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Nerja Water Sports Activities Nerja has great water sports facilities available from several beaches

Water Sports and Other Activities in Nerja As you would expect from a town located on the coast, Nerja offers a wide range of water sports. Of particular interest to many of our visitors is the Kayak tour of the … Continue reading

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Nerja Tapas Traditional Spanish Food Tapas are small portions of of food from the menu for you to try

Nerja Tapas; What does Tapas Mean? The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish/Portuguese verb tapar, “to cover”, a cognate of the English top. There are many legends as to how ‘tapas’ came to being and each of us has our favourite … Continue reading

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How to Make Perfect Paella – Best Paella Recipe Paella recipe for the perfect Spanish meal - Quick and easy recipe for traditional Paella

HOW TO MAKE THE BEST PAELLA EVER! Paella is probably the most famous of any Spanish dishes. It is also probably the biggest Spanish fallacy as well. ‘Paella’ is actually the name given to the PAN, the dish is actually … Continue reading

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