Wasps; How to get rid of them without the use of pest control sprays

Wasps in Spain are not as agressive as UK Wasps

People don’t like Wasps around them. In general, people are afraid of getting stung by Wasps and tend to swat them or spray them if they get too close.

I got stung on the Norfolk Broads by a Wasp, the little beggar just flew towards me and let me have it on the leg. It was painful, I can tell you. Since living in Spain, almost 18 years now, I have been stung 3 times. Each time it was my own fault. I unwittingly picked something up that had a Wasp hiding underneath. The sting wasn’t as painful as his mate’s in the UK though.

People on holiday can often come into contact with wasps, especially in the country. You can rent a villa or townhouse n the Malaga countryside and find that you have a nest of the critters flying about. The first thing is not to start swatting them, it just annoys them.

Getting rid of Wasps without sprays or poisons

How to get rid of Wasps without the use of pest control sprays

I have lived in the Andalucia countryside for 18 years. I’ve had my fair share of Wasps nests and I normally don’t mind them. Wasps are good for the environment. They play a vital role in protecting gardens and farm crops by controlling pest populations. They capture and consume insects such as flies, caterpillars and beetle larvae.

But sometimes, when there are too many in my garden, they just have to go. My method is clean, simple and without the use of poisons or sprays.

  1. Get yourself a bowl of some kind, anything will do. I use plastic tubs that would normally be discarded.
  2. Fill the container to the top with water
  3. Add a tiny drop of detergent (washing up liquid is great)
  4. Place the container close to the most wasp activity
  5. Wait

The Wasps are always looking for water. They will fly down for a drink and quite often venture on to the surface. Because you have added some detergent, you break the surface tension of the water and the creatures sink and drown.

That’s it! When you have topped a good few, change the water and repeat until you are Wasp free. You can easily rid yourself of a hundred or more in one day, depending on how many pots or containers you use.

If you are in a real state of Wasp invasion, then, at the last resort, you can call out the Pest Control and they will sort the problem for you.

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