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Welcome Cuba Properties our new link partners

Looking for properties for sale in Cuba? No! Just American tourists.

Cuba is still a favourite destination for many thousands of tourists every year.

Nerja Costa del Sol Rentals / Nerja Beach Holidays are always happy to welcome new link partners from around the world, not just Spain.

Our latest link friend is a website for Cuba and Cuban properties. Properties for sale Cuba offers advice, news, views and stories about the Cuban property Market, buying and selling Cuban properties.

There is also a section for renting apartments, houses and flats in Havana and the rest of Cuba. Cuba holiday properties are available at good prices.

Who can buy Properties for Sale in Cuba?

Unfortunately, the only people able to purchase Cuban properties are Cuban nationals or long term Cuban residents. Now that Fidel Castro has died and there has been a change in leadership, things have eased off slightly as far as owning property is concerned.

Due to the poor state of the Cuban economy, Cubans can now buy, sell and rent their houses and apartments. They can also, after 2011, 0open certain businesses that were once under the control of the central government. Businesses such as shops, bars, restaurants and of course, real estate agents, realtors or Inmobiliaria.

What state of repair our Cuban properties?

The properties themselves are mostly in need of reform of some sort or other. Some need a little TLC whilst others need to be demolished and re-built.

The prices of these properties are also quite bizarre. Due to the population having no knowledge of open real estate markets, buying, selling and renting Cuba property is a bit of a novelty. But, just like anywhere else in the world, the owners want top dollar for their des-res. The buyer also is looking for a bargain.

Like all other countries, there is the red tape to be sorted out. Cuba is a place where red tape rules and so you will need the help of a realtor/estate agent/Inmobiliaria and local legal people with an understanding of Cuban property laws.

The website is in the process of being built but it is up and running. It would be interesting to see what stories come out of the site. Cuba with its old colonial-style buildings art-deco relics, crumbling buildings and new builds will no doubt pose some interesting questions.

Likewise, the pre-revolution American cars that have been preserved, god knows how and kept running, will both amaze and amuse you. Some are the best bits of many cars.

The Cuban people, food, traditions, fiestas and news, it will all be featured and we wish the people at Properties for Sale Cuba all the very best. We look forward to links and shared stories.


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