Where are the best places to eat in Malaga province?

The best places to eat in the Malaga area depends on your own personal choice. Here are some suggestions

Where are the best places to eat in Malaga province?

The bar area at Manolo Salinas – a great place at any time of the year

Best places to eat – Salinas

Salinas is a Spanish town in Archidona , in the province of Malaga , Andalucia. It is located to the east of the municipal term, very close to the border with the province of Granada. In 2012 it had a population of 715 inhabitants. 1

Next to this town is the junction of the A-92 with the A-92M, as well as the Salinas station, currently in operation on the Granada-Bobadilla line. It is a simple and pleasant drive from Nerja and will take about 50 minutes. It is well worth the journey.

Salinas is a very small village, less than 1000 souls live there. However; it does have a couple of fantastic restaurants. This weekend (10/1/21) we went to Manolos restaurant. This place has plenty of parking and is at the end of the village. TripAdvisor photos and comments.

Eating in – Restaurante Casa Manolo

There is a bar where you can get some fantastic traditional tapas. There is also a separate restaurant section. This is decorated in traditional Spanish style.

The menu is good and has a great choice of dishes.

We started with a shared starter of Gambas Pil-Pil. This is large prawns cooked in Garlic and Olive Oil. This dish varies from village to village. Some add Tomato others add Paprica, some add both. This is served with fresh, crusty bread.

Where are the best places to eat in Malaga province?

Gambas Pil-Pil or Prawns in Garlic Oil

We also had a shared starter of fresh Clams.

The best places to eat in Malaga province

These small clams are absolutely delicious, a great starter

Clams are some of the most diversely used types of seafood in Spain. You’ll find them served freshly steamed with nothing more than a slice of lemon, mixed into rice dishes like paella or stewed with paprika and wine-like in this recipe for almejeas a la marinara.

Salinas Restaurant – Main Courses

We were a group of four, celebrating the 63rd birthday of our friend and this meal made it a birthday to remember.

Rabo de Torro (Bulls Tail)

This dish, Rabo de Toro, is as traditionally Spanish as you would get. Bull or Oxtail in a thick gravy. Served with Game Chips. Game chips are a traditional British accompaniment to roast game birds, such as pheasant, grouse, partridge and quail. They are thin slices of potato deep-fried. They are not normally served with Rabo de Toro is Spain, this would normally come with mashed potatoes. It was fantastic.

Rabo de Toro - Bulls tail or Oxtail in a thick gravey

Rabo de Toro – As traditional Andalucian as you can find anywhere in Spain.

Tuna Steak – Filete de atún

Tuna Steak - Atun con patatas fritas

This Tuna steak was done very lightly and served with chips and Padron spicy green peppers. The Padron peppers are great tapas and you can find them anywhere in any places to eat in Spain.

Cod with Prawns and Clams – Bacalao con Langostinos y Almejas

Bacalao con Langostinos y Almejas

Bacalao con Langostinos y Almejas – Cod with prawns and shellfish

Spain is famous for its fish dishes. This Cod with Prawns and Clams was fantastic. Served in a wonderful juice and garnished with red pepper slivers. This was my choice the main meal. I was not disappointed.

Brochette – Brocheta

Best places to eat in Malaga? Salinas is one - Brochet -Brochetta

Best places to eat in Malaga? Salinas is one

Brochet is meat, skewered with Onions and Peppers. These are very popular dish all over Spain. The meat will vary, as will the peppers and onions. The result is always the same: delicious and filling.  Served with Chips and Padron fried Peppers.

The wine – El Vino?  – But of course, why not?

Monastery of San Miguel Crianza

Monasterio de San Miguel Crianza can be bought in 3 stores for a price of € 13.25, it is a monovarietal red wine produced by Bodegas Prado de Olmedo in Ribera del Duero 100% with bunches of Tempranillo. This wine is a dark garnet colour and a medium layer, on the nose, it is sweet and ripe with aromas of flowers, ripe fruit, red fruits and black tea. Tasting notes, it has a clean, fresh taste of ripe, red fruits.

Flor Innata Verdejo – White Wine – Vino Blanco

Tasting Notes and Food Pairings

Straw yellow with a thin layer of lemony overtones. High aromatic intensity, tropical fruit
with a grassy depth and aniseed characteristic of the variety. To the palate, it demonstrates a significant volume, smooth and very pleasant.
A wine that is a current revamp of the classic Verdejo.
It perfectly combines with fresh seafood and fish, pasta, rice and white meat. Buy some

The meal was a great success. Due to current Coronaviris laws, we skipped dessert and coffee as we were due to finish the day at a restaurant closer to home, El Cortijuelo.

So, when you get the chance to visit Nerja and the Costa del Sol, make sure you visit further inland. The towns and villages of Andalucia have some of the best restaurants and places to eat in the region.

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