Spain on a Fork – The Top Spanish Food Recipes

Spain on a Fork – My Favourite Spanish Recipes

What is Spain on a Fork?

Albert Bevia, who was born in was born in Valencia, Spain but raised in Southern California has a blog and Youtube Channel. Not surprisingly, it is for Spanish food.

Like many people, I am a devotee of Spanish food. Although I still crave the curries and chip shop of the UK, living in Spain gives me the chance to both eat, and cook, Spanish dishes.

Also, like many people I know, I spend hours watching cookery programmes on TV and Youtube. Chef John, Pappa Jack, Jamie Oliver but, most importantly, Spain on a Fork.

From very easy dishes to some of the classics, such as Cochinillo (Suckling Pig) and Rabo de Toro (Oxtail) this is the channel to watch.

Menu del Dia

In Nerja and other places in Spain, you will always find a ‘Menu del Dia’ or ‘Menu of the Day’. Depending on the town, village or city, the price of a good three-course meal can be as little as 8€.

You would get a choice of a starter, main course and dessert. This would also include a drink. It really is a great value.

Some starters are simple; a salad, cut meats, soup or stew. Main courses are usually what you might find on the A La Carte menu.

Spain on a Fork – Try the recipes for yourself

On return to your home, why not try and reproduce your favourite holiday meals. This can be great fun, especially if you are fond of cooking.

The best way to have your own Spanish dinner party is by visiting Spain on a Fork. Go to the Blog or Youtube channel and pick your favourite Spanish dishes. Choose a starter, main course and dessert and enjoy some time in the kitchen.

The recipes are easy to follow. Also, if you enjoy the videos and the blog, be sure to hit the subscribe button. Every time Albert posts a new recipe, you’ll get contacted. This way, you will never miss a thing. Enjoy.

One of my favourite Spanish dishes – Chickpea Stew

Spain on a Fork - Chickpea Stew

Spain on a Fork – Chickpea Stew, a classic dish

This is a classic. You will find this dish everywhere in Andalucia and the rest of Spain. Chickpeas are sold dry or cooked, you will find them in every shop. This stew is a great winter dish and also a great time saver if you are on the go.

I love eating this with fresh, crusty bread. Watch the video and then go to the blog for the full recipe.


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