Green beans are great in Paella

There are many Paella recipes but this one stands out a bit more than others.

The very best rice in Spain

Paella Rice – vapourised is best

How to Make Paella – My Own Version

Use any ingredients you care to, this is my own version. You will need the following ingredients;

  1. A large pan (depending on how many you want to feed)
  2. Olive oil
  3. Rice. I use vaporized long-grain rice if you can get ‘Brillante’ then all the better
  4. 1 large onion diced fine
  5. 2 cloves of fresh garlic chopped
  6. 4 large tomatoes skinned and chopped
  7. 1 Chorizo sausage, skinned and sliced thin
  8. 2 chicken breasts, skinned and sliced horizontally and then into 1cm thick pieces
  9. 1Kg of fresh Mussels (wash thoroughly with clean, cold water.
  10. 500 grammes of cooked and peeled prawns ( leave 1 prawn with head-on for each diner)
  11. 100 grammes of green string beans, blanched
  12. A pinch of Saffron into 500 ml of warm water, add 1 chicken stock cube and mix.
  13. 2 Lemons cut into wedges
  14. a bunch Fresh Basil leaves

Perfect Method (Serves 8)

Put the pan on the largest gas ring (depending on the size of pan you are using) and once hot, add 100 ml of olive oil and wait for it to heat up. Add Chorizo sausage and cook for 2 minutes, turn the heat down to 50% add the onion and garlic and let these soften, then turn the pan back to high heat and add chicken and cook for two minutes.

Add 500 grammes of rice and stir until all the grains are coated in the oil and juices (a very important part of the dish) add green beans and stir. Now add your mixture of saffron and stock cube and turn the heat down to 50%.

Wait for the liquid to start to boil and then add another 500 ml of water to the pan, turn the heat down to low and cover the pan (I have two pans the same size, I use one as a lid). After 20 minutes, stir the rice and ingredients and add another 250 ml of water, cover and leave for another 20 minutes.

Uncover the pan and arrange the mussels sid- on, open side up, around the rim of the pan on top of the rice. Add some prawns around the edge and the largest, head-on prawns in the centre and put the lid back on and turn the heat up to 75%.

Check to see if the mussels are open, (discard any that are not) if so, sprinkle finely chopped Basil over them, add lemon wedges and serve, piping hot! Voila!

Served with crusty bread and a nice glass of wine, this is a perfect meal. Enjoy!

PS. If you use this method, let us know how you got on. There are many variations on Paella and another great place along the Costa del Sol to get a great Paella is in Marbella from Sana catering.

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