Afternoon Tea – Living in Spain but keeping your own traditions


Afternoon Tea? Just because you have moved to a foreign country does not mean you can’t keep your own traditions or habits. For many people, food is a mark of identity. Having those things that remind you of your home country are valuable.

Spanish food is excellent and varied. Some of the dishes can seem a little strange. The presentation can also be a bit of a culture shock. I once saw a guy happily chomping away on a goats head that had been split open and grilled. He loved it!

I suppose our own traditions would surprise or shock visitors from abroad. My mother was a big fan of Tripe and Onions (Yuk!) Imagine what foreigners would think if they saw you eating a cows stomach in vinegar?

I’m quite sure this would look unappetizing to some people and why not?

Some foods are universal

Just like anywhere else, Spain has its fast-food outlets, such as McDonald, Burger King and so on. But the authentic foods of your upbringing may not be readily available in the restaurants of Nerja, Costa del Sol and Spain. So, you have to make them yourself.

It’s not only delicious but also fun to do.

Afternoon Tea

One of the great treats of my youth was afternoon tea. There would always be a great selection of sandwiches and cakes to munch on. The scones were the star of the show, fresh-baked with jam and cream. To eat like this in London’s posh hotels would set you back 150 pounds! Make it yourself and so save a fortune.

Living in Spain but keeping your own traditions is fine

Afternoon Tea. Fresh sandwiches, scones and fruit tartlets

In the photo above, you can see my latest efforts at being very English. Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, Egg Mayonaise, Ham and mustard and prawn mayonnaise. The fresh-baked scones were thanks to a Mary Berry recipe.

The top-tier tartlets were cream cheese and Mascoponi cheese mixed with fresh fruits. There was sparkling wine and Mandarin orange to start and then coffee and tea with the food.

All in all, it was lovely to revisit the Sunday tea of my youth, all the time whilst sitting in the shade out of the Spanish sunshine.

Sometimes, you really can have the best of both worlds. Make sure to check out the Spanish pastries and sweets, as well as the fantastic sandwiches available. I’m sure Nerja will have some delights in store for you.

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