AI Artificial Intelligence – Should we be scared?

Does AI Have a mind of its own?

AI Artificial Intelligence
Meet your replacement at work – nothing to look at but, hey! talk about clever.

AI – What is it?

From the HCL Tech website comes the answer: Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities. This bleeding-edge technology facilitates machines to act with a degree of autonomy, resulting in the effective execution of iterative tasks. Check out the full article here if that hasn’t scrambled your eggs.

What are the advantages of Artificial intelligence??

The following are the primary advantages of AI:

  • AI drives down the time taken to perform a task. It enables multi-tasking and eases the workload for existing resources.
  • AI enables the execution of hitherto complex tasks without significant cost outlays.
  • AI operates 24×7 without interruption or breaks and has no downtime
  • AI augments the capabilities of differently abled individuals
  • AI has mass market potential, it can be deployed across industries.
  • AI facilitates decision-making by making the process faster and wiser.

I asked ChatGPT to describe to me what it is

AI Artificial Intelligence - What Does It All Mean?

Why are people worried about AI?

  • Job Displacement: AI can automate many tasks and jobs currently performed by humans.
  • Ethical Issues: AI raises a range of ethical concerns. For example, there are concerns about developing autonomous weapons that could be used in warfare, potentially leading to a loss of human control and accountability.
  • Privacy and Security: AI relies on vast data for training and operation. This data often includes personal information, raising concerns about privacy and data security.
  • Lack of Transparency and Accountability: AI systems can be complex and hard to understand, especially when they employ deep learning or other advanced techniques. 
  • Superintelligence and Control: Some experts are concerned about the potential development of artificial general intelligence (AGI), that could surpass human intelligence in all areas. 

How or why do we believe this?

Because AI told us so. There is a lot more to the problems and benefits of Artificial Intelligence than the few lines of this blog, the pros and cons are immense. There is no doubt that human jobs will be replaced by a computer.

It’s not all doom and gloom

You can use the ChatGPT app to help you with everyday tasks. Would you like to know all about Nerja? Simply ask the question “Can you tell me all about Nerja on the Costa del Sol?” and in a matter of seconds, you get the answer!

Or, “When is the best time to visit the Costa del Sol?” answer is…

You can use the AI system to write blogs, Social Media posts and so on. The good thing is; AI doesn’t have an opinion. The information you receive is based on algorithms and data. So, there is no point asking for references as to where to stay or eat in Nerja.

If this subject interests or scares you, take a visit to this website and try it out for yourselves. You can also get the AI app for your web browser.