Current state of all the reservoirs in Malaga province

As the summer continues, the water is, yet again, a source of concern

Drought in Andalucia
Drought in Andalucia: Smart Water Magazine image.

Water is a vital commodity on the Costa del Sol

I was reading the Sur in English, online, and a story jumped out. I wasn’t surprised by the article, we are aware that water shortages are concerning. The article is nothing new, the rains were not as numerous this year. What great downpours we did have, made little difference.

From the Surin English

Malaga province’s reservoirs are beginning to feel the effects of irrigation, an increase in tourism and evaporation as the temperatures rise, despite the increase in levels thanks to storms Monica and Nelson in March. The two periods of heavy rainfall raised the reserves from a meagre 97 cubic hectometres at the beginning to more than 170 in the middle of the year.

Thanks to this abundant and well-distributed rainfall, water is guaranteed across the province as summer gets going, with the measures above of 225 litres per inhabitant per day on the Costa del Sol and 200 in Malaga and the Axarquía. A small amount of emergency watering in gardens, showers on adapted beaches for people with reduced mobility and filling of swimming pools are all permitted this summer.

But how have surface reserves evolved this month? Although consumption is still very restricted, with drastic drops in pressure and nighttime cuts in many municipalities, the number of arrivals at Malaga Airport continues to soar.

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Drought in Andalucia

There is an excellent article that goes a bit deeper. I hope it explains in more detail. Smart Water Magazine.