Nerja self-catering Villas and apartments for rent

Nerja Self-Catering Holiday Apartments and Villas

Why Choose a Nerja self-catering holiday?

Nerja Self-catering Holiday to the Spanish Costa del Sol
Nerja Self-catering Holiday apartments just above Burriana Beach, Nerja

When you need a break from the world, a holiday in Nerja is the perfect escape. Located just 45 minutes from Malaga Airport, Nerja is a hidden gem that is perfect for self-catering holidays.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, explore the town and nearby attractions, or simply enjoy being in the fresh air, Nerja has something for everyone. This quiet town is a great place to recharge and experience the real Spain.

If you’re looking for a self-catering holiday in Nerja, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got everything you need to feel like a local and enjoy all the best the area has to offer.

Our Nerja self-catering apartments offer you the perfect base from which to explore the area and head out on the town when you want to.

You can cook at your apartment. Or, you can choose one of the many bars, restaurants, or Chiriguitos. When you book one of our villas or apartments, we’ll provide all the necessary equipment and accommodation you will need.

Nerja Food and Drink

Nerja self-catering holidays on the Ciosta del Sol, Spain
Ayo’s Paella has been the subject of many TV travel programs.

Nerja’s seafood dishes are on the menu always. But, the culinary highlight is paella, a rice dish that is cooked in olive oil and typically includes seafood, chicken, sausage, and Spanish sausage.

Ayo’s Paella is world famous and the subject of many TV travel programs. Ayo’s Chiringuito is located near the end of Burriana Beach.

Spaniards are known to love their food, especially their paella, a rice dish that originated on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Many different variations exist, and the best ones are made in the Valencia region.

The most common ones are Valencian paella, which consists of rice, chicken, lamb, seafood, and vegetables cooked in a large paella pan (the dish is actually called ‘Arroz’ or ‘Rice’ the pan is the Paella) on the stove, and Valencia’s version, which is a pilaf-like dish cooked in a clay pot or a pan on the stove.
Self-Catering 2 bedroom holiday apartments

Self-Catering 2 Bedroom Holiday Apartments in Nerja

Holiday Rental in Nerja, Edificio Coronado 156, Parador Area

Self-Catering is the way to enjoy a Nerja Holiday

I’ve said this countless times; self-catering holidays are the best way to enjoy your time abroad. Why? Freedom!

The advantage of choosing self-catering accommodation is that you get more freedom, more choice, more space and more beds for the price of an all-inclusive holiday.

A self-catering holiday is basically like having a home away from home. You get privacy and you can come and go as you please. You are not tied to hotel or resort itineraries.

Nerja Beach Holidays has some of the best self-catering accommodations on the Costa del Sol. Here we would like to feature a lovely 2-bedroom apartment that is close to the Parador in Nerja.

Paradores are a network of 97 state-run hotels (96 in Spain & 1 in Portugal). They are marvellous properties consisting of restored Castles, Monasteries, Convents, Fortresses, Manor Houses, and Palaces as well as some exceptional modern properties.

Edificio Coronado 156

Self-Catering 2 bedroom holiday apartments in Nerja on the Costa del Sol, Spain
Coronado Self-Catering 2 bedroom holiday apartment has access to a lovely swimming pool.

This spacious 2-bedroom apartment is located on the 1st floor in the building Coronado in the Parador Area within a short walk to Carabeillo and Carabeo beach.

As you walk into the apartment, you will find the living room with a large sofa, ample seating and the dining area.

Self-Catering Apartments are fully equipped

There is free WiFi and a large screen Smart TV with international channels.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, and storage area and leads to the private balcony. The twin bedroom has two single beds, a storage area and also leads to a private balcony.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a hob, oven, fridge freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle and washing machine.

The quirky pink bathroom has a walk-in shower, a bathtub, wash basin and toilet.  There is free on-street parking around the building and a big payable car park within a short distance from the apartment.

It has two communal pools, one for adults and one for children which are open from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

There is a Coviran supermarket with all your essentials just across the street. Also in the streets just surrounding the apartment block you will find various coffee shops, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, a tobacconist, launderette services, an ATM and more…

Access to the Balcon de Europa is easy as it is located within 8 minute walk from the apartment. See more

If you need more information or would like to book this apartment, please contact Nerja Beach Holidays.

(+34) 644 793 168

Spain border checks

Laws on entry into Spain tightened – Scaremongering Press!

Laws on entry into Spain tightened. Brits must Prove they can spend 85 pounds every day to enter Spain

Laws on entry into Spain tightened - Scaremongering Press!
Scaremongering Press! Don’t be put off your Spanish holidays

Brits (that’s British to you and me) are asked to make sure they have a minimum of 85 pounds to spend for each day of their Spanish holiday.

Holidaymakers entering Spain could be asked to show they have enough money to fund their trips at the rate of €100 or £85 per day.

The financial requirements go even further, as visitors must have €900 minimum (£766.94), together with two other forms of proof: a return or onward ticket and evidence of accommodation. (Daily Record)

This was enough to start a Twitter storm!* Every local newspaper, from Lands End to John O’Groats was running with the headline in various forms of fear.

The British tourists would need 85 Pounds per day headline in one paper, which became  595 pounds (7 days break) and 1190 pounds (14 days) in another.

Some publications, such as the Liverpool Echo were a little more European by quoting the cost in Euros (100€ a day looks scarier than £85.22). Other restrictions include possessing proof of a return ticket or onward journey and evidence of accommodation.

Laws on Entry into Spain

Most of the Twitterati, Facebook lawyers, Instagrammers and other social media platform users lost the plot. They overlooked one little word: ‘May’.

language note: May is a modal verb. It is used with the base form of a verb. Your use may indicate that something will possibly happen or be true in the future, but you cannot be certain. “We may have some rain today”, “Manchester United may win the Premier League this year…” (Nah! that’s stretching things a bit)

Do we think the Spanish government would shoot itself in the foot by alienating the biggest group of tourists into Spain? Pre-pandemic 18.1 million UK tourists entered Spain.

Post-pandemic the numbers are rising again as people start to travel more. 2021 4.3 million UK residents holidayed in Spain. That number will rise.

So, if your country made 4.8 billion euros from British tourism in 2021 (73% down on 2019 due to the Coronavirus pandemic), burdening the tourists with ever more rules and regulations is not the wisest of moves.

Also, how many more officials would you need to both check and enforce these new laws? How would you prove you have spent the requisite amount each day?. Would the tourist need to keep receipts?

I don’t know ANYONE who has been asked to prove any of this. Do you? I would be very interested to know.

Meanwhile, in true Brit tradition; Keep Calm and Carry on Abroad!

Remember the fear stories about the ‘hellish weather ‘horrible heatwave’  etc from last week? The UK didn’t turn into a burned piece of toast; did it?

Remember to check out the Nerja Beach Holidays website. Some great apartments, villas and townhouses are available for your all-inclusive holiday to Spain.

*a period characterized by a sudden increase in the number of posts made on the social media application Twitter about a particular issue, event, etc., especially controversial one.

Travel News Costa del Sol

Travel News For Airports on the Costa del Sol Spain

Chaos at international airports. Strikes and Staff shortages hit foreign tourist arrivals on the Costa del Sol

Travel News for the Costa del Sol Spain
Long-suffering tourists in long-suffering airport queues. (Daily Mail)

Travel News – It doesn’t look good!

As if the poor tourists haven’t had a bad enough time. It’s horrible enough that the poor souls have to contend with the cost of living crisis at home in the UK. Added to that, rising inflation, rail strikes, and the chaos at ports that has followed Brexit.

Having to queue to get in and out of ports hasn’t helped at all.

Reading the Sur in English online, today, it doesn’t look good at all.

Strikes and staff shortages at airlines and major hubs are making flying a nightmare this summer, and hotel occupancy forecasts for foreign guests have been revised downwards as a direct result

An article, by Pilar Martìnez, is a ‘must read’ if you have travel plans from the UK to Costa del Sol.

A slowdown in foreign tourist bookings and cancellations has affected occupancy forecasts for hotels on the Costa del Sol.

The Hoteliers Association of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), in its latest report, has revised downward the expected numbers of international travelers – to a 60 percent occupancy rate, a fall of ten percent. However, Aehcos said the decline will be offset by growth in domestic demand.

The association blames the Ryanair and EasyJet strikes and also the chaos at European airports for the decline.

Read more of the Pilar Martìnez article here.

Travelers really do need to keep an eye on the news channels. Industrial action is one thing; at least you get a warning. Staff shortages: they are a different kettle of fish altogether. These often cannot be accounted for.

Being the harbinger of bad travel news is not what I’m about, but, I do feel for people who have had holidays ruined or canceled because of no fault of their own.

I know! because I had flights to Lanzarote canceled by those charlatans at in 2020 (I’m still waiting for my reimbursement but that’s another story)

I wish you all the best of British luck; I hope you get your well-deserved holidays.

Self-Catering Apartments for Rent in Nerja Spain

One Bedroom Self-Catering Apartments for Rent in Nerja

Self-catering apartments and holiday villas are the best way to enjoy a Nerja holiday. Staying in hotels and all-inclusive resorts is fine. But, if you want the freedom to move around; self-catering accommodation is the best bet.

Being tied to hotels or resorts’ itineraries can be a bind. Nobody likes the idea of having paid for an all-inclusive break, only to pay for meals outside of the resort. After all, people are inquisitive, they like to explore the area, town, or city they are staying in.

Other people, like to go farther afield. This is where the self-catering option is best. You are free to come and go as you please. You decide where and when to eat, and what entertainment to see.

One Bedroom Self-Catering Apartments

Nerja Beach Holidays has a great range of apartments, villas, and townhouses in and around Nerja on the Costa del Sol. On the main website, you will find something for everyone.

If it’s the beach you prefer, then look no further than the apartments behind Burriana Beach. These have fantastic views of the Mediterranean and Burriana Beach.

If it is the town centre you want, no problem, they have you covered.

Holiday Rental in Nerja: Apartment Capistrano Playa 411 Close To The Beach

Self-Catering Apartments for Rent in Nerja Costa del Sol Spain
What a great view from Capistrano Playa 411 – this could be your view.


Situated on the Capistrano Playa complex this tastefully modernized one-bedroom apartment is ideal for those wanting easy access to beaches and restaurants.

The apartment is on the lower level of the complex overlooking the famous Capistrano Playa lagoon with views out to the nearby Burriana Beach.

The apartment offers an open plan living area with very comfortable leather sofas (one being a sofa bed which sleeps 2), an air conditioning unit with heating, a TV with international channels, a DVD player, a dining table with seating for 4 and a fully fitted kitchen with all the appliances needed for your self-catering holiday.

Capistrano Playa 411 -see more.

Holiday Rental in Nerja: Apartment Gran Plaza 4. A great apartment right in the heart of Nerja town

Self-Catering Apartments for Rent in Nerja Gran Plaza 4
Town centre Self-Catering Apartments for Rent in Nerja – Gran Plaza 4

This modern 1 bedroom apartment is located on the first floor of a newly built apartment block right in the heart of Nerja within only a few minutes’ walk to the famous Balcon de Europa.

As you walk into the apartment, you will find the kitchen with an open space dining area leading to the living room. There is free WiFi and a TV with international channels.

The master bedroom has a double bed and storage area. The sofa bed can accommodate 2 people.

See more of Gran Plaza 4

There are plenty more self-catering apartments, villas, and townhouses to see. If you need help, you can always contact Nerja Beach Holidays.

(+34) 644 793 168

Virgen del Carmen is Celebrated again along the Costa del Sol

Dia de la Virgen del Carmen is Celebrated all along the Costa del Sol 2022

Día de la Virgen del Carmen is celebrated on July 16th in many coastal towns and villages throughout Spain.
The Virgen del Carmen took out to sea

Día de la Virgen del Carmen is celebrated on July 16th in many coastal towns and villages throughout Spain.

Places as diverse as Almuñecar, on the coast of Granada province, and Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife share the festival with many other coastal communities in Andalucia, Nerja, Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia.

Hundreds of years later, many pilgrims came to this holy place with the purpose of keeping the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmelo safe. Today, the Virgen del Carmen is the protector of all waters, seamen, and fishermen. The dedication to Virgin Mary became an important part of many Catholic-based countries

The Costa del Sol towns and villages had to forgo the Virgen del Carmen celebrations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now though, they are back with a vengeance.

I searched my favorite online newspaper, the Sur in English, for photographs. I was not disappointed.For anyone interested in events such as Virgen del Carmen and who wants to check out the festivities, try these photographs from Sur in English.

You may want to make a cuppa, there are over 80 great images to see.

There are many fiestas and other events all along the Costa del Sol and inland places. Renting a Nerja villa or apartment gives you the freedom to pick and choose which you attend.

Nerja has its own traditions; such as:


International Festival of Music and Dance of the Cave of Nerja

Day of the Virgin del Carmen, July 16. The feast in honour of the patron saint of sailors is being held in all municipalities of the Costa del Sol and is one of the most beautiful ones. Among wreaths the Virgin is carried into the sea in a sea procession, there are fireworks and a popular Moraga (grilled Sardines at the beach) accompanied by traditional music and dance of the area.


Feria de las Maravillas de Nerja around September 8. Feast in honour of the patron saint, the Virgen de las Maravillas; this day takes place a procession of the Virgin through the streets and there are fireworks.

Tourist day: Since the ’60s is celebrated at the Balcony of Europe a day for the tourists with food and drink typical of the area and dances.

There is also the Nerja Fair and Columbus Day, Halloween, and so on. There is plenty to see and do. Check out this website for Nerja and other Costa del Sol Locations. Malagaweb.

Enjoy yourself!

El Terral

Terral Wind and Hot Weather Warnings in the UK

Terral Wind will give you an insight as to what your hair feels like under a hair dryer

Terral Wind weather warnings

Terral: what is it?

Wind! Very hot wind. That is the best and only way to describe ‘La Terral’ as we call it in the Malaga province of Andalucia, Spain.

If you have a good head of hair like me, you will have used the hair dryer at some stage. Well, imagine standing in front of a massive dryer, you get the picture?

Many people think that this horrible phenomenon comes from the Sahara Desert via the North African coast; it doesn’t.

Where does Terral Wind come from?

Cold wind from the north of Spain travels south and through the mountains around the Malaga area. A rapid increase in atmospheric pressure combined with a loss of moisture and increase in temperature gives you this hot, dry blustery wind.

It doesn’t end there: once this Terral Wind reaches the coast, it displaces the surface moister. This in turn makes the colder, deeper water rise to the surface. Viola! you have very cold seawater.

That is why, during these how and windy days, the sea is rather cold.

There is a great website with more information on the Terral Wind and other subjects of interest. Malaga Web, go check it out.

UK very high temperatures and weather warnings

Terral Wind in the UK is called Helm Wind. The Helm Wind is a named wind in Cumbria, England, a strong north-easterly wind which blows down the southwest slope of the Cross Fell escarpment. It is the only named wind in the British Isles, although many other mountain regions in Britain exhibit the same phenomenon when the weather conditions are favourable. Wikipedia

It comes to something when some parts of the UK are even hotter than Spain. Temperatures are getting to 40ºC in some parts of England. This is causing some concern at the UK weather centre. So much so; that they are issuing severe weather warnings.

It does make the older generation laugh. Take a peep at this Wikipedia snippet: The 1976 British Isles heat wave led to the second hottest summer average temperature in the UK since records began.

At the same time, the country suffered a severe drought. It was one of the driest, sunniest and warmest summers in the 20th century, although the summer of 1995 is now regarded as the driest. Wikipedia

How ever did we cope?

El Terral and the high UK temperatures
The UK finally gets a nice bit of weather and, guess what?

If you had the same scaremongering media back then, none of us would have left the house.

The Daily Mirror leads with a story of passengers ‘passing out’ in ‘boiling terminals’ after long flight delays.

The Washington Post really goes for it, with; National emergency in Britain as ‘deadly’ heatwave hits Europe.

The Sun is edging its bets with: Scorching heatwave to last at least eight more days befor ending with a bang! as thunderstorms set to hit the UK.

The Daily Star: With record-breaking temperatures forecast for much of the UK over the next few days, Kit Malthouse is chairing an emergency Cobra meeting at No 10 Downing Street. It goes on to tell us that there will be ‘temperatures never experienced’

How to survive the terribley hot UK weather

The trick is to get plenty of liquids down you. There is more advice available from the UK Government.

Walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat, if you have to go out in the heat. avoid physical exertion in the hottest parts of the day. make sure you take water with you if you are travelling. take care and make sure to follow local safety advice if you are going into the water to cool down. Check the UK Gov website for more sage advice on how to survive in the very hot weather.

Coming soon:

How to survive the torrential rain and storms that are due to follow the very hot UK weather.

Stay safe;-)

Nerja Holidays and Exploring Malaga Province

Nerja Holidays are great, although you would be surprised what you will find inland of the Costa del sol

Nerja Holidays – Try Inland of Malaga

One of the great advantages of renting a self-catering villa or apartment is freedom. That’s correct; freedom. By that I mean you are not tied to hotel or resort itineraries. You are free to come and go as you please.

Nerja itself has lots to offer the tourist. If you fancy discovering what lies beyond the Costa del Sol, then, head inland and north.

There are many small and large villages and rural communities to visit. Some towns and cities are a ‘must see’.

Antequera is one such place but, I’ll do a separate blog posting  on Antequera as there is so much to pack in.

There is one village I would recommend you to visit; Villanueva del Trabuco.

Villanueva del Trabuco

Villanueva del Trabuco Malaga Andalucia Spain
The village of Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

Villanueva del Trabuco is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalucia in southern Spain. It is situated in the northeast of the province. Villanueva del Trabuco is located in the comarca of Nororma.

Nororma, a group of towns and landscapes where tradition, culture and fun go hand in hand.

What is there for the tourist in Villanueva del Trabuco?

Not a lot. Trabuco is a pueblo blanco (white village) which is located north- west of Nerja, about an hour drive. The town itself is not particularly large. You can walk from one end to the other in ten minutes.

Although bereft of tourist sights, Trabuco is a great place to stop off and sample traditional Andalucian food and drink . There are plenty of good bars and restaurantes. Tapas are generally free with a drink (how’s that for temptation?)

There is a delightful church just of the main plaza (I cant call it the main square as it is actually Tobelerone shaped). The church of Nuestra Señora de los Delores.

The main attraction for this part of Malaga is the area itself. Tucked in behind the Sierra Gorda and San Jorge mountains and south of the Antequera plain, Trabuco is an outdoor paradise.

Not far from Trabuco is the main attraction, Fuente de los Cien Caños (Fountain of 100 pipes). This is a man-made feature but very interesting nonetheless.

Fuente de los Cien Caños near to Villanueva del Trabuco Spain
Fuente de los Cien Caños near to Villanueva del Trabuco, Andalucia, Spain

Olive groves and wheat fields are mixed with fields of asparagus and all manner of fruit trees. This is a great place to walking or hiking. There are few fences to speak of and then, they are mainly to safeguard the animals.

Biking of all types is common here as is camping. Birdwatching here is at its finest. There are Eagles, Hoopoe Birds, Hawkes and many other wild and wonderful species. Check out this website What to do in Villanueva del Trabuco.

There is a complete list of fairs and fiestas. Easter and September being the main events.

Trabuco ExPats

Baz and Phil at Bar Tacones in Villanueva del Trabuco
Entertainment is often laid on at Bar Tocones in Vva Del Trabuco – Baz and Phil, expats doing their thing.

Just like many parts of Spain, Villanueva del Trabuco has it’s own expatriate community. Although not as numerous as pre-Brexit, there are still a few of us knocking about. Many live in the campo or ‘countryside’ around the town.

Expats make up to 5.5% of the population of just over 5,300 inhabitants (Circa 2019) See more demigraphics.

As with all expatriate communities, they do like their fish ‘n’ chips and Sunday lunches, as well as a good chin-wag.

One focal point for the UK expat community is a recently opened bar / Restaurante just opposite the newly built indoor fish / meat market.

Bar Tacones is a great place to stop off if you are visiting Trabuco.

Nerja Holidays - Bar Tacones in Villanueva del Trabuco is a great expat bar
Inside Bar Tacones – Fancy a beer and tapas? How about breakfast or Sunday Lunch?

Darren and Sass, the people who run Tacones have a great menu as well as a pick-up takeaway facility just in case you don’t fancy cooking for yourself. Tapas are also served.

There is often entertainment on: Bingo, Quiz Nights, music events and such like. The food is good, the prices are fair and I would recommend you stop in and say hello. Check out their Facebook page.

You can also contact them:

Tel:+34 951-566-030


So, enjoy your Nerja holidays in the Nerja Beach Holidays apratments but, please, take time to visit the other great loacations close by.


Spanish Tourism has High Hopes of a Great Summer Season

Spanish tourism sector looks forward to a profitable summer

Hotels have put their prices up and travelling by car will be much more expensive. But, tourists appear to be prepared to put up with the extra costs

Spanish Tourism

At last! it looks like some good news for the Spanish tourism sector. Let’s be honest; it’s not been a bed of roses these past few years. The Carona virus caused havoc worldwide, not just in Spain.

Rising fuel prices, cost of living crises, flight disruption, strikes and a lack of workers in the hospitality sector to name just a few things that have hampered the tourism industry in Spain.

For a real in-depth look, for those who are interested, check out this blog on Spain’s travel sector.

Before the pandemic arrived and dealt the tourism sector such a massive blow, the average price for a hotel room in Spain was 82.60 euros a night. Now, three summers and losses of millions of euros later, that same room will cost 95 euros on average, a rise of 15%. This gives an idea of how much the sector is recovering from the crisis, as bookings this year have exceeded all expectations.

Millions of foreign tourists are flocking to Spain again this summer, desperate for the sunshine and beaches they have missed so much. But rural tourism is also on the increase, as the CEHAT (Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation) has confirmed.

Check out more of this story from the Sur in English website.

Would you believe it?

Spanish Tourism
Alf and Bert have decided to stay in the UK as it was great weather. The Spanish Tourism Minister was dejected at the news.

Having said all of this, one of the biggest, nay! the biggest number of visitors to Spain come from the UK.

The United Kingdom was the main issuing country with 2,318,788 tourists, accounting for 22.1% of the total and an increase of 7.0% as compared to July last year. France and Germany were the following most important countries of residence of tourists visiting Spain in July. (Institute of National Statistics)

What does mother nature do to help the Spanish tourist industry? she ramps up the weather in the UK to record high temperatures!! Even Scotland is hitting the º30C mark. No need to get away to the sun then.

Joking aside, this is great news which ever way you look at it.

Check out the Nerja Beach Holiday websites to see what is available for your holiday in Nerja.

Balcòn de Europa Nerja – The Balcony of Europe

The Balcòn de Europa is one of the most visited attractions along the Spanish Costa del sol – Go and Say hello to King Alfonso XII

Balcón de Europa is a viewpoint, an outcrop of rock, at the end of the so-called Paseo Balcón de Europa or ‘Balcón de Europa walk’. The Balcòn is a much loved and much-visited landmark or tourist attraction, by tourists and locals.


Located in the centre of Nerja and close to the Church of El Salvador, you can sit and have ice cream and people watch. There are often street entertainers and musicians to keep you amused.

You can stay at the Balcòn de Europa in a hotel of the same name. It was the first place I ever stayed in Nerja some 27 years ago. There is also the Hostal  Marissal. The Marissal is a great place to eat, even if you are not actually a guest.

The breakfast is excellent. But, don’t do what I did; I found a triangular-shaped device on the table and sat pressing it to see what function it served. Needless to say, the waiters were not happy.

I digress. you can see several Nerja beaches and the plendour of the Mediterranean Sea to the front and, the Mountains of Nerja: Sierras Tejeda, Almijara Y Alhama, to the rear.

Balcòn photo op

The Balcón de Euròpa King Alfonso XII
King Alfonso XII on the Balcòn de Europa. Stop and say ‘hello!’

Besides the palm trees, cannons, cats and tourists, there is a statue of King Alfonso XII, the chap who gave the Balcòn its name, leaning on the balustrade. As nonchalantley as you like, King Alf will pose with you. The king is a great draw and is often adorned with hats, glasses, scarfes etc.

Just off the Balcòn de Europa, you have the church, bars and restaurants and Tutti-Frutti Square.

Nerja Beach Holidays have apartments close to the Balcòn. Book early, because they tend to get snapped up very quickly. Check out Apartment Gran Plaza 4,  for instance.


Nerja self-catering villas and apartments for rent

Church of El Salvador in Nerja – a great attraction on the Costa del Sol

One of the great tourist attractions, not just in Nerja but, along the Costa del Sol, Spain – The Church of El Salvador

El Salvador Church Nerja Costa del Sol Spain
El Salvador Church Nerja Costa del Sol Spain; A real tourist attraction

About the Church of El Salvador, Nerja

The Church of El Salvador (The Saviour) was built in the Andalusian Baroque and Mudêjar styles in the 16th century (1505). Then enlarged in the 19th century. It has undergone a number of overhauls, notably in 1997. The highlight of the exterior is the square tower with its perpendicular belfry. Inside, it features three spacious, well-lit naves. The centre nave is crowned by a wooden vault while its lateral counterparts have arris and Roman vaults.

This is definately on your list of ‘must see’ attractions when you rent your Nerja villa or apartment. I haven’t put up any interior photographs because I want you to see it with your own eyes. It really is a fantastic building with amazing decor and artifacts.

More Information

El Salvador church in Nerja. The church  located between Plaza Cavana and the Paseo del Balcón de Europa. Very close to the descent to the Salón beach and next to a large tree called the Cerote tree by the people of Nerja.
It is worth noting inside the mural dedicated to the Incarnation, by Francisco Hernández and the Bronze Christ, the work of Aurelio Teno. It is one of the few temples with representations of the three Archangels (San Miguel is the patron saint of Nerja).
There is a lot more information; including opening times and services, from the Tourism Nerja page. 
You will also find information, links and photographs of all the Nerja tourist attractions and, places of interest. This is a fantastic website that will help you to plan your Nerja holiday.
Make sure to bookmark it for future reference.
Forest of Dean Lodges Link Partners

Link Partners

Forest of Dean Lodges and Forest Cabins

Link Partners Forest of Dean Lodges

We welcome a new link partner, Forest of Dean Lodges in Coleford, Monmouthshire. Just like our own business, this company offers self-catering holidays.

Please take a moment to visit their website and see what great holidays in the UK they offer. They are pet friendly too.

Forest of Dean Lodges also offers fantastic weddings and honeymoon plans in the most beautiful of locations.

Forest of Dean Lodges

Our Forest Lodges, cabins, Tents, and Caravans are set just tucked away in the woods very close to the scenic route and many of the local attractions. In addition, they have the benefit of an on-site Spa, with Hot Tub and full spa treatments available.

The most enjoyable forest walks can be enjoyed directly from our self-catering cottages. Due to our rural location visitors can be delighted by seeing deer, foxes, wild boar, buzzards, and a huge variety of birdlife including the Green Woodpecker.

Self-catering holiday cottages are set in tranquil surroundings with a hot tub and full spa treatments available. Our Lodges are ideal for walkers, cyclists, wildlife watchers, and photographers – in the center of all the activities that the Forest of Dean has to offer.

Wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces, privacy, peace, quiet, and tranquillity; the ideal relaxing haven, a place to truly recharge your batteries. Ideal for couples, families, groups. We can accommodate 10 to 12 sleeps or even as much as a 24 group accommodation.

Forest Woodland Weddings

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A Place in the sun

A Place in The Sun TV Series – Nerja Properties for Sale

A Place in the Sun TV Series Featuring Nerja Properties, Costa del Sol, Spain

A place in the Sun Channel 4 TV series
“There’s a place in the sun And before my life is done Gotta find me a place in the sun…”

What is ‘A Place in the Sun’

Well, there is the film, featuring Montgomery Clift and Liz Taylor (Based upon the true story of Chester Gillette, who murdered his pregnant girlfriend in 1906. He was tried, convicted, and executed in 1908. The ghost of the victim, Grace Brown, is said to haunt Big Moose Lake where she drowned, in the Adirondacks in upstate New York)

Then there is the song by Stevie Wonder: “A Place in the Sun” is a 1966 soul single by American and Motown musician Stevie Wonder. Written by Ronald Miller and Bryan Wells, it was one of Wonder’s first songs to contain social commentary.

The term ‘A place in the sun refers to a desirable location or situation.

Then there is the Channel 4 TV series. This is a programme that seeks to find the ideal property for house-hunters in far-flung and exotic places. Mainly they feature Spain and the Mediterranean countries.

The TV Series

House hunters Jo and DP are searching for a holiday home in Nerja on Spain’s ever-popular Costa del Sol. They’re looking for a place they can escape to in the winter and rent out in the summer to support them in their retirement. Tasked with finding them the perfect property is Ben Hillman, who shows them five fantastic options – but will any of them be the dream place for Jo and DP?

About the area of Nerja

A majority of people arriving at the ‘gateway to the Costa del Sol’, Malaga airport, head West towards Marbella, but if you travel an hour to the East up the A7, you arrive at Nerja. The beaches here are arguable just as stunning.

While there are fewer tourists and a little less glitz and glam, this town has a beautifully traditional charm with its coddled streets filled with authentic tapas bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

Surrounding Nerja are a few more great locations, like the tourist town of Torrox Costa with its brilliant promenade, and Almunecar, popular with Spanish tourists and renowned for its fabulous food.

If this is the type of program you like, then here is the link to the Nerja episode shown on Monday 4th of July 2022.

You can also find lots on their Facebook page.

If you are thinking of buying a Nerja property, why not stay with Nerja Beach Holidays while you do your house-hunting. Mix business with pleasure, so to speak.

Weather Forecast Temperatures Set to Rise and More Sahara Dust

Temperatures are on the rise again, with a forecast of 37ºC in Malaga province and possible Saharan dust in places

Warnings for sweltering heat, rough seas or storms are in place in seven Spanish provinces on this first Monday in July

I know I shouldn’t moan, after all, there are places across Europe that are not having the best of summers. However; there is hot weather and, there is very hot weather. Not just that, but, the dreaded Sahara Sand may show up again.
Ok, the ‘Calima‘ as this sand is called, is not as bad if it’s not mixed with rain. It just covers everywhere with fine, reddish dust. If it is mixed with rain, then, we have mud on our hands.
Most places in Andalucia are still clearing up the last lot of Calima, we don’t want any more.

Back to the Weather

According to whatever weather app you have on your phone, the next week or so is going to be 31ºC MINIMUM!!!

It is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. Places like Malaga should be around the 30ºC mark, whilst Rhonda will get 34ºC.

The hottest temperatures will be in Antequera, where the State weather agency Aemet is forecasting a high of 37ºC. Check this story from the Sur in English.


Weather warnings for Antequera

Antequera is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain. It’s known for its ancient burial mounds, including the Dolmen de Menga, Dolmen de Viera and Tholos de El Romeral.

The Alcazaba of Antequera is a centuries-old Moorish fortress. The vast nature preserve of Torcal de Antequera has dramatic limestone tower rock formations. Overlooking the town, Peña de los Enamorados is a distinctive, face-shaped mountain. (Cheers Google)

Antequera is a cracking place to visit; I should know, I live quite close to there. However; the older parts of Antequera are high buildings, narrow streets and it gets hot at any given time from May to September. So, 37ºC with no real wind will turn the place into an oven.

When you come and stay at one of the Nerja Beach Holidays villas or apartments, visit Antequera. By car you are talking 1 hour 15 minutes (103 Klm) but, if you don’t want to drive, there are buses from Nerja to Antequera.

Ayo in Nerja – The World Famous Paella included in Eating Out Guide

Major eating out guide expands its Soletes category for summer and includes 12 new additions from Malaga province

The Guía Repsol describes the establishments in this section as friendly, appealing places that you would recommend to a friend, and that includes chiringuito beach restaurants and even ice cream parlours

Ayo in Nerja? Spain’s Guía Repsol has added 41 restaurants in Andalucía, including a dozen in Malaga, to its Soletes category this summer, as it decided to recommend places which are very popular locally but do not normally make it onto these lists. The new additions were announced at a gala event in Ibiza on Tuesday.

The guide describes the restaurants in this section as friendly, appealing places that you would recommend to a friend, and that includes chiringuito beach restaurants and even ice cream parlours.

The recommendations in this section for Malaga province are: Helados Lauri, Santa Gema, Chiringuito Gutiérrez Playa, El Tintero II, Miguelito El Cariñoso and El Caleño, in Malaga city; La Mar Bonita, in Torremolinos; La Plata Casa Matilde, in Benajarafe; Alma Playa, in Rincón de la Victoria; El Saladero and El Hornillero, in Vélez-Málaga; and Ayo, in Nerja. Read more from the Sur in English

Ayo in Nerja – The World Famous Paella

Ayo in Nerja - The World Famous Paella
Ayo in Nerja – The World Famous Paella getting dished out

I am truly amazed at the inclusion of Ayo in Nerja to this list! Not because the food is bad, not because the prices are high or the service is poor; no! It’s because Ayo and his paella are actually world famous.

You can trawl the Youtube and Internet and you will find programmes featuring Ayo’s on Burriana Beach in Nerja. There are videos, blogs, articles and so on, all featuring this great Nerja Merendero /Chiringuito.

It is one of the ‘must visit’ sites on your trip to Nerja. Along with the Balcòn de Europa and the Nerja Caves, Ayo’s is a tourist attraction. The restaurant is always packed and people gather to watch the Paella being made over a roaring wood-burning fire.

There are, of course, other chiringuitos on the Burriana beach-front. One such as La Barca but, Ayo and his paella are the best known.

So, when you come and stay at the Nerja Beach Holidays apartments or villas, go to Ayo’s.