If ever there was a case for self-catering in Nerja

I came across a video on Instagram, thanks to the Liverpool Echo, of holidaymakers somewhere on the Costa del Sol. What I saw reinforced my belief in self-catering holidays.

Fifty or more guests wait, like naughty children, to get their towels on a sunbed. It is quite amusing; it is also quite sad. Take a look at the video and see if you know where this hotel is. My guess is Fuengirola but, I could be wrong.



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Self-catering holidays offer several benefits that appeal to a wide range of travellers. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Flexibility: Self-catering holidays provide the freedom to create your schedule. You’re not bound by hotel dining hours, allowing you to eat and explore at your own pace.
  2. Cost-Effective: Self-catering accommodations often have kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your meals. This can significantly cut down on dining expenses, as you can buy groceries and cook your favourite dishes.
  3. Space and Privacy: Self-catering accommodations, such as rental apartments or cottages, offer more space than traditional hotel rooms. This extra room provides a greater sense of privacy and comfort, making it suitable for families and larger groups.
  4. Local Experience: Staying in a self-catering property often means living in a residential neighbourhood, providing a more authentic experience of the local culture. You can shop at local markets, interact with residents, and immerse yourself in the destination.
  5. Cooking Preferences: If you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, self-catering allows you to tailor your meals to your needs. This can be especially important for those with allergies or other dietary considerations.
  6. Socializing: Many self-catering accommodations have communal spaces, such as kitchens or living rooms, where you can socialize with your travel companions. This can foster a sense of togetherness and make the trip more enjoyable.
  7. Extended Stays: Self-catering is ideal for longer trips or stays. A fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities can make extended travel more convenient and comfortable.
  8. Home Away from Home: With self-catering, you can create a homey atmosphere during your vacation. You have the space to spread out, relax, and unwind in a way that might not be possible in a hotel room.
  9. Cost Sharing: For group trips, self-catering accommodations can be cost-effective as the cost of renting a larger property can be split among several people, making it more affordable compared to booking multiple hotel rooms.
  10. Pet-Friendly Options: If you’re travelling with pets, self-catering properties often provide more pet-friendly options compared to hotels, allowing you to bring your furry companions along.

Remember, the benefits of self-catering holidays can vary based on personal preferences, the destination, and the specific accommodations you choose. It’s essential to consider your travel style and needs when deciding whether a self-catering holiday is the right choice for you.