Nerja Villas for Rent – Self Catering Villas in Nerja

Nerja Self Catering Villas for rent

Nerja Villas

Villa Catalina. Just one of many great Nerja Villas from Nerja Paradise Rentals.

The term ‘Nerja Villas’ is generic. It is a term used to cover all sorts of accommodation in Nerja. People may not be specifically looking for a ‘Villa’ per se but will use the generic term to search.

That being so, there are a host of Nerja Villas rental companies in and around the town of Nerja. Which is the best supplier of Nerja accommodation? As I a the editor of this blog, I am bound to say Nerja Paradise Rentals are the best in Nerja. Is that a biased view? Perhaps; perhaps not?

Nerja Villas - Villa Jade

Ultra modern Nerja villas – Villa Jade

What I can say, with absolute certainty is that Nerja Paradise Rentals have a list of great villas, apartments and houses. I can also say that they are a family company with a long history of customer satisfaction.

Looking for a Nerja villa, apartment or house for long or short term rental can be complicated. There are so many websites offering this, that or the other accommodation. Websites such as Air B&B, TripAdvisor, Home Away, Spain Villas and so on. The list is endless.

What you will find, if you search long enough, is that many of the same Nerja villas are on different websites and at different prices. This can be confusing.

Booking a Nerja Villa

Nerja Villas. Villa Topaz

Villa Topaz. Beautiful views over Nerja

Nowadays, people are quite savvy when it comes to the Internet. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the estate agents or travel agents for your information. Those of us over a certain age will remember trawling through glossy brochures. Endless lists of hotels, villas, apartments and houses with only the agent’s notes as any guide to quality.

Now, it is simpler. Now we go to Google and type ‘Nerja villas’ and voila! We are supplied with endless pages of websites, photographs, videos, customer references and more. It’s so easy; right?

Not really. Now we have the opposite problem. We have gone from limited information to a mass of information. It’s just a nicer problem. Booking a Nerja Villa need not be a big problem.

  1. Go to Nerja Paradise Rentals website and choose your accommodation.
  2. Check out all of the information about the property. There is all you will need to know right there. Maps, photographs, how many it sleeps, what the property contains, the lot.
  3. When you are sure you have the perfect property, there is a booking request form at the side of the page. Check your arrival and departure dates from the boxes provided (Booked in Grey, available white)
  4. Your total price will be shown underneath the box. Press ‘Book now’.

If you need help or advice

If you need any further information or assistance to help you with your booking, you can contact Nerja Paradise Rentals direct. All of the contact information is at the bottom of the page. Or you can use the contact form.

That is how easy it is to book yourself a perfect ‘villa’ in Nerja. On one website you have the villas, apartments and townhouses, the information on the property and area, easy booking for, total price and a helpline if you need it.

So, am I biased? No! I consider it a public service to help people have a great holiday on the Costa del Sol. Enjoy.


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