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Laws on entry into Spain tightened – Scaremongering Press!

Laws on entry into Spain tightened. Brits must Prove they can spend 85 pounds every day to enter Spain

Laws on entry into Spain tightened - Scaremongering Press!
Scaremongering Press! Don’t be put off your Spanish holidays

Brits (that’s British to you and me) are asked to make sure they have a minimum of 85 pounds to spend for each day of their Spanish holiday.

Holidaymakers entering Spain could be asked to show they have enough money to fund their trips at the rate of €100 or £85 per day.

The financial requirements go even further, as visitors must have €900 minimum (£766.94), together with two other forms of proof: a return or onward ticket and evidence of accommodation. (Daily Record)

This was enough to start a Twitter storm!* Every local newspaper, from Lands End to John O’Groats was running with the headline in various forms of fear.

The British tourists would need 85 Pounds per day headline in one paper, which became  595 pounds (7 days break) and 1190 pounds (14 days) in another.

Some publications, such as the Liverpool Echo were a little more European by quoting the cost in Euros (100€ a day looks scarier than £85.22). Other restrictions include possessing proof of a return ticket or onward journey and evidence of accommodation.

Laws on Entry into Spain

Most of the Twitterati, Facebook lawyers, Instagrammers and other social media platform users lost the plot. They overlooked one little word: ‘May’.

language note: May is a modal verb. It is used with the base form of a verb. Your use may indicate that something will possibly happen or be true in the future, but you cannot be certain. “We may have some rain today”, “Manchester United may win the Premier League this year…” (Nah! that’s stretching things a bit)

Do we think the Spanish government would shoot itself in the foot by alienating the biggest group of tourists into Spain? Pre-pandemic 18.1 million UK tourists entered Spain.

Post-pandemic the numbers are rising again as people start to travel more. 2021 4.3 million UK residents holidayed in Spain. That number will rise.

So, if your country made 4.8 billion euros from British tourism in 2021 (73% down on 2019 due to the Coronavirus pandemic), burdening the tourists with ever more rules and regulations is not the wisest of moves.

Also, how many more officials would you need to both check and enforce these new laws? How would you prove you have spent the requisite amount each day?. Would the tourist need to keep receipts?

I don’t know ANYONE who has been asked to prove any of this. Do you? I would be very interested to know.

Meanwhile, in true Brit tradition; Keep Calm and Carry on Abroad!

Remember the fear stories about the ‘hellish weather ‘horrible heatwave’  etc from last week? The UK didn’t turn into a burned piece of toast; did it?

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*a period characterized by a sudden increase in the number of posts made on the social media application Twitter about a particular issue, event, etc., especially controversial one.

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