Flamingos on the laguna at Fuente de Piedra Andalucia Spain

Flamingos at Fuente de Piedra give birth to 3,700 Flaminglets

Flamingo Ringing – Hello little Flaminglets!

Flamingos at Fuente de Piedra in the Malaga province of Andalucia Spain
Flamingo with new Flaminglet at Fuente de Piedra – Thanks to Cuteness.com

Pretty Flamingos

Once again, the Sur in English has come up trumps with a great story to cheer us up.

Flamingo ringing returns to the Fuente de Piedra lagoon, after the birth of 3,700 offspring or Flaminglets.

It has not taken place for two years because of the pandemic and then a lack of water. But now, 600 chicks have been marked by volunteers so their movements can be monitored in the future. See more.

Flamingos Facts

What is a bunch of flamingos called?

The collective noun to describe a gathering of flamingos is “flamboyance,” an appropriate term for these colourfully-feathered creatures. They flock together by the thousands on salt flats, lagoons, lakes, and swamps around the world, where they can filter-feed for shrimp, algae, and insects

As is normal for me and this blog, we have waded through the Internet to find you some fantastic Flamingo Facts.

Fuente de Piedra

Fuente de Piedra is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia (Andalucia) in southern Spain. The municipality is located approximately 19 kilometres from Antequera and 73 km from the provincial capital of Málaga. It is located within the Antequera judicial district as well.

Fuente de Piedra is very easy to get to and, the laguna, with thousands of Flamingos standing, feeding and living on it, is a straight drive through the town.

I would take some binoculars as they are a fair bit away from the main entrance. You can go on guided tours though. Private, group or tailor-made guided tours.

As you can imagine, thousands of large birds, eating and then pooing in the lake can make things a trifle ‘ripe’ shall we say? That’s nature for you.

A vist to the Flamingoes at Puente de Piedra is a great day out. Check out the main website of Visit Fuente Piedra. It would take to 1 hour 15 minutes in the car (122 KM) A-7 and A-45 but, as I said, it’s easy to find.

A great place to visit when you stay with us is Nerja.

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