Apartments for Rent in Nerja – Winter Rentals on the Costa del Sol

Rent an Apartment in Nerja and Enjoy Life

Why rent an apartment and not a hotel?

There are many advantages to booking a self-catering or private apartment in Nerja. Privacy is the first reason. With a self-catering villa, townhouse or apartment, you are not accommodated with a lot of other people you do not know. They also don’t have access to your facilities.

Room size can be another reason to book your own place. Hotel rooms tend not to be very big, in most cases. Those that are will usually cost a bit more. With an apartment, there is usually a dining area. This is great if you are travelling with family or friends. Most villas and apartments also have a balcony or patio area for al fresco dining.

Having to deal with people milling about, coming and going can be a tad irritating, especially if all you want to do is to get about your holiday. If you want to stay out late and not have to worry about creeping back to your room in fear of waking somebody up, then go self-catering.

Nerja Rentals Villas and Apartmets for Winter Rentals

Rent an Apartment in Nerja and Enjoy Life on the Costa del Sol Spain
Holiday Rental in Nerja Townhouse Bouganvilla 7 – What are you waiting for?

Sometimes, we like to get away on holiday during the winter months. There are many and varied reasons for that. You may prefer the cooler weather, the airfares are cheaper or your job may dictate your availability for vacation. Then again, you may be retired and fancy a longer winter break away from the grim weather back home.

If this is the case, then Nerja Beach Holidays has the perfect answer. Long Winter Rentals!

Check out the main Nerja Beach Holidays website and you will find all sorts of accommodations to suit your needs. This includes winter break accommodation. You and your friends and family can spend weeks and months in Nerja, exploring the wonderful Costa del Sol and all it has to offer. Apartments for rent in Nerja when you want them are just a call away.

If you need help or more information, you can contact us at any time, we will be delighted to help.


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