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Sights of Nerja

Chanquete, Verano Azul

Who was he staring at?

I was walking around Nerja on Sunday the 18th of November, during the evening. I passed along the Balcòn de Europa and stopped for a glass of wine and a tapa in one of the many bars and restaurants that are dotted about. It was a very pleasant autumn evening, so, why not?

I decided to go for a walk to the top of the town, via the arch beneath the town hall and into the new square, Plaza de España, to see what was happening. To do this, I would have to pass the Nerja Tourist Information Office.

So what?

As I passed the tourist information office, I noticed a tall gentleman staring out of the window, he looked for all the world like Chanquete, the retired old sailor off the TV series Verano Azul. Not wanting to stare back, I carried on walking, through Plaza de España and onwards to the top of the town.

Nerja is a fantastic place if you like to wander or sit and enjoy a drink and tapa whilst watching the world go by. There are plenty of places to visit as well as lots of bars, cafe’s and restaurants.

My wanderings took me to Bar El Pulguilla and then back through the Plaza de España and past the Tourist Information office again. To my surprise, the old gentleman that had been staring through the window, the same chap as looks like *Chanquete, he was still staring out of the window at me?

Normally I would just ignore the situation and carry on with my walking but not this time. I wanted to know what he found so interesting about me?

What are you staring at? Not really Chanquete!

What are you staring at? Not really Chanquete!

On entering the office, the man never budged, turned his head or even spoke. Not surprising really, it was a dummy! DOH!

The tourist office people had placed a lifesize model of Chanquete in the office, complete with a fishing net, I suppose to draw peoples attention. It certainly drew mine.

So, when you stay in Nerja, just underneath the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) you will find Chanquete still staring out of the window. Nip in and say ‘hello!’

Antonio Ferrandis Monrabal

Chanquete Verano Azul

Chanquete from Verano Azul

*Antonio Ferrandis Monrabal was a Spanish actor, remembered especially for the role of Chanquete in the Spanish television series Verano Azul.

This series is about the adventures of a bunch of youngsters during their Summer holiday in a small town in the Southern Coast of Spain.

The seven kids: Quique, Javi, Pancho, Bea, Desi, Tito and Piraña, within an age range of eight to sixteen, meet there two adults, with whom they share many new experiences, Julia, a painter, and Chanquete, an old, wise and lovable retired sailor who lives in a boat set on a hilltop.

Throughout the 19 episodes several key themes are dealt with: teenage, coming of age, death, generational gap, the right to protest, ethical values, family relations, building companies’ speculation in the Spanish coastline and so on.

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