Mushrooms in Spain

Wild Mushrooms in Spain – Walking in the Spanish Countryside

The things you see when out walking in the Spanish countryside

Wild Mushrooms

I’m no expert when it comes to flora and fauna. I am definitely not a Mycologist! (A mycologist is someone who works with fungi, which are living organisms such as molds, yeast, and mushrooms.). For this reason, my daily walk in the Andalucia countryside came up with a couple of surprises.

I live north of Nerja, about 1 hour and 10 minutes by road, just behind the Sierra Gorda mountains. The town of Villanueva del Trabuco is about 4 km away and the nearest big town is Archidona. Antequera is about 20 minutes drive away.

The barrio or area I live in is a group of four houses, surrounded by wheat fields and olive groves; lots of olive groves.

So, as you can imagine, going for a walk in the country is very easy for me.

The Weather has taken a turn for the worse


There are a couple of storms battering Europe at the minute, they are causing havoc in some places. Here, in my own area of the Malaga province, we are getting a mixed bag of rain, snow, sunshine and very cold temperatures.

The mountain behind me, Sierra de Gibalto, has a light dusting of snow while the lower grounds are wet with rain. There is also an icy wind to contend with. Nonetheless; a walk in the campo it is.

Wild Mushrooms

On the homeward leg of my daily dander in the campo, I came across an object that looked both wild and weird. At first, I thought it might be a light bulb or a part of a motorcar. Grey in colour and round and shiny, I had to have a closer look.

On closer inspection, this odd-looking, slimy dome, turned out to be some kind of mushroom. It looked as odd from close-up as it did from afar. Needless to say, I left it, unmolested, as it looked anything other than tasty.

A little further on, I spotted another “thing” growing in the wet grass. This looked more like a mushroom but, as with its friend, I wouldn’t risk frying it with a couple of eggs.

I’ve looked on the Internet to see what variety of mushroom or toadstool they are but, so far, I’ve not come up with any names. If you think you know what they are, please leave a message in the comments section of this post.

If you are staying in Nerja, take the chance of visiting the countryside, there are delightful walks, great scenery and lots of beautiful flora and fauna.

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