Whats on in Nerja – Maroween 2019

Maroween 2019


What, you might ask is ‘Maroween’? Maroween in a conjoined word made from the festival of Halloween that is held in the village of Maro close to Nerja on the Costa del Sol.

Maroween costumes

Maroween costumes; The children’s costume competition

Normally, the party is held on the 31st of October but this year, due to the weather, it was changed from the Friday to the Saturday, after all, everyone, not just the kids, would be very disappointed if it were to be cancelled.

Maroween is held in Maro on the Costa del Sol

Scary goings-on in the Seaside town of Maro

So, what is Maroween exactly? Maroween is the annual Halloween celebration held in Maro, a small village just outside of Nerja. The combination of the festival of sweet potato and chestnuts with the normal goodwill of Halloween provides an excellent atmosphere that all ages can enjoy.

The first recorded celebration of Maroween took place in 2009 it was called: Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato (Chestnut and Sweet Potato party) but now it is known as Maroween.

Everyone gets involved in Maroween

Everyone gets involved in Maroween

Everywhere in Maro you find ghosts on Maroweeen

Everywhere in Maro, you find ghosts on Maroweeen

Many activities take place on the night and it is fantastic fun for children and adults alike. A traditional part of Maroween has always been roast chestnuts and baked sweet potatoes, which are traditionally eaten at this time of year.

Would you believe that more than 400 kilos of chestnuts will be prepared as well as over 400 baked sweet potatoes? True.

The streets are decorated ghostly and ghoulishly and the local people and visitors take the time to dress up in all manner of imaginative costumes, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a Dracula, Frankenstein, howling Werewolf, screaming Ghosts or even a multitude of prowling Zombies.

It’s not all hear em – scare em! There are plenty of activities over the course of the night. There was a street parade, fancy dress and photography competitions, live music and food trucks, as well as face painting and other children’s activities.

For the residents of Nerja and visitors, there was a shuttle bus that took people back and forth so they too could enjoy the night. Things were very well organised.

What time did it start?

The event started at 5: pm from Iglesia de las Maravillas. People paraded through the town that was rigged out with all manner of scary and ritual decorations. There was also a passage of horrors for the children (of all ages).

The festivities go on through the night and into the 1st of November which is Dia de Todos Los Santos (All Saints Day) which is another massive day in Spain. More about that another time.

Maroween 2019 will be as good, if not better than 2018 and so, if you fancy joining in the fun, book yourself one of our wonderful villas, apartments or houses in Nerja and come and join us for Maroween 2019. Nerja Beach Holidays self-catering properties in Nerja.

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