Spanish Meals – Eating in Nerja

Eating habits in Spain are much different than those of the UK and elsewhere. For example; Like elsewhere, Spaniards will have breakfast before going off to school or work, however; you may still see office workers or other people having something around 10: am in the cafes and bars.

Meal Times in Nerja Spain

My favourite Spanish breakfast; Toasted Mollete, and Olive Oil, Coffe and Water

Breakfast or ‘El Desayuno’ is usually a small meal, quite often toast with jam or olive oil, mollete (floured buns) toasted and spread with garlic and tomato (beautiful) or Churros; A churro is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. Churros are traditional in Spain and Portugal – from where they originate. These are often dunked in a thick chocolate sauce.

Breakfast would also include Cafe con Leche (Coffe with milk) or any number of variations and strengths of coffee, the Spanish love their coffee and it has to be good and strong.

La Comida or Lunch

La Comida is the largest meal of the day. This is due, in part, to the practice of working until 2 pm and then having a break until 8:30 pm. As you could imagine, who would be wanting a heavy meal so close to bedtime?

Lunch is a grand affair and quite often in Nerja, as in the rest of Spain, you will see a ‘Menu del Dia’. This is a very economical lunch consisting of Starter, Main Course, Dessert and a drink and all for the princely sum of 8 to 10€.

Some things you would often see are Salads, Seafood Soup, Embutidos (A mixture of cut meats and cheeses) and my own favourite is a broth made with Lentils and smoked paprika Chorizo sausage.

The main course would usually be a choice of fish, fowl or meat, such as a plate of varied Fried Fish, Chicken breast cooked on the plancha or Pork in tomato sauce and so on.

You would be offered a dessert or a coffee and an glass of wine or fruit juice.

La Merienda: This is a very light snack usually in the late afternoon. A piece of bread with a topping or a chocolate bar, nothing too heavy.

La Cena or Dinner is a late meal that is very much lighter than La Comida (Lunch) and can vary from a piece of fish with a salad, a bowl of soup or even a tapas and a glass of wine. Just something to keep off the hunger until breakfast comes around again.

Spanish Meals in the Summer – However!

In the very hot summer months, the meal timings may vary as people stay up longer, have holidays and fiestas. Whatever the time of day, there is always somewhere in Nerja for you to find great food and drink. Enjoy.

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