Rain in Spain

Nerja Rain is needed after riverbed clean-up annouced

The second phase of the plan is to clean and clear the riverbeds of the Río Seco and the Barranco del Puerto ravine.

Nerja rain? That’s not something the tourist would hope for! However; the Nerja Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) people will be hoping for plenty this autumn; why?

This short article from our friends in the Sur in English will explain.

Nerja rain will be most welcome

In the hope that the arrival of autumn will bring rain to the Axarquía, Nerja town hall has announced that it will carry out the second phase of a plan to clean and clear the riverbeds of the Río Seco and the Barranco del Puerto ravine.

“In addition to the cleaning, pruning and repair work recently carried out in a section of the Río Seco, we are going to carry out a new action in the rest of the riverbed up to the border with Frigiliana, as well as in the Barranco del Puerto ravine”, explained Javier Rodríguez, councillor for the environment.

See more of this report from Sur in English

Malaga Weather on average

The area of Malaga has a warm Mediterranean climate, which characteristically means long, hot, dry summers and very mild, sometimes rainy winters. Malaga enjoys about 3000 sunshine hours per year.

I’ve lived in the Malaga province for almost 21 years. You can take it from me, the weather in the autumn and winter can be very unpredictable. I have seen bitterly cold winters that are dry and, warm winters that are soaking wet.

My own location is to the north of Nerja and, a bit higher up, so, we get slightly different weather. Our rural location depends on getting “the right weather”. To us, this means rain in October and November is welcome. Rain in December and January not so much. This is due to the olive harvest.

Rain is either a friend or an enemy, sometimes both. But, for the people working on the Nerja clean-up project, the rain will be a godsend.

Fear not though; if you are on vacation during the autumn in Nerja, you still get beautiful days of sunshine. You can check this out from this weather website.

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