Hispanic Day 2023 (Día de la Hispanidad)

Celebrating Hispanic Day: Spain’s National Holiday on October 12, 2023

Hispanic Day 2023 (Día de la Hispanidad)  - Statue of Christopher  Columbus
Christopher Columbus pointed the way to the new worlds – Hispanic Day (Día de la Hispanidad) 

About Hispanic Day

Spain’s rich cultural heritage and history come to life on October 12th every year as the nation celebrates Hispanic Day, also known as Fiesta Nacional de España. This national holiday is a time for Spaniards to come together and commemorate their country’s unity, culture, and history. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of Hispanic Day and the various ways in which Spain celebrates this special occasion in 2023.

The Historical Significance:

Hispanic Day holds historical significance as it marks the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas in 1492. This event symbolizes Spain’s exploration and its historical connection to Latin America. As a result, Hispanic Day is not only a day for celebrating Spain but also for acknowledging the broader Hispanic heritage that spans the globe.

How Spain Celebrates Hispanic Day:

1. Military Parade: One of the most notable events of Hispanic Day is the military parade in Madrid. It showcases Spain’s military might and pays tribute to the armed forces.

2. Flag Raising: The day begins with the raising of the Spanish national flag in Madrid’s central Plaza de Colón, and it’s an event filled with patriotic fervour.

3. Cultural Exhibitions: Throughout the country, there are cultural exhibitions, traditional dances, and historical reenactments that allow Spaniards to connect with their heritage.

4. Open Museums: Many museums and historical sites offer free admission or special exhibitions, allowing people to explore Spain’s rich history.

5. Festive Atmosphere: Across Spain, people celebrate with parades, music, and traditional Spanish food, creating a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.


Hispanic Day on October 12th is a day for Spain to celebrate its historical and cultural roots while also acknowledging its role in shaping the broader Hispanic world. Whether you’re in Spain to witness the grand military parade in Madrid or savoring traditional Spanish dishes in your local community, Hispanic Day is a time to appreciate Spain’s diverse and vibrant culture while remembering its essential place in history.

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