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Breakfast in Nerja

Where to eat in Nerja

Where to eat in Nerja? Marissal for English breakfast.

One of the great joys of being in Nerja is having an early morning breakfast on the Balcòn de Europa. My favourite breakfasting restaurant has to be at the Hostal Marissal. You don’t have to be a resident to eat here.

Monday morning (19/11/18) we headed off for an early stroll in the lovely sunshine, heading towards the Balcòn de Europa and the Hostal Marissal. I wanted to take some more photographs (as if I don’t already have hundreds) as it was such a lovely morning and the Mediterranean looked beautiful and blue and the beaches looked inviting.

Breakfast at the Marissal on the Balcòn de Europa

Breakfast at the Marissal on the Balcòn de Europa

The tables were laid out for breakfast and we decided to sit outside in the sunshine to eat. I noticed something new on the table. It looked like some sort of kids game, as the remote control of a Gameboy or that type of thing.

There were little symbols on it, so, I decided to press the button with the little man figure on it. Did nothing happen? I pressed it a few more times and then also, the other buttons; nothing?

A short while later, the waiter came out and took the control off me and, with a very wry smile, he told me that the control was to summon waiter service, it set off a buzzer on a wristband he was wearing. “Press little man for a waiter, press little money button for your bill!”

Oops! in the space of a few hours I had mistaken a dummy for a real person and got right up the nose of some poor waiter by buzzing him repeatedly. Doh!

I hope you don’t have the same problem. Have a great time, wherever you choose to eat.

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