Lockdown – Top 10 activities for people who are bored

What are the Top 10 activities for people who are bored on lockdown due to the Coronavirus?

What are the Top 10 activities for people who are bored on lockdown due to the Coronavirus?

D.I.Y wasn’t Dave’s strongest point but, hey! how hard can it be?


Lockdown? OK, most of the world are now on some sort of lockdown. It’s not easy, and, for some people, it is harder due to their circumstances, such as those living in high rise apartments or living alone.

There are lots of things we can do, without the need to go outside. Personally, my biggest bugbear is getting motivated. We are on day 30 (I think?) here in Spain. The Spanish government acted quickly and imposed an almost 100% ban on leaving the home.

We are allowed out for food, medicines and if you are a keyworker, such as medical staff and police.

So, what can we do to stop ourselves getting bored? Worse still, we need to stop ourselves to become obese. Boredom increases our cravings for food and drink, so, we need to be careful.

So, what are people doing to prevent themselves from going stir crazy?

Watching the TV

This has got to be the Nº1 activity. With the thousands of TV channels available, we are gorging on box sets, quiz shows and shopping channels. It’s an easy form of entertainment.

The Internet

Where would we be without the Internet? We can search for things to do, such as this little article, we can watch videos from Youtube and other channels, we can study using the vast amount of information available. But, the Nº1 activity must surely be the social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Video Chats

Keeping in touch with family and friends during the lockdown is a must. There are many platforms we can use to chat with people. Years passed, this would be possible only by phone. That would have been expensive. Now, of course, we have Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype and other programmes that allow us to speak face to face or with group chats. What’s more, it’s free.

Playing Games while being locked down

Not easy to do on your own, unless of course, the games are online. Online gaming is very popular. Here are the most popular of them all.

Minecraft. Best game ever played, probably the best game ever in history.
Roblox. A very addictive game even more than Minecraft and I play it all the time!
Warlords: Call to Arms.
Halo 3.
Bloons Tower Defense 4.
World of Warcraft.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. See more.

Baking and Cooking

The lockdown has caused people to become inventive. The lack of bread, cakes, biscuits and so on has driven the most anti-foodie into the kitchen. Overnight, people who could not boil and egg have become budding Jamie Olivers. Baking videos are massively popular and people are making their own food. No KFC, Maccies, Wetherspoons and so on, so, no problem, we shall make our own.

Entertaining the Kids

No school for the children under lockdown rules. The schools were the first to be closed and so parents are left at home with their little bundles of joy. But, as we all know, children can get very bored and quickly. For some parent’s this will be harder than for others. A family in an apartment without access to outside spaces will find it harder than those with a garden.

TV, the Internet, all sorts of games are all fine but the children do like to be outside. There is also the childrens education. Many parents are taking the lockdown time to help with the childrens education. Reading and writing, history and maths, the parents are having a go.

Keep Fit

Being locked down is hard when you want to be active. In the UK people are allowed out for one form of exercise per day. This, however, may change as the casualties mount. TV fitness Guru’s are becoming fashionable again. People are watching and joining in.

Making videos and sharing them

There are a lot of budding actors and directors out there. People are making videos, most of them amusing, some not so. We are bombarded with home videos of dads and mums doing the most outrageous pranks. Youtube and other platforms are awash with the terminally bored detainees making complete fools of themselves.

Lockdown is great for D.I.Y

Yes! The dreaded DIY jobs you have managed to put off for the last few years are staring you right in the face. What’s more, you are going nowhere soon, so, there are no longer any excuses.

SEX during Lockdown

Now, I don’t say that everyone is at it but we can expect a baby boom around Christmas and New Year. Stuck at home and having already exhausted the above activities, some people will just ‘get on with it’, so to speak. Mind you, what is the bet that names such as Boris, Covid and Corona feature highly on the list of names for the new arrivals.

Well, that’s my thoughts on the lockdown activities, no doubt you will have your own.

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