Ryanair Strikes in Spain – Ryanair Workers to Strike

Ryanair Strikes in Spain – Ryanair Workers to Strike

Ryanair strikes in Spain: these are the 61 flights affected this Tuesday, 9 August

The Irish low-cost airline operates Spanish bases in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Alicante, Santiago de Compostela, Palma and Ibiza

Why is it industrial action always affects those who least need it? If it isn’t the French Air Traffic Controllers, it’s the Baggage Handlers in London, the cabin crew in Greece or whatever.

People work hard all year and their two weeks in the sun are the highlight of the year. So, why should they suffer? I’m not a political animal and, I don’t want to be expressing such views on a holiday blog but; come on!

When are Ryanair Strikes?

According to our friends at the Sur in English, that fine publication for the south of Spain, the strikes are as follows:

The industrial action, announced by the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), will continue for five months – until 7 January 2023 – every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This is going to cause people travelling to and from Spain problems, never mind causing Ryanair a problem.

Can I claim compensation from Ryanair?

Ryanair Strike Cancelled Flight Compensation

If your flight was cancelled due to a Ryanair cabin crew strike, you qualify for additional monetary claims if you find out less than 14 days prior to your flight departure and Ryanair failed to provide you with an alternative flight or fully refund your ticket

There is more information relating to your consumer rights on this website Airadvisor.com

As always, you will need to check the news updates. Strike action can often be cancelled, just as fast as it started. You could try Ryanair Flight Updates. Simply add your flight details and you should know right away if your flight has been cancelled or not.
Hopefully, these disruptions will soon come to an end and we will all get our summer holidays. We look forward to seeing you at Nerja Beach Holidays.

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