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Travel News For Airports on the Costa del Sol Spain

Chaos at international airports. Strikes and Staff shortages hit foreign tourist arrivals on the Costa del Sol

Travel News for the Costa del Sol Spain
Long-suffering tourists in long-suffering airport queues. (Daily Mail)

Travel News – It doesn’t look good!

As if the poor tourists haven’t had a bad enough time. It’s horrible enough that the poor souls have to contend with the cost of living crisis at home in the UK. Added to that, rising inflation, rail strikes, and the chaos at ports that has followed Brexit.

Having to queue to get in and out of ports hasn’t helped at all.

Reading the Sur in English online, today, it doesn’t look good at all.

Strikes and staff shortages at airlines and major hubs are making flying a nightmare this summer, and hotel occupancy forecasts for foreign guests have been revised downwards as a direct result

An article, by Pilar Martìnez, is a ‘must read’ if you have travel plans from the UK to Costa del Sol.

A slowdown in foreign tourist bookings and cancellations has affected occupancy forecasts for hotels on the Costa del Sol.

The Hoteliers Association of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), in its latest report, has revised downward the expected numbers of international travelers – to a 60 percent occupancy rate, a fall of ten percent. However, Aehcos said the decline will be offset by growth in domestic demand.

The association blames the Ryanair and EasyJet strikes and also the chaos at European airports for the decline.

Read more of the Pilar Martìnez article here.

Travelers really do need to keep an eye on the news channels. Industrial action is one thing; at least you get a warning. Staff shortages: they are a different kettle of fish altogether. These often cannot be accounted for.

Being the harbinger of bad travel news is not what I’m about, but, I do feel for people who have had holidays ruined or canceled because of no fault of their own.

I know! because I had flights to Lanzarote canceled by those charlatans at in 2020 (I’m still waiting for my reimbursement but that’s another story)

I wish you all the best of British luck; I hope you get your well-deserved holidays.

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