Food and Drink in Nerja – Trying Oysters at the V&A Restaurant

For a Birthday Treat, we visit Nerja for a weekend of Feasting

I have never eaten Oysters, somehow, they didn’t look appetizing. Grey, cold and slimy! Yuk! However;

Oysters stand out as highly nutritious shellfish, boasting a diverse range of health benefits. Rich in high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they contribute significantly to overall well-being. We decided we would have to bite the bullet (or Oyster) and give it a go

There are many places to eat in Nerja and many varieties of cuisine to choose from. For our Oyster treat, we decided to try the menu at the V&A Brunch & Lobster Bar. There are many great recommendations posted on Social Media platforms about the quality of food and service at the V&A and from the photographs, it looked fantastic.

Staying with Nerja Beach Holidays

Our visit to Nerja was from Saturday 18th to Monday 20th November and so we booked the visit with Nerja Beach Holidays. We stayed at Gran Plaza 1 Apartment. This one-bedroom apartment is located in the Plaza de España which is to the rear of the Nerja town hall and a very short walk to the Balcòn de Europa, the church of El Salvador and Tutti Frutti square.

There was another reason for staying in the Gran Plaza apartment, the V&A Brunch and Lobster Bar is located on the corner of Plaza de España, 200 yards away. Staggering distance, you might say.

We visited a few bars and restaurants over the course of the weekend but, for this post, I’ll concentrate on the V&A.

The original plan was to have dinner on Saturday night and Brunch on Sunday, however; the restaurant was not open on Sunday so, we decided to do both on Saturday (greedy?)

Brunch at the V&A Lobster Bar

Brunch was a wonderful affair. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the tables are set out with golden cutlery and nice napkins. Whilst we were there, some ladies were having a girl’s lunch and the unlimited Proscceto was going down a treat, by the look of things.

Dinner at the V&A


If we thought brunch was something special; dinner was absolutely fantastic. As you can see from this picture, Oysters top the triple tier, Lobster and assorted shellfish grace the lower decks along with delicious fish in a lovely sauce.

Needless to say, we had a couple of excellent cocktails (along with a couple of bottle of Prosecco!) 

All in all, we would recommend the V & A Brunch and Lobster Bar to any visitors to Nerja. You can check out their menu from this link.