Eating Out in Spain – Cheese, Serrano Ham Boat

“La Barca” (The Boat)

La Barca; Ham, Cheese, bread and tomato platter with a nice bottle of Ribera del Duero wine.
La Barca; Ham, Cheese, bread and tomato platter with a nice bottle of Ribera del Duero wine.

Eating Out in Nerja and Elsewhere

This is a variation on a theme, or so the saying goes. This beautiful platter consists of Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese, grated Tomato and fresh-cut bread that has been lightly toasted and accompanied by a bottle of Ribera del Duero wine.

I say a variation on a theme as you would find elements of this on many a Spanish breakfast plate. Tostada con tomate.

A “tostada con tomate” is a popular Spanish dish that translates to “toast with tomato” in English. It’s a simple and delicious snack or appetizer commonly found in Spanish cuisine.

To make it, you typically start with a slice of toasted bread, which can be either baguette or rustic bread. Then, you infuse a ripe tomato over the toasted bread with the tomato’s juices and flavour. Afterwards, you can drizzle some olive oil and add a pinch of salt to taste.

Some variations include toppings like garlic or jamón serrano (Spanish cured ham) for added flavour.

It’s a quick and easy dish that showcases the freshness and simplicity of Mediterranean flavours. Enjoy!

You will find a plate similar to this in most restaurants and bars in Nerja. It is a great way to spend a pleasant afternoon. A nice bottle of Ribera del Duero helped things along.

Ribera del Duero is a renowned wine region in Spain, known for producing high-quality red wines, primarily from the Tempranillo grape variety. This wine makes a change from the Rioja and is reasonably priced. 

If you venture out of Nerja and head inland, you will find some excellent bars and restaurants. This lunch was at El Cortijuelo, close to the village of Villanueva del Trabuco, about 1 hour drive from Nerja.

At about 27€, food, wine, a large beer and Tinto de Verano (Summer wine made with vino tinto and fizzy lemon) you can’t beat that for great value.