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Nerja and Malaga Archaeological Sites

Sur in English November 2018

Sites of Archaeological importance in the Malaga area.

Nerja Caves are one of the biggest attractions on the Costa del Sol and most certainly one of the most important archaeological sites in the Malaga area of Andalucia. Ask anyone what they think. Nerja Caves would be in anyone’s top 10 tourist attractions on the Costa del Sol

In fact, anyone with an interest in archaeology and pre-history would be delighted with an article in the Sur in English, the free newspaper found all along the Costa del Sol and inland Andalucia.


The article maps out the most important pre-historical sites, some of which you can get up close or even into, such as Nerja Caves and The Dolmens at Antequera.

Antequera is a city in Andalucia, southern Spain. It’s known for its ancient burial mounds, including the Dolmen de Menga, Dolmen de Viera and Tholos de El Romeral. A drive to Antequera from Nerja would take just over an hour but it is more than worth the while.

 The Dolmens at Antequera has been named as a World Heritage Site. A dolmen is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone or “table”. Most date from the early Neolithic and were sometimes covered with earth or smaller stones to form a tumulus.

Nerja Caves wall drawing

Evidence of past cave dwellers in Nerja. Artwork from the distant past.

Researchers tracing the origins of man have more than enough evidence to work on in the Malaga area. There are archaeological sites, necropolises, caves and dolmens. Just recently, artwork in the Ardeles Caves has been dated as being the work of Neanderthals dating back more than 65,000 years ago.

To understand the prehistory of Malaga (the long historical period which began with the appearance of the hominids and ended with the first writings, around 3,300 BC) we need to stop using terms such as ‘municipality ‘or ‘town’.

Archaeologist Pedro Cantalejo, a leading figure in scientific circles in Malaga, uses a geographical division which today serves as a way of knowing where the Palaeolithic and Neolithic people used to live: territories of Ronda and the Sierra de las Nieves, the rural area around the north-south axis of Antequera, which is now the Axarquía, and the rest of the coast as far as Marbella.

Each of these geographical divisions has different remains from each era and is home to settlements which were connected at one time.

The article in the Sur is quite a read and you can download the full story in PDF format from this link.

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