Self-Catering Apartments in Nerja: Capistrano Playa 203

Self-Catering Holiday Rental Apartments in Nerja – Capistrano Playa 203

Holiday Rental in Nerja
Apartment Capistrano Playa 203

Nerja Self-Catering Holiday Rentals 2023

Nerja is a great place to be at any time of the year. As we approach the end of 2022, we can look forward to the Christmas and New Year festivities. A self-catering apartment, villa or townhouse is your best bet. Not being tied to hotel or resort itineraries gives you the freedom to explore Nerja and the Costa del Sol.

It is also time to look forward to the Wintersun holidays and the 2023 holiday seasons. Make sure to book early to get the apartment, villa or townhouse you want. You can always content Nerja Beach Holidays with any questions or extra information you may need.

Nerja Beach Holidays has many great accommodations to suit single or group stays. Make sure to check out the main website to see what is available over the Christmas and New Year periods. But; book NOW as this is a very popular time for visitors to Nerja.

Apartment Capistrano Playa 203

Nerja Self-Catering Apartments Capistrano Playa 203
Do you like what you see? If so, check out this great apartment on the main Nerja Beach Holidays website

Take a look at this latest addition to the Nerja Beach Holidays portfolio: Apartment Capistrano Playa 203.


This spacious two-bedroom apartment has a scenic sea view over Burriana beach and the Mediterranean Sea.
The apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-plan living room/kitchen. Both bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and patio doors which open onto small terraces giving scenic views of this beautiful complex and out to the Mediterranean Sea.

The apartment has one bathroom which has been modernised and offers a walk-in shower, hand wash basin and toilet.

The open plan living room has a television with international channels, a Blu-Ray DVD as well as free WiFi. There is a dining table and seating for 4.
Access to the terrace is via the patio door in the living room and the master bedroom.

The kitchen is fully fitted with a fridge freezer, hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and all the usual appliances required for guests wanting to self-cater, including a washing machine.
This apartment also has a large, covered, private terrace complete with a large table and seating for 4 perfect for dining comfortably outside.

You can see more details and photographs from the main Nerja Beach Holidays website. Make sure to book early.

Guardia Civil Trafico helped us with our burst tyre

Thank You Guardia Civil Tràfico Officers – Your Help Was Much Appreciated!

Breaking down on the motorway is no joke! No matter what country you are in: Thank you, Guardia Civil (Velez-Màlaga)

Driving to Nerja

My sister is in Nerja for two weeks, her 5th holiday abroad this year. Mind you; she is retired and it was her birthday treat.

We had agreed to meet up for a couple of days and celebrate both her and my birthdays. We haven’t seen each other since May 2022 when she stayed in Torrox. This time, she is staying with Nerja Beach Holidays, for two weeks.

Our house is north of Nerja, about 1 hour and twenty minutes easy drive via Autovia, so we packed our bags for a two-night stay and set off to Nerja via the coast road. There is an overland route via Lake Viñuela and Velez-Malaga which is a beautifully scenic drive but this can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss.

There wasn’t a lot of traffic and we expected an uneventful journey, as usual. I should have bought that lucky heather of the Gypsy lady after all!

Not long after joining the A-7 motorway route to Nerja, the car started to shudder, like the space shuttle on re-entry to the atmosphere! It sounded like the engine was dropping out!

There was no option but to pull over and see what the problem was. As it transpires; the front right tyre had burst in three places. It was as flat as a pancake.

As luck would have it – Here comes the cavalry

Burst tyre on the A-7 to Nerja - Thanks to the Guardia Civil Tràfico
The tyre had burst in three places – It could have been much worse!

Cursing our bad luck, we hadn’t seen a car pulling up behind us. It was the Guardia Civil (Tràfico).

Two men got out and asked what the problem was. They saw the tyre was wrecked and asked us to pull up about 50 metres further on as we were still on a slip road. They then got our red triangles and placed them along the road for us.

I tried to call for a Grua (breakdown truck) to get us off the motorway and to a garage to change the burst tyre. This was an impossible task. The traffic had picked up and I couldn’t hear a thing with the noise of the passing vehicles. The Guardia Civil took charge and got hold of a rescue vehicle for us. They made sure we were safely behind the barriers and bade us farewell.

We were towed to El Palo where our two front tyers were changed. We were on our way to Nerja. Thankfully, the rest of the stay and journey back was uneventful.

I would like to put on record how helpful the Guardia Civil Tràfico officers were. They made a very stressful and potentially dangerous incident look like a run-of-the-mill occurrence.

An autovía is one of two classes of a major highways in the Spanish road system similar to a British motorway or an American freeway. It is akin to the Autopista, the other major highway class, but has fewer features and is never a toll road.

What to do if you break down?

Passengers should move away from the vehicle to a place of safety, behind a barrier or fencing away from oncoming traffic. Place the two warning triangles to alert other drivers of the obstacle. If on a motorway, place one 50 metres behind the car and another 50 metres behind that.

Check out this website for complete instructions on what to do if you break down on the motorway in Spain.

Guardia Civil

The Civil Guard is the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain and is one of two national police forces. As a national gendarmerie force, it is military in nature and is responsible for civil policing under the authority of both the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence. Wikipedia

Note* Make sure you have the correct documents (insurance) as well as Hi-Viz jackets, and Hazzard Triangles. You might just need them.

Gran Plaza Nerja New Years eve 2023

New Year 2023 in Nerja – Christmas and New Year 2023 Celebrations

So, What are New Year and Christmas Like in Nerja?

Christmas is a great time to be in Nerja. Although Dia de los Reyes Magos (Epiphany: Day of the Kings, January 6th) is a bigger event, we have seen Christmas become bigger even as the years pass. Call it progress, call it fashion. However; There are still some great Spanish traditions that are observed.

Spain´s top Christmas traditions

The Nativity or Belen de Navidad
The Christmas tree
Villancicos or Spanish Christmas carols
Christmas sweets (turrón, polvorones and mazapan)
Cava wine
Spanish Christmas Lottery
The 12 grapes on New Years Eve
Roscón de Reyes
The Three Kings
Cesta de Navidad – Christmas basket
El Aguinaldo

When you get a few minutes, you might want to check out this website for a full description of these events.

New Year 2023

New Year’s Eve in Nerja is a splendid affair. I have spent a few great nights bopping away on the Balcòn de Europa. For a few years, we booked a New Year package at one of the restaurants on the Balcòn. This consisted of a 5-course meal with a party pack. We were released into the wild just before midnight with our party packs. These contained a bottle of Cava, a tin of small, peeled grapes, a silly hat, and an annoying thing to blow.

New Year Grapes

The Eating the twelve grapes. Tradition has it that you have to eat them one by one, in time with the striking of the clock at midnight on 31 December. If you manage to eat all the grapes in time, you are in for a year of prosperity and good luck. This is a bit tricky if it is your first time.

The trick is to get the small grapes that come in a tin, these are peeled and very small. I have seen people buying bunches of grapes, some are the size of plums. Watching people trying to swallow them can be quite concerning. For those who manage it, the coming year bodes well. Check out this great website for more about Spain during the festive season.

The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) usually has a band playing on the Balcòn de Europa and the obligatory Scotsman, complete with kilt and bagpipes, brings in the UK New Year at 01:00 local time (00:00 UK time). I’m sorry, there is no escaping the demon pipes. (As someone who served with both Irish and Scots Guards, I can be forgiven, after all, have you ever been woken at 06:30 by bagpipes?)

The dancing and celebrations usually carry on through the early hours. It is great fun.

Covid-19 the great Spoil-Sport

Apartments Gran Plaza 1 Nerja - New Year 2023
Gran Plaza Apartments – If you want to be at the very centre of all that’s happening in Nerja

During the Covid pandemic, such gatherings were forbidden and the celebrations were cancelled. Last year though, we stayed in a lovely apartment on the Gran Plaza de España in the centre of Nerja.

Gran Plaza de España 1 bedroom apartment is ideally located in the centre of Nerja. If you want to be at the heart of everything that is happening, then this is a great place to book. Gran Plaza de España apartment.

I digress: New Year’s Eve 2022 was great fun. Although large gatherings were still restricted and people were asked not to gather on the Balcòn de Europa at midnight; we did. Partying was forbidden: no Cava and no grapes. The local police were on hand to make sure everything was as it should be. The Guardia Civil also came along for the ride.

Slowly but surely, people began to gravitate towards the Balcòn and Tutti Frutti square, shopping bags in hand and looking sheepish. From all around the Church of El Salvador, the square and the Balcòn, corks started popping, people were getting ready to choke themselves on grapes and groups started to form.

True to form, as the bell started to chime in the New Year, the grapes were swallowed (or spat out to prevent foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) the Cava consumed and people hugged and wished each other all the best for the coming year. The police had nothing to do, everything was a joyous occasion. After all, we had just come through the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1918.

New Year 2023 – Book Now!

This year, if you are thinking of spending Christmas and New Year in Nerja, book early! This is one of the busiest seasons and the accommodation is snapped up. Check out the great self-catering apartments, villas and townhouses available to you from Nerja Beach Holidays.

If you need help with your booking or have questions about the accommodation, please contact NBH and we will be happy to help in any way.

You can connect to Nerja Beach Holidays from this page or call direct.

Whatsapp: (+34) 644 793 168

Spanish food and drink ideas on Facebook

Spanish Food and Drink on Facebook – Food Ideas

I have built a Spanish Food and Drink Page on Facebook

I have been cooking for the best part of 50 years in one way or another. When my wife bought me a Ken Hom Wok, I was truly inspired. Since then I take any and every opportunity to cook.

Why Spanish Food and Drink?

I have lived here in Spain now for close to 21 years. In that time, I have eaten pretty much everything that Andalucia can offer. Some classic dishes and some, Matt Hancock might be eating in the I’m a Celebrity…get me out of here! camp. I jest ye not!

There are some truly outstanding dishes, such as Cochinillo or Lechòn (suckling Pig) and Rabo de Toro (Oxtail) and some horrors, such as Sesos (Brains in breadcrumbs look just like any other breaded meats, watch out!).

I have cooked a lot of regional as well as local dishes. I also photographed them too. So, it seemed like a good idea to make a Facebook Page and put all the photographs and recipes together. Viola! 

There will be all sorts of things going on this page, not just Spanish food and drink. I often cook British food as well as Italian, French and American.

American? Yes; Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex, Soul Food, Jerk and so on. I group this diverse group of cuisines as ‘American’

Youtube the FoodTube

Spanish Food & Drink on Facebook - Rabo de Toro
The classic Rabo de Toro or Ox or Bulls Tail Stew – Served at Manolo’s in Salinas

I binge-watch Youtube for food and drink Ideas. There is an absolute wealth of videos that will give you the genuine recipes as well as versions on a theme. Some, such as Spain on a Fork and Kay’s Cooking are my favourites. One is a Spanish chef and the other is a culinary disaster: both are entertaining.

I have also added the food and drink from the restaurantes, bars and other food suppliers. The Menu del Dia (Menu of the Day) can bring up some excellent dishes. They are also good value, ranging from 8€ upwards. Tapas are also added and tapas bars.

Nerja is a fantastic place for foodies such as me. There are Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Indian and many other international cuisines represented. You won’t go hungry in Nerja.

If you are staying with Nerja Beach Holidays and are catering for yourself, this Facebook page might give you some ideas. Not just what and where to eat but, also, what to cook for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the page and I also hope that you will contribute some of your own ideas.

Judith Chalmers Wish you were here

Nerja Lovers Facebook Page – Nerja Information on Social Media

Nerja Lovers is the name of a Facebook page for visitors and residents of Nerja

Nerja is a fantastic place for a holiday at any time of the year. It is, from talking to friends also a great place to live. I have been visiting Nerja since 1995 when we stayed at the Balcòn de Europa hotel.

This is located, strangely enough, at the end of the Balcòn de Europa (Who would have thought?). We also rented privately in apartments over the Bar 19 pub.

These days though, we visit Nerja many times during the year as we live in the north of Malaga province, about an hour away. Any excuse will do for us, “fancy a curry?” “How about a week away?”, you name it, we can find an excuse to get down to that lovely part of the Costa del Sol.

Also, I like to get new photographs and see what’s happening for this Blog.

Nerja Beach Holidays have lots of beautiful villas and apartments in Nerja, so, we like to stay as often as we can.

Where to Eat in Nerja? What’s the Best Beach…

Since Judith Chalmers first introduced the watching world to Nerja way back in the nineties, people have been visiting in even greater numbers. This is still true today. Nerja back then looked a bit different to what it does in 2022. Not too much but time and modernisation move on.

Along came social media and things changed even more. Now, people who visit Nerja and the wider Costa del Sol don’t need brochures to tell them what to do or where to stay. Facebook, for example, is awash with information: some good, some utter codswallop.

This prompted people to set up their own Facebook pages for Nerja. Some are fantastic and offer real information; one such Facebook page is Nerja Lovers

Nerja Lovers Facebook Page

Nerja Lovers Facebook Page logo
Nerja Lovers Facebook Page logo – It sort of acts as a mark of quality


Hello, friends from around the world. Welcome to our group which is dedicated to all of you who love Nerja and want to share your pictures, videos and experience from this amazing city!

Nerja Lovers is a new community on Facebook. We are united by their love for Nerja, the passion to buy in the small shop in Nerja, and preserve the beautiful beaches and all the charms of Nerja.

Sorry if we make mistakes. We are human and this is why we make mistakes.
The group rules: (Yes! there are rules so make sure you abide by them)

This page is great and very popular, with 58k plus members. So, if you need an opinion or some local information, this page is very useful. There are thousands of photographs of Nerja and the surroundings.

Beware though! there are some very strange people on that Facebook Page.

As with other blogs and Social Media sites, you do get a few ‘strange’ people posting answers to mainly genuine questions. You also get some stupid questions asked by some genuine people.

One person asked the group “What is the weather like at the end of May?”

Some answers were ”

Come and find out! How the **** do we know, look up the long-range forecast like everybody else.
Sorry !! It’s great”
Maybe ask the Just Stop Oil protesters, they can predict the future.
PS If you’d said please l would have given you a sensible answer.
Others were a lot more polite and sensible.


If you are a regular visitor to the Nerja Lovers Facebook page, you will soon get to know the characters. My favourite is a lady who you would swear is the Mayoress of Nerja. I know she is a resident because she uses the royal “We” in all of her posts.

I you are looking for photographs of Nerja, the hotels, restaurants, beaches and so forth, this is a great group for you to visit.

Check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website for the best villas, apartments and townhouses in Nerja.

Long Term Rentals on the Costa del Sol | 2-bedroom House Nerja Santo Tomas

Are You Looking For Long-Term Rentals in Nerja?

Long-term rentals in Nerja don’t come any better than this great 2-bedroom house. I have often said, the best way to enjoy a holiday in Nerja is to have your accommodation. Renting in Nerja, rather than staying in resorts and hotels, gives you more freedom. Nobody likes to be tied to itineraries.

You will have more freedom to visit other towns and cities in the Malaga or Andalucia areas. Ronda, Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Malaga city are just a few fantastic places to visit.

Some people, those with more time on their hands, or those on business, may like a longer stay. Well, we have just the place for them. the lovely 2-bedroom house Santo Tomas from Nerja Beach Holidays.

House Description

Long Term Rentals on the Costa del Sol - 2-bedroom House Nerja Santo Tomas
Views from the patio of Santo Tomas  a 2-Bedroom long term rental house in Nerja

​​This 2-bedroom house is located in the quiet urbanization of Santo Tomas. Both bedrooms are located upstairs and have access leading to the terrace upstairs with a scenic view over the sea. There is a terrace at the front and back of the house.
Burriana beach is 10 minute’s walk from the house. We do not accept rentals for less than 6 months.
There is also an outside bathroom with a shower and a washing machine.

The House Area

Airport (Málaga): 72 kilometers

Beach: 10 minutes by walk
Golf: 27 kilometres
Shops: 10 minutes by walk

​Local leisure
Small shops, restaurants, pubs, café, theatre, cinema, museum, church, park, market, boardwalk

​Local activities
Cycling, diving, swimming, walking, kayaking, jet ski

Please visit the main Nerja Beach Holidays website for more details and photographs. If you have any questions or need more information or help with your booking, please conrtact Nerja Beach Holidays and you will get all the help and assistance you need.

Heads Up!

There is a great special offer on a 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Capsitrano Playa. 15% discount for the weeks of November 2022. See more details here.