Marbella Costa del Sol – Dramatic Fire in Marbella’s Bajadilla Port

The fire has affected the Marina; the Marbella warehouse containing boats and nautical sports equipment goes up in flames

News of the dramatic fire in Marbella

What a start to the new year. We are almost two weeks into 2023 and the drama keeps coming. Yet again, we are informed by the Sur in English, a periodical free newspaper for the south of Spain.


Alarm spread through La Bajadilla harbour in Marbella this Wednesday evening after a fire broke out in the premises of Marina Marbella.

The affected warehouses contained boats and nautical sports equipment and SUR has learned that around 80 boats have been destroyed in the fire.

The dramatic blaze, whose cause is not yet known, caused great concern, especially as the back of the building houses a recycling point with flammable substances.

The firefighters tackling the blaze concentrated on containing the fire as soon as possible and preventing it from spreading to boats moored nearby.

By around 9 pm, the fire was considered contained in the area where it broke out. As well as members of the fire brigade, also at the scene were health professionals from the Protección Civil organisation, Local and National Police officers as well as volunteers. You can read the full article here along with lots more news items and many other stories on varied topics.

Bajadilla Port, Marbella

Marbella’s fishing port, La Bajadilla, was planned to be transformed into a new sleek, high-tech marina, aiming squarely at the very top end of the market. It will considerably expand the capacity of the existing port, allowing more, and larger, luxury cruise liners, as well as private yachts, to dock at the glamorous seaside town, the favourite of celebs the world over. From 

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