When can I fly to Spain? – When can I book my summer holiday to Spain?

The Coronavirus deaths and infections are coming down rapidly. How long will it be before I can fly to Spain for my Summer Holidays?

Summer vacations on the Costa del Sol. When can I fly to Spain

When can I fly to Spain? Not yet but hopefully, very soon.

How are things now in Spain? When can I fly to Spain?

The Coronavirus deaths and infections look like fizzling out. Thankfully, we are getting the death rate into lower double figures. Also, the Spanish government has implemented a staged withdrawal from the lockdown.

Some areas, such as Andalucia, Madrid and Barçelona are a stage behind other areas with smaller death and infection rates. Also, the Spanish prime minister has asked for another 15-day extension to the current emergency powers.

However; week by week, things are getting back to normal. For instance; people are now allowed out for exercise as well as food shopping. Restaurants, bars and cafes are opening, albeit with limited capacity and social distancing.

Also, there are very strict rules on such things as the handling of menus, condiments and other multi-use items. Even these rules are set to be relaxed within the next few weeks.

Bit by bit, Spain is getting back to what has been termed “a new normal”

What is “A New Normal”

New Normal is a term in business and economics that refers to financial conditions following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the aftermath of the 2008–2012 global recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Wikipedia

It also refers to how we will change the way we do things. For example; wearing face masks may become a normal thing for people in built-up areas, as it is in parts of Asia. Personal contact, such as shaking hands, or even the traditional Spanish greeting of kissing on both cheeks will become a thing of the past for some people. Not all, but some will be wary of any type of contact with others.

How we behave in places such as sports arenas, shopping malls, trains, buses and planes, remains to be seen.

For now, we are in stages 1 (Andalucia) of lockdown, so, we have a way to go yet. Spain has relaxed the rules on flights from Italy and some ports are also open.

For now, we must play it by ear. As soon as we are able, we will be back open to guests. Please keep a watch on the Nerja Beach Holidays website. You can choose whatever apartment, villa or house you would like, and, as soon as it is available, we can contact you.

We look forward to seeing you in Nerja very soon.

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