Nerja on the Costa del Sol May 2021 in Nerja

May holidays on the Costa del Sol in sunny Nerja

in your Burriana Beach we do not forget you

The banner reads; On your Burriana Beach, we do not forget you – from the Town Council

Nerja on the Costa del Sol is a beautiful place for a May holiday break. Living as we do, 99km from Nerja, 682 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Gorda and San Jorge mountains, it’s nice to get to the coast, once in a while.

Nerja is our usual choice of a seaside location. There are many reasons for this; Indian, Chinese and other food outlets are available. Also, staying on the lovely Capistrano Playa site is a bonus.

Capistrano Playa is directly behind the lovely Burriana Beach. There is a private path from the apartments that leads down to the beach. This private path is packed with all sorts of plants, palms and water features. Some of the ponds contain exotic fish and turtles.

Nerja on the Costa del Sol is open for business

The Covid pandemic has caused all sorts of problems. Local, regional, and national lockdowns have conspired to keep beaches and tourists apart. The unfortunate consequences can be seen everywhere. Nerja is no exception.

Sadly, some of the bars, restaurants, and cafes we are used to visiting have closed. Some temporarily, others permanently. The Coach and horses in Nerja town center is one such place. The Chinese restaurant on Burriana Beach is another to have succumbed to the pandemic. There are more besides.

However; Nerja is slowly getting back on its feet. There are still plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels open.

Burriana Beach

Burriana Beach was deadly quiet. It is an experience I have never had in Nerja. Almost deserted beaches, Chiringuitos closed and the smells of the BBQ’s at La Barca and Ayo’s paella were missing.

The town center had plenty of life, not, as we would expect, the bustling amount of a Nerja in May during pre-pandemic times, but enough.

Nerja Itinerary

We already had a plan of what we were going to do on our Nerja break. We were celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. A takeaway Chinese meal was one of the treats we had planned and, we were not disappointed. Eating a Chinese meal while overlooking the Capistrano Playa complex and Burriana Beach was a delight.

We were going to have an Indian meal but, whilst having a vino and tapas in Bar Redondo (Round Bar), the camarero who we know well told us about a great restaurant called Pinnichios.

He wasn’t wrong; we had a beautiful meal. I opted for the house Piza and my wife went for the Osso Buco (Osso buco, in Italian, literally means hollow bone, which refers to the way of cutting and presentation of the pieces of meat that are used. It is a stew prepared with veal shank, always cut into slices that include the bone and its marrow.).

The dessert was a lovely Tiramisu. It goes without saying, a couple of bottles of Italian wine were consumed. The price was also a pleasant surprise.

If you get to Nerja soon, try Pinnochios restaurant at Calle Almirante Ferràndiz, 48

As luck would have it, we also managed a great Sunday Lunch on Burriana Beach at the Steakhouse. This is another place you really must try. The food was fantastic and at a great price.

We also stopped in two of the other restaurants that were still open on Burriana. A tapas and a nice beer or two were very welcome.

Relaxing in the apartment

The apartment was great, and, as I mentioned, the views were fantastic. I read one of the many books available, an autobiography by Martin Bengtsson titled “If you’re not in bed by ten, come home!” 

Trust me; this is a brilliant book. I read it over two days.

The extraordinary memoir of a gentleman-vagabond, adventurer who partied with Gracie Fields, Errol, Flynn and came out standing. Bengtsson’s voice, witty, debonair and emphatically non-conformist -, sings from the pages, whether he is describing his, career as a stuntman in Spaghetti Westerns or, revealing his secret life as a spy., Contains all the ingredients of a best- selling, novel – murder, intrigue, crime, sex, royalty, piracy and espionage – and yet it is all true.

Time to leave Nerja

After a lovely, quiet week above Burriana Beach, we left for home. It was a memorable week, not just for the food and beverages but being in Nerja when it was so quiet. Happily, as we were driving along Burriana Beach, there were plenty of vehicles and many more people.

Nerja will recover, the tourists will be back and the businesses will open. Check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website for some of the best holiday self-catering apartments, villas, and townhouses in Nerja.

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