How to Make Spanish Omelette – The Best Tortilla in Spain

Where did Spanish Omelette, or, Tortilla de Patatas originate? Good question.

Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

The best Tortilla in Spain? of course, I made it.

Tortilla or Spanish Omelette

Nice and juicy on the inside and crispy on the base.

Well, according to a great website I found, they had this to say about one of Spain’s favourite dishes;

The potato omelette was invented in Extremadura in 1798. Until now, the legend of the invention (or rather recipe) was in Navarra in 1835 when General Tomás de Zumalacárregui during the siege of Bilbao in the First Carlist War . He was looking for cheap and nutritious food for his troops. Rather, the credit would go to the shrewd peasant who was commissioned by the military. This is what the expert Javier López Linage assures in his 2008 investigation. According to the documentary sources he has found, the conceptual origin of the famous potato omelette is in Villanueva de la Serena, towards the end of the 18th century. “It is curious, when I edited the book for the first time I had already seen that document, but until I have reviewed my papers I have not been able to understand the real scope of what was said there,” he says. Read more

Who am I to argue with that? Read the rest of this interesting article by following the link.

My homemade Tortilla or Spanish Omelette


The great thing about the Internet is that you can find almost any recipe you like. There is really no need to be going out buying books on the topic. Here I have added a Youtube video of a recipe similar to my own.

My own recipe calls for six eggs but you make it how you see fit. I also added fresh parsley to mine. Tortilla is a fantastic way to make a meal for the whole family or to use as a tapa. Hot or cold you will love this Spanish traditional dish.

My own way of consuming the Spanish omelette is with a dollop of Mayonaise and a splash of Encona super hot chilli sauce.

But I am a hopeless cook!

Can’t cook, won’t cook? No problems! Tortilla or Spanish omelette is to be found everywhere in Spain. You can buy this dish in the supermarkets, small or large, with onions or without onions and with all sorts of extra ingredients, such as peppers and herbs.

This dish is served as a tapa, the main course, or, sometimes in our local restaurant El Cortijuelo, as Patatas a lo Pobre (Potatoes of the poor). This is when they misjudge the tipping of the pan onto the plate and it ends up all broken. It still tastes fantastic.

When you visit Nerja this year, do try this fantastic dish. It goes well with any beverage.


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