Costa del Sol Weather Forecast – Brace yourself for storms in Malaga Province

Storm Irene has gone, welcome Storm Juan

Storm Juan on the Costa del Sol - Costa del Sol Weather
Don’t worry; It’s not this bad. I used Canva photo editor to have a little fun.

Expect some bad weather as Storn Juan pays a visit!

Storm Juan sweeps in, stealing the spotlight from Irene and unleashing a symphony of wild weather across Spain. Brace yourselves as thirteen regions take centre stage, adorned in a vibrant palette of yellow and amber alerts. Rain, storms, coastal theatrics, howling winds, whimsical snowflakes, and chilly temperatures will dance together this Friday, turning the ordinary into a captivating spectacle, as foretold by Aemet.

As we bid farewell to Irene, Storm Juan eagerly steps into the spotlight to make its presence known across Spain starting this Friday (19 January). The meteorological forecast hints at Juan showering the Andalucía region with extra rainfall. Brace yourselves in the Malaga province, where Aemet, the state weather agency, has unfurled the yellow risk warning banner for the Axarquia area, anticipating an accumulation of up to 15mm of rain per hour.

Juan pays a visit to Malaga City

In the charming city of Malaga, umbrellas are poised to take centre stage, with a 100% chance of unfurling until noon. As the day unfolds, the likelihood gracefully waltzes down to 95% come six o’clock in the evening, before tapering off to a mere 10% until the day’s curtain falls. Juan is set to paint the sky with precipitation, turning mundane forecasts into a captivating meteorological drama.

As we peek into the weekend forecast, Saturday emerges with a 70% chance of showers, making a grand entrance from high noon onward. However, Sunday gracefully steps onto the stage with a promise of stability, donning cloudy skies with no hint of rain (a mere 10% probability or even less). It serves as a prelude to the upcoming week, set to unfold under the watchful gaze of a robust anticyclone.

Our meteorological narrative takes an intriguing twist on Friday as a storm manoeuvres toward the southwest of Portugal. From this strategic vantage point, certain corners of the Malaga province are poised to witness a cascade of rainfall, with the added suspense of potential thunderstorms, as articulated by SUR weather expert José Luis Escudero in his blog “Tormenta y Rayos” (Storms and Lightning).

Aemet, aligning with these climatic theatrics, has unfurled a yellow warning for storms in Ronda, casting a dynamic spotlight on the period between 6 am and 3 pm this Friday. Get ready for a climactic spectacle that promises both drama and anticipation.

As I write this post, it’s chucking it down and blowing a gale.

See more about the forthcoming weather from the Sur in English.

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