Sights and Sounds of Nerja on the Costa del Sol

Ale-hop Nerja

Ale-hop Nerja; don’t be too surprised if you see a cow in the shop

There are plenty of sights to see in Nerja when you come and stay with us at Nerja Beach Holidays. Some of these sights are a little more bizarre than others. After all, when was the last time you saw a dairy cow peeping out of a shop doorway?

Not to worry. This is Ale-Hop, a shop that sells hundreds of wonderful and weird items and can take some time checking out the goodies. The name ‘Ale-Hop’ is actually from the French ‘Allez Hop’, the sound that gymnasts or acrobats make at the start of a movement. Its nothing to do with beer.

The cow? Well, the CEO and founder of Ale-Hop likes animals and he thought it might look nice in the doorway. He is right, and, the cow is as photographed as much as the statue of King Alfonso XII is on the Balcon de Europa.

On the Balcon de Europa and surrounding areas, you will street entertainers, like this chap, playing the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ on a beautiful Irish Harp. You will never be short of things to see in Nerja, that is a promise.

There are plenty of buskers around Nerja, they are polite, don’t worry. Some are great musicians and you will see a few who play traditional Spanish music, such as Flamenco.

Sights and sounds of Nerja

If you ask nicely, you might even be able to have a go yourself.

Once you get to know the area, you’ll meet some amazing characters. And, if you ask nicely, you may even get a chance to do some busking for yourself. You never know, you may get to like it.

Make the most of your time in Nerja and enjoy everything there is to see and do.

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