Potato Omelette. Why is potato omelette day celebrated today, 9 March?

International Potato Omelette Day March 9th

Yes! It really is Potato Omelette Day

Potatoe Omelette Day, this is a Joke; right?

From the Sur in English website, I find out that March 9th is dedicated to the humble potato. As it happens, I am a huge fan of tortilla or potato cake, potato omelette or whatever you prefer to call it. I have also made this dish on many occasions. 

How do you like yours… with onion or without? However, there are many other options with peppers, tuna, tomato or mushrooms… the number of possibilities with a potato omelette is almost endless, it’s just a matter of taste and imagination.

The popularity of the tortilla de patatas is so widespread the dish now has its own day in the international calendar of special events, and the chosen date is today – Thursday, 9 March.

The potato omelette can be served as an appetiser, accompaniment or single dish, and its fans are numerous, but how it originally came about is still unknown. Some theories suggest that it was invented in 1604 by a Belgian priest, Lancelot de Casteau.

However, others claim the Spanish origin of this staple dish in Spain and point out that it was invented in Extremadura, specifically, in the town of Villanueva de la Serena at the end of the 18th century in 1798. And in this municipality, the tortilla is a very precious commodity and in summer they hold a fair with this dish as the centre of attraction. Read more.

Can I find Potato Omelette in Nerja?

You would not be the least bit surprised to find out that you can get it everywhere in Nerja! Shops, bars, and restaurants, all sell this Spanish omelette. You can get them with or without onions, you can get large omelettes, small omelettes and more besides.

Try it for yourself. Spanish omelette or “tortilla” is not hard to make. Some spuds, eggs, onions, oil, salt and pepper and you are onto a winner. Take a look at the image above, this is my own effort at Tortilla or Potato Omelette.


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