Was the game Trivial Pursuit invented in Nerja

Trivial Pursuit was invented in Nerja; Fact or Fiction?

We have all played it. Trivial Pursuit is one of the biggest board games in the world. Unless you have lived in a cave, you will have played at least one variation of this addictive pastime.

So, what is Trivial Pursuit?

It is a board game that is based on the ability to answer questions on popular culture and general knowledge. If you get a question right, you move around the board. The aim is to get your pie filled with little coloured wedges.

Check out the video, this demonstrates the art of playing this great game.

So, true or false? Was Trivial Pursuit invented in Nerja?

It sure was. Canadian journalist Scott Abbot and Chris Haney came up with the idea when the pair came to Nerja to stay with the parents of  Scott Abbot. After Haney’s death, a local journalist, David Baird who is based in nearby Frigiliana decided to research the history of the game.

Once they had their idea ready to go, they just needed some fool to give them a load of money to invest in the project.

So, without further ado, they made a beeline for the bars of Nerja. Why not? If someone would invest in a few bottles of vino, then this super-duper board game would be no problem.

As luck would have it, they encountered a South African who had grown up in Canada but had been living in Nerja since the early seventies and he invested in the project. A stroke of luck, considering he had never met either of the journalists.

The rest, as they say, is history. There are now so many versions of the game that it would take me an age to list them. Instead, why not nip over to Wikipedia and check out all the details yourself. You never know; one day it may come up in a pub quiz, or, a Trivial Pursuit question. Wikipedia


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