Spanish style chicken with Chorizo and potatoes

A brilliant Spanish style recipe for winter

Spanish Style Chicken with Chorizo Recipe

I love watching cookery programmes at any time. You name it, I’ve watched it. From Fanny Craddock to Pappa Jack, from professionals like chef John to the most ham-fisted amateurs on Youtube.

I also love to cook and spend endless hours in the kitchen. So, I thought I might combine my love of food, with my love of Spain and point out some fantastic websites, videos and articles. Hopefully, you will get as much pleasure out of them as I do.

Well, this is a Nerja villas and apartments blog, so, it’s not surprising that we will be following Spanish recipes. Here is a great winter-warmer, combining chicken with chorizo and potatoes.

What is ‘Chorizo’

Spanish Cooking - Spanish style chicken with Chorizo and potatoes

Chorizo has a truly amazing taste. One bite and you will be hooked. Thanks to Gourmet Otero

Chorizo or chouriço is a type of pork sausage. In Europe, chorizo is a fermented, cured, smoked sausage, which may be sliced and eaten without cooking, or added as an ingredient to add flavour to other dishes. Elsewhere, some sausages sold as chorizo may not be fermented and cured, and require cooking before eating. Wikipedia

Spanish chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with garlic, pimentón – smoked paprika – and salt. It is generally classed as either Picante (spicy) or dulce (sweet), depending upon the type of pimentón used.

Watch the video of Chorizo and Chicken

I have scoured Youtube for the best examples of this chicken and chorizo dish. The Channel is Recipe 30 and this video will help you make a really authentic Spanish winter dish.

If you are impressed with this video, please, do the guy a favour and either ‘like’ the video and leave a nice comment, or, you can even subscribe to his amazing food videos by clicking on the red ‘subscribe’ button.

Can I get this dish in Nerja?

I’m sure you will find it on at least some Nerja restaurant menus. If Not, you can always ask and I’m certain they will be only too happy to make it for you.

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