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Weather Warnings for Spain This Week – 40 Provinces Warned

Storms Gerard and Fien are set to bring widespread rain, snow and strong winds to Spain this week

Weather Warnings for Forty Provinces

Malaga and 39 other Spanish provinces already have yellow or amber alerts in place for bad weather today. According to an article in the Sur in English, we are due to have some horrible weather. Wind, rain and snow!

Isabel Mendez

A new winter storm, Gerard, has arrived in Spain and its passage will be strongly felt throughout the country from today (16 January). As a result, the national Met Office, Aemet, has activated weather alerts in no less than 40 provinces.

This list includes Malaga, which will have a yellow level warning for coastal phenomena in effect from eight in the morning until 11.59 pm in the Axarquía and Costa del Sol areas. During that time, winds of 50 to 60 km/h are forecast and waves are four metres high in coastal areas. In the city, the thermometers will register a slight decrease compared to the last few days and will move between the 9 degrees that are expected as a minimum and a maximum of 18 degrees, while the skies will remain clear although with some cloudy intervals.

Weather Warnings – And there’s more!

In addition, on the coast of Granada, there will be an amber warning from 8 am to 11.59 pm, with force eight westerly winds and four-metre high waves. This same area will be under a yellow warning due to winds with maximum gusts of 70 kilometres per hour from 12 noon to midnight. In Andalucía there will be clouds moving from north to south until the skies are partially or totally covered.

Weak and scattered rain is not ruled out on the Atlantic slope, being more likely in the Baetic mountains and at nightfall, where snow could fall above about 1,500-1,700 metres. The temperatures will drop, with weak frosts in the interior. The winds will blow from the west, with strong gusts along the Mediterranean coast and eastern highlands. See more of this article.

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